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Shaky updates

February 23rd 2011 10:12 pm
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Today has been filled with aftershocks from the latest earthquake, rocking us around. As this is being written we have had 4555 aftershocks of magnitude 2 or greater since September 4th last year.
Our house has finally got it's first hairline crack after nearly 6 months of being shaken.

We doggies are now becoming so conditioned to living on a "land boat on an earthy ocean of waves" we are sleeping right through them only waking for the most violent.
Howard Jr is the exception here in that he is sleeping through everything - having been born on literally "shaking ground" in December. He has amazed mommy with the intelligent way he always sleeps under a table or chair whenever he wants to sleep. When he is awake and we have an aftershock, he runs under the nearest chair or if outside into a dog kennel for protection. Once the ground has finished shaking he runs straight back to where he was, and continues what he was doing previously. He gathers his favorite toys in a pile to sleep with him at night under mommy's bed, as if protecting them.

Mommy worked at one of the emergency relief centers last night.
There was an eerie sort of silence, broken every now and then by the sound waves of yet another aftershock. The school where the emergency center was didn't shake much at all, this being the reason why it is being used as an emergency center.
There were hundreds of people sleeping there in various buildings, mattresses side by side in lots of neat rows, bottled water everywhere, portable toilets in lines, plus a community hub of buildings where people can go and get a hot drink, and talk to someone.
The people at the emergency centers are from all walks of life, those who have lost their homes, their dreams, their loved ones, and tourists stranded here.

Part of mommy's job was helping organize travel out of our city for those who have been stranded here, plus pay for other emergency travel needs for people wanting to leave the city.
People are so traumatized they just want to get away from here. They are tired, scared and their lives are totally shattered.

Mommy was working alongside police, Red Cross, and medics who have not slept since Tuesday. Some of these are from other parts of our country who said goodbye to their loved ones as they left for work on Tuesday morning (Monday Dogster Time) and ended up here.
Nothing can express our gratitude and thankfulness to them, and all the overseas assistance teams that have arrived here and are still arriving to help with the huge recovery operation.
They in turn have told us that despite the catastrophic environment they are coming into, their job is being made a little easier by the fact that they have places already organized for them to stay, sleep in a clean bed, have meals organized for them, and basic sanitation, makeshift showers etc....

One thing mommy was pleased to see last night at the emergency center was a large play area enclosed by an 8' high chain link fence where several dogs were being kept. These are pups who were found wandering the streets in the nearby neighborhood.
A city dog control officer came first thing in the morning to check on them and feed them.
It appears that the city dog control is trying to keep the pups displaced and separated from their families by the earthquake in the areas where they are found, so that they can more easily reunite them with their families.

Thank you so much for all your love, prayers and support.


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