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My goodness!!

My love is gone ......

October 26th 2005 7:17 am
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Last week Meowmie very sadly picked me up and brought me over to see Miss Princess who was lying in a little box sleeping on Meowmie's bed. I went over to Princess and I sniffed her and sniffed her -- VERY thoughtfully. Something was not right and I think I know what was wrong. Oh my beloved Princess.........

Whose ear am I going to gently nibble on now? Whose furry arm is going to come out and slap me on my fuzzy jowls now? Definitely not Baby Twinkle -- she HATES me -- so we cannot even be in the same room together.

Princess was my love. Now she is gone. Why did she have to leave me? I know she was sick ALOT -- Meowmie usta take me into the bedroom after Princess had her operashuns and I would very kindly tilt my head to one side, then the other, to look at Miss P in her little bed, recooperating from yet another Cansur Operation.

I need another kitty to love. I love Meowmie but I cannot cuddle her nexta my kittybellie and lick her. I usta be a feral mamacat before me and all my babies got "fixed" so I cannot have any more babies (who might have died out in the cruel world anyway, or in shelters -- not enough homes for all the poor kitties and pups in this world!!!-- Spay and Neuter Please!!!).

But maybe one day Meowmie will bring a lonely babykitty here for me to love?

Beautiful Miss Princess -- wherever you are -- I hope you know I loved you VERY much and I miss you very much now. I want you to be VERY happy in your new home in the skies filled with Pure Love. One day ALL of us will join you, my beloved Miss P.


Sweet Cee Cee


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