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Who Meeee????

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The Straight Poop on my Purroblem

October 5th 2010 9:56 am
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Wenn Meowmie leftid for wirk yesstiday I had not peed or pooped-- she was VERY upset and left a messij for da Vet. Well, folks, when she got home (on hyperspeed), she found that I had left her a PYRAMID in my litterbokks!! She wuz SO happy (happy about Poopies? Hoomans are STRAINJ!!!)

Ennyways, I wuz still a bit wobbly but better and I ated a little and was hand fed too (blech - yoo stop dat, Meowmie!). And later I raaan (well trotted) with my tail up and my belleeflap a wigglin rite and left, to da kitchin and I Meow Meowed for Foodies!!! But I only ated a liddle bit.

Then this morning I ated a bit more. Meowmie also gave me Laxatone, which I liked!

I got lotas jentul belle massjiz and now I am sleeeping on MY blankie on MY bed (Meowmie's bed -- hahaha!)

THANKYEW everybuddy for your consurn!!!

Yore mildly dispeptic frenn, BBBT


Too Pooped to Pop?

October 4th 2010 9:11 am
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Uh Oh -- Meowmie haz bin gibbing me Belleee Massajiz becuz I haven't poopied in 48 hours. I am not eetin too well either. Meowmie gibs me Kat Food Soup wif Olive Oil and Dijestiv Enzymes for Cats, and I sip a liddle bit. Meowmie is wurried -- we may hafta go to tha (AAAGH!) Vettie soon, if I don't pro-dewss......

But I still purr purr purr wenn I get my Belee massajiz.



October 1st 2010 8:53 am
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Tewday iz my BURFDAY!!

**Duz a liddle Dannsss -- The Urth Shaiks!!!**
"Happy Buirfday Tew meee!!!

I will spend the morning lugzuriating under the covahs!!!

Tonight, in honor of Sir Blade, hoo is now an Anjil-- Meowmie will look for Sheeeba Prawnz in Aspic for my BURFDAY dinner!! Hey Meowmie-- GET MORE THAN ONE!!

Pee Ess -- How old am I? Hahaha! Iyam a Laaady and a Laaady NEVUR tells her age!!"

(Frum Cee Cee's rume we heer INSANE laffter.....!!)


Meowmie Wuz Playing Wif SKUNKS!!

September 21st 2010 6:48 am
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She wuz away from ME for a WHOLE WEEK!!! She wentid to SkunkFest and had fun wif all her frenns and their (legally owned) pet skunkies.

But WHY? Sinss she calls ME her Revurss Skonker (becuz of my sometimes smelly anal glands -- hee hee! and becuz I AM whte and blakk -- ok dark grey..)she cudda stayed home wif ME!!!

Ennywayz, Iyam happy Meowmie iz bakk -- I misst her SO MUCH!! -- that I raaan up to her wenn she hit the sakk the nite she returned and I lik lik likkkt her short short hair.

Kind ACK!s to all. Yore Frenn, BBBT


Cat of The Week

September 4th 2010 3:36 pm
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Me!! I wuz Kat of Da Week on About Dot Kom Cats -- I wuz so happy (and grateful!!) dat I wuz picked!!

And... Meowmie didn't know how to post it to my profile!!! Waaah! So yoo are heering abowt it LAAATE (thanx meowmie.....)

Yoo will have to Skewz me rite now -- Meowmie just washed a nice blankie and it is sitting there...nice and waaarm, inviting me to flump down on it and Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......................


IYam Under My Blankie ........

July 20th 2010 6:59 am
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IYam crying... crying....crying.....

Miss Mercy, my most fashunable, wiggly wunnerfull frenn, who was da most deeliteful kitty, who wore da most deliteful owtfits, and who had such...Prezzensss..... is gone.

Gone Too Soon.......

Oh we usta talk and yak yak yak and snort and purr and giggul for at leest 6 yeerz, maybe more-- she was gud frenns wif Miss Princess, who became an anjil 5 yeerz ago.

But evin tho Miss Princess and I wuz...sorta frennz... I had da deepist most reespekfull like, and reespekt for Mercy -- Well, she wuz az big az mee and probbly coudda skwished me if she evur saw me in purrson, cuz she had LOTS of praktiss wrasslin wif her Catbuddies and....huh!! ... her dogger frennz too.

We usta chat abowt gurlie things and uthir things and wild and crazy things and I komplimentid her on hur Tootee Frootee hats (becuz I too like to ware hats) and well, I admired her MUCHLY.

Now she iz gone -- she wuz ONLY Ten yeerz old -- DAT's NOT OLD!! We WANT HER BACK!!!!

And, THEN -- I fowndid owt abowt my Furrend BLADE!! My hansum, swashbukklin frenn, Da Prinss of Nottingham Forest, who put up wif my cattitood ("Yo Blade, I'm a fiter, not a luvir -- take Cee Cee, pleez!!") and whose dry witticizims and droll British Hewmor and scathing commentary I loved as much as I loved to wrassle and swagger abowt and skare eveywun I encowntur (ekksept Meowmie) -- BLADE IS GONE TOO!!! He wuz my mentor, my Raggle Taggle frenn, My Prawn-loving buddy -- I ated prawns sumtimes too, JUST BECUZ HE LOVED TO EAT THEM!!! I loved them too!


* * Frum under da blankie we heer heartbroken sobs * *


Meowee Zoweee!!! Diary of the Day!!!

June 12th 2010 8:02 pm
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Meowmie came home late (AGAIN!She wuz out Prancin'!!) today and when she got on the puter she sed "Oh!! BBBT!! Yore Diary iz FAYMUSSS!!"

I galivanted over to her, looked at the Puter Screen, rubbed my largius self on her ankle and purred.

Thankyew deer Catster for this special "Diary Of The Day" honor!!

Yore frenn,
Bee Bee Bee Tee



June 10th 2010 7:53 am
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When I, Big Bad Baby Twinkle go out on the (securely fenced-in) terrace, I looks at Meowmie and sez "Meow Meow Meow!!!' Which means, "Pick me up, put me upside down on your lap, cradle my hedd in the crook of your arm, and tickle my Belleee!! And I will look at Meowmie lovingly, and purr purr purr!! Then when my tail goes "WHAP...!WHAP!WHAP! -- it means -- it's time to put me back on the floor Meowmie, where I will jauntily sashay to MY chair and then -- leave me alone!!"

Meowmie and I enjoy this bonding time together.


Iyam Catster's Cat O' The Day!!!?? Wheee!! ThankYew- Catster!!!

May 25th 2010 5:37 pm
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Whee!! * * BBBT Gets up frum Kat Bed and Duz a liddle Dannss -- Boom Boom Boom! Da Earth Shaiks!!! * * *Lookit dat FuzzeeBellee Wiggul Like Jelly -- MOL!!

Compoziz herself and calmy sits down, licks paw and smiles (Oh look! Wun Fang iz missing!!!)

"I wish to grayshusslee thank Da Purrers Dat Be on Catster for selecting MOI to be Cat O'Da Day Tewday!!" (modestly washes faiss).

"AND I wish to THANK ALL da wellwishers and adoring Kitties who dun sentid me Flowers, Rozettes, and Inbitayshuns to be Frennz! Oh! I am such a HAPPY Kitteh!!! Meowmie wuz in class all day lurning abowt How to Deal With Difficult Peepul -- ha! I coulda taught her that!!!......Ennyway she got home real late and wenn she found owt what honors had been bestowed on me ahe ran to tell me, so heer Iyam!!! Now to paw this keyboard to ansur all my wellwishers and adoring fans....."

* * Stretchiz, ambulz ovur to puter, jumps on cushion, sits studiously at keyboard, smiles wif delite, and begins to paw/type at the keyboard.....* *



May 12th 2010 8:02 am
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Well, my frennz. how RU? Meowmie iz rekovering from FOODIE POYZUNNING!!

She thinks it was a BAAAD Sweet Patataoe dat almose DUN HER IN.

Ennywayz, all I know was dat she LOKKT da bedrume and bafroom door -- but DAT did not stop me from heering her bringing up LOTS of haireballz all nite

Poor Meowmie! Maybe she needs to share my Harebawl Gel wif me.

Yor Frenn, Bee Bee Bee Tee
(heh heh -- when I, BBBT, bring up a harebawl, da wirld stands still for a moment... or two....)

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