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Who Meeee????

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July 19th 2007 9:01 am
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They came all da way frum Miss Mercy to MEE!! (fugheddabout playin wit MY toys, Cee Cee!!! snort!!).

And....* * blushiz * * Sweet Mistur Milo tucched them before Mercy sent em to me!!! (Dat's why I yam hugging them...hee hee!!!) * * blushiz again * *

Dear Miss Mercy and yore Familee -- THANKYEW for being My Frenn!!!!


Me an my Plushie SKONKER Frennz!!!

June 21st 2007 12:32 pm
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Do yew like my new SKONKER frenzz???

Pleez Repeet after me ... "They are PLUSH"

They smell Danety and Sweet - like moi.

Meowmie likes Skonkers VERY VERY muchly but she lives in a State dat will not allow peepul to own Skonkers as pets (lukky for me -- she alreddy cawls ME hur "Reverss Skonker"!!!!).

She alreddy belongs to a Yahoooo Skonker Groop and she tellz me dat Skonkers are VERY VERY speshul animals to have as pets and they take ALOT of wirk AND Patiensss!

She bought dis Mama, Papa, and Baby Plushy Skonkers from:

Kritters in the Mailbox

Meowmie sez "Obviously, la BBBT likes em as much as I do! She even tried to wash one of da Plushy Baby Skonkers, but her 200 grit sandpaper tongue" (skewz me????) "got stuck on the plushy baby skonker's plushy tail and she sent it FLYYING over her head."

Umm Meowmie -- I DOAN see YEW kumplane-in wenn I lik-lik-lik YORE hedd with my 200 grit sanpapurr tung. (Oh, BTW-- dat Cee Cee Thing awlso likes ta lik-lik-lik MY Meowmie's hedd...Da NURV!!!!)


TAG!! I'm it!!!

June 7th 2007 6:36 am
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So now I gotta tell yoo stuff abowt mice-elf.

OK where do I start to lie -- er, ahem.... regale yoo with my ekksploits and derring doo.

1- I like to eeet.

2- I like to lownge arownd on the CATPROOFED SAFELY FENNSED-IN Balkonie. (Meowmie did a Spekktakewlar job of fencing it in so we cannot fall off or jump off, and she inspekts it freekwentlee to make sure it is still safe for us)

3- I LOVE to heer Meowmie sing and I love to hear Dolly Parton singing -- I sit there like I am in a TRANNSSS listening to Dolly singin.

4- I EKKSPECT to be wated on.

5- If Meowmie iz gonna feed me in da "Cat Room" (wich means that sillee Cee Cee is gonna be runnin around the howse while I get to stay in ONE room!!! Pooo!!!!) - ennyway, if she duzzint open da Cat roome door fast enuff, I PUUUSH it open with my hedd and then I trot in, MEOWING frantikally becuz I know I'm gonna be FED!! FOODIES! FOODIES! I LUV FOODIES!!

6- I know da meening of "Sit", Balkoney" and "HAIRDO!!!"

7- I pretend not to know da meening of "NO!"

8- I hate Cee Cee-- she iz a Luv-Starved Hairpeece.

9- How menny more of these things do you want?

I have made my confession. I do not beleev in doing pennannss for anything I have admitted heer.



Oh!! Dear Miss Mercy!!!!

May 20th 2007 8:37 pm
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Miss Mercy -- she sented me sum TOYS!!! And a kewt card that remindid Meowmie of my large and luvly buttius!!!

I LOVE da toys and wunna these days my LAAAZY Meowmie will taik pikshas of me hugging dem toys, and will put them on my Katstur Page -- SPESHALLY becuz I heer that sweet Mister Milo (sigh....!) put his NOSIE on wunna dem toys!! (*** bats eye lashiz, hugs toys and sighs....**)

I've bin bizzy going out on da Katproofed, Fenced-in balkony, sittin in MY chair and surveying my domain. Da wethur iz good and I hav bin LAAAAZY.

Oh, don't wurry abowt Cee Cee not playin with those nice new toys. She's not. They are MINE all MINE! heh heh.



January 22nd 2007 8:56 am
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It SNOOOWWWED yestidday!!

Guess hoo got to go owt on da Balkonee.

No..not me (boo hoo!) but dat HAREBRANED HAREPEECE CEE CEE!!

DA NOIVE!!! Meowmie-- imgonnagoforyorankuls tonite.



January 17th 2007 7:24 am
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So Meowmie -- yoo just HAD to take me to da VET's today?

And they just HAD to put me on da skail, hmmm?

So they cudd see dat I gained almoste WUN more pound?!!!

And now I'm on a .... DYEITT!!!


See, if I lie down and recline to my full 30 inch length -- why lookee - my Buttius looks slim!! I don't need a DYEITT!!



Today (Oktoe-burr 1) Is My BURFDAY!!!!!

October 2nd 2006 6:54 am
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Today I am an Elebin Year olde Kitten.

Meowmie gave me a burfday "gift" -- Meowmie -- I hope yoo don't give me NO more Burfday "gifts" like dis wun!!! She put my harniss and leesh on and then tride to put me in da carree-er and I made LOTSA NAAASTY Noyzizz and I Tride to clime ovur hur bakk. So she put me into a BIGGER Carreee-er.

And we wented to chirch -- dere was LOTSA chares owtside and we wuz in da shade and Meowmie VERY carefully held my leesh and opind da carree-er door and I was ANTSY!! and I MEOW MEOWED dat I wantid to go home. Ennyway, peepul sang and talked and petted me (even tho I had a sign on my collir dat sed "WARNING! I LIKE TO HIT PEEPUL!!!" ). Then da preeest ladee blesst a buncha dawgs and TASTY LOOKING hamsturz and a cuppla turdlles and then she blesst me and I lookt right at hur and I was VERY well beehaivd and den Meowmie took me bakk to my carree-er and held my leesh as I wentid inside my carree-er and before she cudd clowse da door (she wuz STILL holding onto my leesh for safety) I terned arownd reel fast and I wented "HISSSSSS"""! and I reeched owt and SMACKED Meowmie not wunnss but TWICE - furst wit my Rite paw, and den with my Left Paw!! Har Har!!!

There was wun othir kitty there and she was a pritty black cat with liddle wite feet and kewt pink toes and everywun was going "Ahh...such a NICE kitty!!!" and they wuz tikkling hur toes and SHE LET THEM DO DAT!!! Man, I wudda gone balistikk !!!

Ennyway, da peepul sang "He's got da Whole World in His Hands" and they added new words -- kittens, puppies, hamsturs, turdles, burdies and other animulz, in His Hands -- to dat song and it was nice.

Then we wentid home. Then Meowmie opined a can of TASTY Fancee Feest with da greens and soooflaiz and dat was my Burfday Meal

AND for an even BETTER gift, Meowmie sed "I cudd see yo were reeel upset dis morning so I promiss yooo I won't take yoo owt like dat ennymore!!!"

THANK YEW Meowmie!!!!!!!!

Oh! Pee Ess -- There wuz a HUUUUGE Fi Fi Dawg dat gotted blesst today too!!! Dat made me a liddle happy becuz now I know dat dere iz at leeest WUN good Fi Fi and yew no wat dat meens, fer shure -- THERE IZ HOPE FOR POODULS!!!!


WHO is THISS????!!!!!

July 31st 2006 8:57 am
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We have a new cat -- well... I don't think its a reel cat -- I think it's a toy for hoomans -- it's cat sized, and fuzzee and duzzint eet or use da litterbox, and it sits in wun plaiss, but when we walk past it it goes "Meow Meow Meow" and it turns its hedd. Dat silleee Cee Cee is in love with it!! She rubs hur faiss aganst its faiss and makes an absoloot idiot of hurrselff. Meowmie named this new toy Marva becuz it's a Marvaluss non-kittee.

Go to da sekond paige and look at my piksha with my new frens, Marva and HUR frenn, Moosh Moosh. They are sitting there A-D-O-R-I-N-G moi. I look regal there, eh?! (Um... you CAN tell wich wun izz me, rite????)



May 26th 2006 7:42 am
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Yesterday morning Meowmie gave me a Soft Skwishy Pounce -- Yum! I gobbulled it ALL up -- hmmm -- a soft Pouncie with a CRUNCHY Center....... must be sumpin new... I dunno....

Well, I'm hungry so she better be making brekkfist for me! Meanwhile I will JUMP into MY cat tree and wiggul wiggul....yawn...move slower .... not wiggle .... sit demurely .... see two of I see two cat carriers, my my....


DAT POUNCIE had a (vet-prescribed) CAT TRANKWILIZER in it!!!!!


Before I knew it, I was inside that carrier and on my way to Da V-E-T!!! I managed to puke a liddle even tho I hadn't eeten since last nite (that'll show them!!!!)

Then they took me into the CAGE room and putted me in a cage and then I got REAL sleepy and didn't wake up for a while and when I did I was SO groggy and my teeth hurted (dentul surjery) . And I was pritty mad at Meowmie!!!

Everyone was nice to me. Meowmie paid me a vizzit, and I looked like a big fat lump dat didint wanna move but I tried REAL hard to slap Meowmie and the Vet Tech, but I could only do it in sloooow moshun and they all laughed.

I go home tonite. Then I get to slap Cee Cee's gate. Heh Heh.


AAAGH! THE V-E-T!!!!!!

November 14th 2005 8:21 am
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Worse than a hairball -- WORSE than getting a Bath!!! The V-E-T!!!!

Grrrrrrowr!!!! I HATE going to da vet -- and to make things WORSE -- I overheard da Vet talking to Meowmie on the Tell-A-Phony. Da Vet sed that she and the WHOLE HOSPITTAL STAFF would be VERY happy if Meowmie gave me an Acepromazine before I got there. So I got this wonderful SKWISHEE treet -- called a Pill Pocket (whatever that means) with a CRUNCHY center and I ated it, and then I hunkered down and then I saw ... the .....Zzz ........ carrier monster, Zzzz..... and I tried to run but I was a little drunk and even though I ran a liddle bit in the closed room, I got grabbded by Meowmie and put in the carrier monster and we went to da Vet.

When Meowmie got there some SMART (haha) comments were made about my attitude, and Meowmie looked at one of the ladies behind the counter and sed "Has she ever swatted you?" and the lady smiled and said "No, but I've seen her in action!!" HEY -- they wuz talking about MEEEEEEEE!! SWEEEEEEET ME!!!

So then the LadyVet came to look at me and she had an assistant stoodent type person with her and I was so embarrassed -- in front of not one but TWO Vettie peepul!! The vet pointed at me and then LAUGHED and said to the stoodent "See?! It's working!" and they looked at my eyes that had the second lid coming down on them which means I am TRANKWILIZED -- But they soon learned (see, I tawt THAT stoodent something she didn't expect!!!) that just because I was trankwilized it DOES NOT MEAN THAT I AM TRANKWIL!!

So they weighed me (I am ONLY 14.7 pounds), and then the Vet Lady stuck her hands under my stummik and skweezed my stummik a liddle and I GROWWWLED! something NAAASTY and they sed "uh oh!!" then they did all kinds of other undignified things to ME -- the ruler of the world!! And then when they put me back into the carrier monster I turned around, stuck my arm out and SMACKED my Meowmie as hard as I could, before she could get the door closed!! Everyone just .... LAFFED!!!! Then on the way home I tried to open the carrier monster door but it's dubble locked, and Meowmie kept saying -- "I just don't unnerstand you, BBBT".

What part of "I HATE TO GO TO THE VET!" do you not understand, Meowmie?!


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