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Pumkin gets a home!

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About Sleeping

September 8th 2010 2:10 am
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Hi effuryone! I am one happy camper. It's not so so hot anymore so I don't need a breeze blowing on me and I can sleep right next to meowmy again. Sometimes I curl up on her back or I circle around her head and try to lick her ear (she stops me!) Several headbonks later I lie down and make sleepy. Sometimes meowmy closes her eyes and pretends she is sleeping but I have her fooled cause she thinks I don't know. She knows if I think she's sleeping I will stop licking and bonking. She says I'm a meowmy's boy and I suppose I am.


Meowmy Says She Loves Me!!!

December 4th 2009 3:28 pm
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Meowmy has been feeling sad lately but she says I make her furry happy. She says I am her sunshine!!! That makes me feel all mushy inside!!! I love to crawl up on her chest when she is laying on da couch reading a book, and she always puts the book down so she can pay attention to rubbing me. That's because I'm more important than da book!!! I love it when she rubs my ears also, it feels weally good. I am so lucky to have a meowmy who thinks da world of me, but meowmy says she is da lucky one.


I Love My Darling Precious

December 3rd 2009 4:57 am
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Her meowmy is going thru alot, and we wish her da best. Sweet and fluffy Precious and I are gonna elope one of dese days!!!


I'm So Excited!!!

November 19th 2009 1:01 am
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So much is going on wif my furiends!!! Tanis is COTD today!!! Whoo hoo!!! Way to go dude!!! He is a fabulous cat, and Gabby's husband to boot. And now his lil sister Caleigh is going wif my lil brufer Blue!!! Ain't love grand?

In other news, Pumpkin's family has two new additions, Hope and Russ. They are bof cute and so teeny and adorable and we know they landed in da right place - the House of Love!!!

And me, I'm just a happy camper, dats what meowmy calls me. Someone told her I look like an Ocicat. I wonder. I think I look like ME!!!! Meowmy loves me so much and kisses and hugs and rubs me all da time. I am a lucky cat.

I want to say I hope Kibbles grandma is feeling all better, we love Grammy in my house. And we hope Sir Sonny, Paris and Presley's Momcat and Dadcat had a good and easy move. We love dem!!! And I pray fur effuryone to feel better in Momcat's house, she has her hands full and yet she always has room for more kitties. She is a gweat lady ♥.


Well, If Effuryone Is Missing Someone

November 17th 2009 3:23 am
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then I miss my Precious! We haven't spoke in a while but I know she knows I love her madly. And I know she feels da same. Sometimes dere is alot going on in her house. I hope effurybody dere is ok. Precious my dear I love you sweet fluff.


Hi My Furiends

November 4th 2009 3:15 am
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It's been a sad past few days because of Smokey going to the Bridge. He was a great kitty, my sisfur Jasmine Delilah is married to his brother Pumpkin, and my sisfur Isabelle Love is madly in love wif Smokey, furever. Smokey lived for 14 years with a wonderful and loving family. I wish effury cat could have da life he had. Unfortunately he got sick and was losing weight like crazy and it turned out he had cancer. Smokey will be greatly missed and will be loved by my family furever.

In other news, meowmy is furry happy to say that all 4 of us are getting along!!! We lie side by side, and that silly Blue follows me to da litter box and lies down and waits fur me!!! He is my BIG baby brofur and he gets in all of ours faces. Dis morning meowmy woke up and found Blue just lying in da litter box!!! Thank goodness it was clean!!! He is a funny cat and does some weally babyish stuff and it's weally cute.


I Think I Have A Brofur

October 16th 2009 1:12 am
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His name is Blue and he is huge!!! And he turned one yesterday. He is weal scared, poor baby. I tried to tell him I will be his furiend, and he walked past me and pushed me off my scratching board!!! He stayed in the carrier, his idea, he went back in it all on his own, fur hours. Didn't eat or go weewee. Now he is hiding behind da couch. He hisses and growls at effuryone, even meowmy!!! I know he's only a baby but he sure is a big baby!!! Meowmy says when he gets used to being here she will take pics and put him on Catster wif da rest of us. And she hasta take pics of all of us in our Halloween costumes dat Momcat sent us.

I hope Blue chills out soon and becomes a part of our furmily. I would like to love my baby brofur.


Blue Is Coming

October 14th 2009 4:45 am
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I am getting a baby brofur tomorrow, his name is Blue and tomorrow is his first birfday also. His meowmy was Serena, my meowmy's furiend who passed away one month ago today. And my meowmy brought Blue to Serena when he was a tiny baby, Frances had found him by da garbage in da rain. He was 4-6 weeks old at da time. So now things have gone full circle and he is coming here to live. Meowmy is a bit anxious dat we all won't get along, and at furst she is probably right. But we all went thru it, except fur Jazzy the Alpha Cat, she was da furst one. Den Isabelle Love and den me.

So tomorrow morning meowmy goes to pick him up and bring him home. I hear he is weally long!!! But I am larger, whatefur dat means. Pumpkin's Momcat said to bring over one of his toys so we can get his smell but Serena's son said he couldn't find any!!! Well, he will have plenty of toys when he gets here, we all share.

Can't wait to meet him!!!


It's Getting Cold Here

October 13th 2009 1:29 am
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But I have a whole lot of warm spots to go to!!! Cat beds, meowmy's bed, my Snuggle Sack (mine - all mine!!!) and of course all around meowmy's body. When she is on da couch watching tv and reading I snuggle right up on her chest and make biscuits. At night when she is in da bed I find a spot right next to her and that's it fur me. Effuryone knows I am a momma's boy and I don't care. Aren't Mommies wonderful? Daddies too!!! And of course Grammies!!!


Good Morning Furiends

October 11th 2009 3:55 am
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Hi effuryone!!! It is a gweat day already!!! Cool and crisp, just da way I likes it!!! My sisfur Isabelle Love is showing off cause she is a DDP, big deal!!!Meowmy keeps kissing her and she is purring. I think she is getting too much attention. Hey meom, what about me?

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