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We are Manny and Mo

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October 10th 2010 11:15 am
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Hey Catster Pals!

Klancy wishes everyone to know he is entered in the coolest cat contest in the naughty cat division.

Please vote!

Klancy, Kozmo and Kramer


Heat, Humidity and Barfights

June 30th 2010 11:20 am
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It has been so hot in our neck of the woods. We've all been hunkered down under the fans with the air conditioning turned on to keep cool.
We're pretty smart cuz we know that if we lay low on the hardwood floors or in the bathtub we can keep cool.

Dad thinks somethings wrong with Kozmo cuz when dad goes by the bathroom door Koz is just sitting in the tub staring.

So thank goodness today the weather broke. It's still warm but we can at least open the windows.

We're all upstairs with mum and dad who are the puters. The windows are open and there are birds on the roof!


We can see em and they is torturing us. We're both ready to pounce. Dad decided after Klancy's last attempt to only open the windows half way. Seems Klancy thought he could leap right thru the screen and catch that bird. All that happened was one black cat stuck to the new screen and dad was not amused.


So we're laying low until catnip time. Thats when we go downstairs to check out the place, get stoned and start a barfight. Happens every night like clockwork.

Kramer just looks at us like we's nuts!


We Needz Catvice!!!!

February 16th 2010 8:19 pm
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Dear Catster Pals,

We haz a problem at happyville. As you know, we are Kozmo and Klancy, the two handsome kitty twins that live in RedSox Nation with our big brother Kramer.

Were happy cats, we do everything together, but our development has been very different.

Klancy is very outgoing, inquisitive and into everything. The freezer, washer, dryer, boxes, dishwasher, out the door, hanging out the windows and all around nut head. He fetches and talks to us all day long.

Kozmo has us worried. We used to joke that he was the "slow" twin. But lately he really has seemed to be very behind in his skills.

He tends to hide and sequester himself or sleep all day while the other cats socialize. When he does show himself he has been very cuddly and loving, but lately has started to startle for no apparent reason. He cowers when his dad walks by and there really is no reason for that. We try to play with him, bit he reacts as if he doesn't know what a toy is. He stares at us and let's the balls or toys just go by.

He misses treats when we give them to the boys. He doesn't recognize yummies or catnip and before you know it, another piggy cat had taken his share.

Can cats be mentally "delayed"? We have no idea what to do?

The mom lady.


Farewell, Sweet Prince

October 26th 2009 7:52 pm
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We are at a loss for words. Sweet sweet Calvin has gone.
The world is a sadder place today.
We love and miss you, dear friend.


How can the twins be so different?

October 21st 2009 3:08 pm
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We are so very different. Our mommy loves us so very much.

Klancy...Klancy the brave, Klancy the stealth, Klancy the try new things, get in trouble, climb where he shouldn't, helper, demand attention and run when it's bedtime.

Kozmo...Kozmo the lovebugg, Kozmo the quiet, Kozmo the wary, Kozmo the warm, momma's boy, cuddler, ask permission, go to bed on time and mom's BFF.

We are funny boys and we couldn't be happier.

Ours was a bleak existance out in the world until we were trapped and brought to the shelter. Then our mom saw us and it was love at first sight.

We love our home, our mom, dad and brother and most of all we love each other.

We still eat, sleep, cuddle and bathe together.

We are the collective, the BORG...Resistance is futile!



We Won! We Won! (What did we win?)

May 2nd 2009 7:53 pm
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Wow! Mommy bet on a horse race today. Something called Ken Turkey Der Bee! I don't know what kind of animal that is, but there was also some kind of a bird involved. So now mommy is very happy because she found a way to turn two dollars into 160. She must know magic.

In any event, I bet we are going to get a gazillion cat toys!!!!



April 27th 2009 11:11 am
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Woooeeeeee! Whenever dad opens the bar mom is afraid something weird will happen. And of course it always does!

Last night dad opened the tub of whooppie weed and we all went to town.

Kramer usually sniffs and walks away, but not us. We sniff, eat and start the biggest bar brawl you ever saw. Klancy starts it by pouncing on Kozmo, then Kozmo, on his back, grabs Klancy by the neck and flips him upside down. Klancy backs off, heads to the sofa and then does the DEATH DROP! Pound! Right on his brothers head. Again, Kozmo tries to look wounded and when Klancy thinks he can let up, FLIPPEROONIE!!! Then they lie toes to toes and start toe fighting. This is whan all 8 toes flail against each other in a rapid motion.

Whew, this is tiring work. SO when we are done, we race each other up the stairs to see what Kramer is doing. He usually tells us to buttoff and then we race down to see what mom is doing. She usually tries to calm us down.

All of sudden it's 11:00 and time for bed. Dumb old Kozmo just follows the food into the bedroom, but not Klancy, he tries to flee, but is no mactch for ....DA MOMMY!

She grabs his jelly belly, picks him up as he tries to go limp to slip out of her grasp. But she manages to finagle him into the bedroom. Everyone gets a kiss and then its...LIGHTS OUT!

Later, fans!



Handsome handsome boys

March 4th 2009 8:40 pm
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Oh we are just too handsome for words! Mom has finally painted OUR portraits and we think we are stunning!
Kozmo makes mom laugh and Klancy makes mom warm and fuzzy.
Klancy also tried to help mom with her sewing, but it's not going too good.

Anyway, that's it for now. Enjoy our faces!



January 3rd 2009 4:22 pm
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(see main photo)


Jennie Craig, where are you?

December 28th 2008 9:49 pm
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Just a quick note to inform you all we have added size and girth.

At six months we are.....drumroll....
Klancy is 9 pounds and Kozmo is....TEN!

Fat boys, fat boys what cha gonna do?

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