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Life of a large deaf kitty

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March 25th 2013 6:18 am
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Kitty is at the vet
She will be observed for a few hours, then they will di the surgery
Baby Miracle is with her.

Purrs everything goes smoothly.

A worried Blizzard

PS They will spay her as well, while they are doing surgery


Surgery scheduled!!

March 22nd 2013 1:29 pm
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Kitty has her time
She goes in for surgery Monday at 8:30

Purrs would be appreciated

Miracle the kitten, will be going too, as they feel after she comes out of anethesia, that having him will be calming to Kitty

Will keep you updated


Vet visit for Kitty

March 20th 2013 1:59 pm
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OK, Here's what we know

Kitty went to the Vet
Vitals are good
she weighs 9.7 lbs, kitten is 8oz

They did an x-ray...a radiograph

her uterus is distended, and firm

the vet believes that, 95%, that there is either another kitten, deceased in there, or an unexpelled placenta

She will need surgery

Miss Samoa's mom is doing an auction for kitty

and we thank her deeply for it

as of now, Kitty shows no signs of distress, is eating and nursing

Please purr for her.

Very worried purrs,


No Change

March 17th 2013 8:33 pm
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No change with Kitty and Kitten

Both appear to still be doing ok

Daddy created a page for Kitty

Meet Kitty!!


Kitty update

March 16th 2013 5:46 am
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Kitty and her kitten are doing good

Kitten is wobbling about in box, eyes almost open

he turned 1 week old yesterday

Kitty's eating, nursing, pooping, (for diary gal), and wanting loved everytime daddy goes in there
so far, so good

she goes to vet next week for check,,,a different vet

purrs it turns out good



Update on Kitty

March 12th 2013 4:57 pm
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Kitty had 1 yesterday, Daddy thinks it died either during birth or right after
so that's a total of 5
1 alive, 4 didn't make it

Still, according to the emergency vet, 3 left

Momma and the surviving kitten appear to be good
Daddy brought them bathroom.
Looooong story there

The surviving kit is a little tiger tabby, about the same color as Old Man
And, HE is a boy

Updates as they happen

Still worried purrs,


Purrs needed for a non catster kitty

March 10th 2013 6:52 pm
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I's hats to asks, but wees needs purrs, for da kitty next door
Her name is Kitty
She is pregnant, had a few friday, so far, only 1 survived
However, they took her to vet yesterday,, and there are MORE still inside
he said she needed a c section, as her canal was too small, or the kittens were too big

he heard 4 more heartbeats, so 4 more are in there, dat woulds make 8 total
1 that's still alive, and the 3 that didn't make it
Now they say this is not her 1st litter, and never had problems before.
They, nor daddy has da money for a cesarian...12-1500$$

Daddy says if something happens to momma, he'll bring kitten HERE, and care for it, feeding every 2 hours. Think dats right.

Any sugguestions, thoughts?
Prayers definately needed for Kitty, though

Please, Please, Spay/Neuter your furkids!!!
Dis breakin daddy's heart agains.



a BLIZZARD coming here???

March 1st 2013 2:34 pm
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Well, all yous midwestern kits, and New England kits done had it, i's guesses now must be ours turn,

Deys be sayin, mid next week, us in da mid-atlantic gonna get hammered...but good.
For those with pawrents that cans remember, they are starting to compare it's potential to da great Ash Wednesday storm of 62.

Sooo, all yous kitties in da mid atlantic, keeps yous eye out, get prepared
Ane bees seue the Ferals have a way to gets to their shelters, and access to food and water. an extra old blanket would bees nice too!!

Purrs it's another miss fors us, BUT, this time, bees the european models sayin wees gettin it, 1st time this year that one has...and that one predicted the blizzard in New England, and Sandy, a week ahead.
Mees goin to hibernate


Stunned and speechless

January 28th 2013 5:11 am
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I's bees stunned!!
Daddy gots da email from Catster
Mees is Cat of the Week!!!

It bees mys wonderful furriends dat makes dis possible
wees loves yous soooo much

Mees will has more to says later, once dis sinks in

Wees loves yous!!!


votes needed

January 7th 2013 12:43 pm
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The group daddy works with here,,,
Animal Advocates of Carroll County
is in a contest, for free funding

Please help by voting for them!!

All monies go straight to the animals, either by T N R Programs, or reducing adoption fees at the county shelter. vocates-of-carroll-co-md-inc-114

I thank you
The animals thank you

you can vote once a day.every day

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