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Well that didn't turn out as planned

August 28th 2011 5:43 pm
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Daddy had two different groups of friends over during the weekend. I was going to show them what a good kitten I can be so they'd know I wouldn't knock over anything. It didn't go too well. I jumped up on the table to sniff around and pushed the glass bowl of cookies near the edge. We stopped it before it got too close. Then when someone spilled a drop of hot sauce I went over to try it. Ahhh!! HOT HOT HOT!! I ran away as fast as I could and everyone laughed! Stay away from red sauce kitties!

That was on Friday. Today I sat down on some books to sniff the new people. I only met them once before and I wanted to check them out. Well in my sniffing I pulled down a bag on the floor and spilled out a few things. It wasn't a big deal, but it didn't convince anyone I wouldn't knock over a glass again.

Oh, Daddy gave me treats for being his fall-cat. It shouldn't happen again, but at least I got yummy noms from it.


Daddy lied about me!

August 23rd 2011 7:33 pm
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*sniff* I'm so hurt. Last Friday Daddy was going to go visit his friends. He said he would bring this raspberry soda to share. But he was running late and forgot about it. Do you know what he told them? He said that *I*, sweet Pepi, knocked the case off the table and some of the bottles cracked and that was why he was late. I did no such thing! He *forgot*! That wasn't the worst thing though. What really hurt is that everyone believed him! No one stuck up for me and said, "No, Pepi is a sweet cat and wouldn't knock anything off the table." OK, maybe I did knock over a glass once and maybe it did spill on an autographed book. But I can't knock over a 4-pack of soda right? Well I can - but I didn't! It's not fair! They're coming here soon so I have to show them what a good cat I am so they'll realize the truth.


I was scared!

July 22nd 2011 8:40 am
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We got a brief shower giving us relief from the heat. Daddy went out to walk in the rain and came in when it started thundering. I was at the door begging to go out. He thought I'd just run out see it was wet then run back in like Sarge does. No! I ran to the woods and Daddy had to chase me (which made it worse). So there he his in his slippers lounging around clothes in the pouring rain looking for me. The neighbors heard him calling my name and said I ran under their kiddie pool. They opened the patio door and lifted it up and I ran inside. He picked me up and held me tight to take me home. It was necessary since I hate being held and I was fighting to get down. I was so scared of the rain and thunder. When the door home was opened, I sprang out of his arms and hid upstairs. Daddy got some scratches and I think I put holes in his favorite t-shirt.

I'm sorry Daddy. I was scared of the thunder and getting wet. I won't be allowed outside again, even on my harness, for a very long time.


Outside :)

June 12th 2011 4:43 pm
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This morning I was begging to go outside again so Daddy forced me to wear this harness and all of us went outside. Lena was at the door asking to go back in after a minute. I crouched low to the ground and started exploring. Daddy kept a good watch on me and soon I was in the grass taking in the smells. I was so calm Daddy even brushed me for a while outside. I loved it. I even begged to go out again later. After much meowing, Daddy relented and put my harness back on (I didn't fight as much this time) and we went out again.

This time the neighbor's doggie came by and I was scared. We played together before but now I didn't want to. It could have been the harness or because I was getting used to being out. Daddy was sad because I was friends with the doggie but not anymore it seems.

So now I'm going outside too occasionally. Daddy would rather everyone be indoors only but we love outside so much! Don't worry. Sarge stays in one place most of the time and I won't go out without my harness. We have a small yard facing the woods and away from the street. We'll be OK.


Outside :(

May 29th 2011 9:44 am
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Today when Daddy was in the front lawn trying to decide where to transplant some of the plants with Sarge, I wanted to go out too. He got to do it a lot and I was curious. So Daddy opened the door and I carefully stepped out. Daddy watched me as I stepped on the mulch then the concrete stairs. But I didn't like it and went back inside when he opened the door. I don't get why Sarge likes it so much.

Daddy's glad I don't like going outside. You see when Sarge goes out, Daddy has to pick him up and carry him back in and I hate being picked up. If we had to go back inside quickly in case of an emergency, I would panic.

So I'm done being curious. At least until next time.


Whew, dodged a bullet

March 24th 2011 7:22 pm
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There was a close call here recently. One of Daddy's sci-fi friends will be getting chemo next month. She has four cats and four cats make a whole lot of newmies that have to be cleaned up. Since it lowers a human's immune system they were going to find temporary homes for 3 of her kitties until she gets better. Daddy offered MY home for one of the kitties. He did warn her about how I feel about strange cats, but it would only be for a while.

Well the good news is that her doctor informed her that she can keep all four of her cats at home provided someone else clean the litter box. Fortunately she has a husband and neighbor to cover that department. So no new kitties around here! She sent a message to me telling me how awesome Daddy is for offering though. You bet he's awesome. That's why I picked him and refused to let myself be adopted by anyone else.


Thank you

March 5th 2011 9:43 am
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I want to thank all my Catster friends, too many to name here, for their birthday wishes and gifts. I had a good day. I got to play with the moving dot and treats and pets.

Sarge and I went to the vet this morning. The ear infection is gone and I lost an ounce. I do have a scab where I scratched my ear so badly I hurt myself. But it's healing nicely. Best part is that I don't have to take that yucky stuff in my ear any more!


The V-E-T

February 19th 2011 3:07 pm
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Lena and I got taken to the vet today. I didn't like it and was scared a lot. This strange woman touched me all over. We found out I have a yeast infection in my right ear! Eww! Now I have to take medicine twice a day until it clears up. I also gained a pound since last year (from when I discovered how good wet food is) so I need to cut back like my friend Smithwick. So now less wet food and much less dry. I'll be lucky if I get any wet at all! Worse, I have to go back to the vet in 2 weeks! At least I won't be alone. Sarge has to go too for his check up.


Daddy's Home

December 27th 2010 2:52 pm
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Daddy was gone for a few days again. The nice people with the doggie came over and made sure we had food and water. I got a bag of catnip and went crazy! My sibs don't have the gene that makes nip so much FUN so I got it allll to myself. Last night (before I got the nip) they came over to talk and Sarge chased me outside. I stayed close to the house, scared. I didn't like it. It was very cold and dark. Daddy coaxed me back inside. (I hate to be picked up so we're very happy I came in willingly.) Later I got the nip and had fun. But Daddy is home again and all is right with the world.


An update

December 15th 2010 8:29 pm
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You should check out my sib's diaries for an update about what's happening here. Not much has changed except I've discovered how good the wet food Daddy gives Sarge is. Now I force my way to the bowl and eat eat eat. Sarge grooms me until I stop to take a breath then he eats some. I let him for a little bit then I dive back in until I've had my fill. I also learned I like to sit in his lap when he's on the phone. He on the phone more often and sits in the easy chair when he's going to talk for a while. So I jump up for pets. Yep, took me over two years but I took my first step to being a lap kitty.

Daddy has also been trying to trim my claws. I'm slowly getting better about it. Meaning he can do two or three before I finally squirm free. It's also his birthday tomorrow.

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