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Playdates with Patz

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(Not so) close shave

March 18th 2009 3:49 pm
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It was off this morning to go see Dr Julie for my chiropractic treatment and a hefty shot of vit-a-min B12. I've gotten to know many people there so I do enjoy greeting friends like the gals at the desk and Dr Julie of course.

I talk, talk, talk the whole time. There were a few moments when the treatment felt kinda good thump, thump, thump. Mama is trying to figure out if it's a spring-loaded thumping thingie or how it works.. and then the shot.. I turned around and gave a kitty sneer to the good doctor.

The final stage of my office visit was the now traditional shaving of the doopah which helps the cling-on factor immensely. Mama told Dr Julie the story of when I flung my cling-on in her face one night and she laughed.. What a great sense of humor she has!

These trips are so exhausting but I did find the energy to play in the art supply drawers. I think it's SO much fun to reach in an open drawer and then fling things on the floor: pens, brushes, bottles of ink go flying! Whoever invented this game deserves something.. like a gold-plated cling-on mama just said... Hey wait a minut


Maybe Unlucky for Some...

March 13th 2009 12:22 pm
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Friday the 13th is just another play day for me. I am not superstitious except maybe about that big sound that comes from the sky when it rains. I don't like that too much.

However, for mama, this has been an unlucky day. It started off in the wee hours of the morning.... See, she went to bed so early.. She went upstairs and told us she was going for a 'little lie-down' and then fell asleep like for hours! Little lie-down my foot! She left the TV on, the fish tank light on and forgot to play laser beam with me all the way.. We just got a partial session.

So, therefore I was justified to keep waking her up all night. It's a technique I've got worked up. You stick the foot in the face right on the nose where it sticks out... They wake up and tell you to stop. You don't. So then you wait until they're dreaming again and boom! right in the nose again. Keep doing this until you make yourself into a total annoyance.

Mama is so groggy today, she can't seem to wake up. She went over to the feed/pet store place and ordered 10 lbs of nyger seed and 5 lbs of sunflower seed without the shell when she meant to order things the other way around! haha. She had to be really careful about driving too since she was so spacey...

Luckily for her and the rest of the world, she's home now and out of traffic. I STILL want my laser beam play session!


Family Video Day

March 8th 2009 4:19 pm
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It's a normal quiet Sunday except for one thing.... Mama set up our video watching place!! She has a little TV and a little DVD player she won so we are cookin'!!

I have a few vid's that she'd banned me from watching. In fact, if she was wanting me to forget about them, I did. Heck, I used to jump right up by the TV and demand to watch my stuff or else treat her stuff like it was mine.

So now, everything is ok but I want her to get down on the floor and watch them with us. It gets so lonesome without her..



March 4th 2009 1:32 pm
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Once again, we had to kick Willie out of the carrier to get me in it. Mama had to grab me a bit as I was rather reluctant. Then it was off to see Dr Julie and get my B12 shot and talk a bit about me and my sisters.

I must confess I kind of like Dr Julie. I rubbed up against her and mama told her to pick me up. I do like that. She does seem awfully nice though and she is a first rate doctor.

The BEST NEWS is I'm all done with meds!!!!!!!!! and so is Willie. You think I'm happy, you should see mama. I thought she was going to start jumping up and down!! Now it's only Pearlie who has to finish her course of doxy.

I'm doing super super good. I feel terrific and have been helping alot around the house. I know mama just got me a new DVD... but she hasn't hooked up the player to this little TV she's going to put down on the floor for me. She sez this is so I don't hijack her TV because as she reports, I can be a little pest about wanting to watch my shows instead of hers. She said we had to forget about my shows for awhile until we worked out a different system because she has to watch the news. Phooey! She is soooo selfish!

Dr Julie wants to keep me on my venison and green pea diet which mama sez is pretty darned pricey but mama sez we will just 'suck it up' about that. We will continue to economize in other departments since this one is not possible. I might not be getting any new movies for awhile....



February 27th 2009 3:58 pm
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There I was chillin' with mama and begging for her to play laser beam with me. She'd taken a break from it but I wasn't letting her.
SUDDENLY the digital box froze up.. The announcer on Fox News started repeating the same phrase over and over like a broken record and the screen went to some pretty weird colors. THEN, the voice only went to a partial phrase and then down to 2 bits of words. I jumped right up on the box and was watching this whole event..
STRANGE! Not scary strange just things not as they should be. I thought it was kind of funny. THEN the partial 2 bits went down to took-kit, took-kit, took-kit, took-kit and the colors were a stream streaming down the screen.

Did I cause this by sleeping on the box?????

Well, she finally got the thing unstuck if that's what happened... ???
I got to play laser beam a bit more and Pearlie got cuddled.

Everyone was happy except maybe the announcer on Fox News. Did he melt????


I Feel So Special

February 24th 2009 9:00 pm
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I'm so needed around this house. Mama and I had a project today. It was called "clean and organize kitchen". See, she thinks cooking is too much fuss but now she's changing that.

My assignment was to be there to play with and bite everything that moved. I did an outstanding job which exceeded expectations.

When she does cook, I crawl up into the cupboards to be out of the way (yikes!) but where I can observe. One time, she threw her hands up in air and said "I'm the best cook in the whole world!" I answered YES!cuz I just love that kind of spirit!!. However, she leaves out ingredients not wanting to buy a little dab of something for a big pot of stuff and she's a born ruler breaker too. She only browses the recipes deciding on what her own interpretation is going to be. Some of the stuff she fixes... I watch her eat with envy.. Some of it... she gives to us but we won't even give it a chance. Ewwww

I'm kind of excited about this new path of hers. She always sez I'm a funny kid but mama, it takes one to know one.



February 21st 2009 5:26 pm
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My mama is the smartest human there is in the whole world... (she paid me to say that hehe) She got sooo tired of trying to come up with new batteries for our laser player so she revolted. She researched whether one could be bought that takes AAA batteries instead of the little ones which cost just about as much as the thingies do!
She got on ebay with avengeance, a determined look in her eye and she found one! YEAH! We gots it in the mail today. No wonder that seller has such a high rating. We've been playing and playing.
Now, she can't use the excuse about the batteries wearing out. HA!

I love to play so much. I could play all day long. I get tired of chasing it sometimes but then I just like to watch it after that. I wish playing laser pen with us was her job 24/7.


Wealth Distribution

February 19th 2009 6:13 pm
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Well, now I might have a new job. If I'm not good, mama sez she's gonna tie me out on a leash in front of the house with a basket. When the Wealth Distribution runs by, I'm supposed to catch some.
What does that mean?? Mama sez she wants to use my Stimulus for something more constructive than banging our perching shelf against the monitor. These technical terms are just way over my head.



February 18th 2009 10:35 am
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It's a good day when our dear friend Wilson J Scooter is cat of the day at catster! We were all sooooo excited and happy to see he'd made the big time. We think he's like Aristotle Onasis hosting big parties on his yacht, giving wonderful gifts to all his friends. What a guy.

Being so happy for him carried me through seeing Dr Julie for a good thumping --my chiropratic treatment--and a shot of vit B12. She took my temp too which I just HATE with a passion. At the end of the appointment, I wanted her to hold me and forgave her for the indignities suffered. I want to be a generous soul just like Wilson J Scooter.



February 12th 2009 1:36 pm
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New meds here! The vet's orfice made up an elixir for Willie and I and we guess it's doxicycline?? Not sure but it looks like waste water and it's so thick mama can hardly get it into the syringe! THEN after she gives us that stuff the doc has her giving us a drink o'water with another syringe. Oh brother!

Hope this makes me feel better.... I'm awful snuffley.

I don't feel all that bad tho... I felt good enough to try and wake mama up all night long for no apparent reason and I eats real good too. I ran around like a nut when she got home this afternoon too. It takes alot to get me down and it used to take alot to keep my nose out of the goldfish tank too but then we got our drinking fountain but how I digress....

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