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Who Meeee????

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I yam IN CHARJ!!!!

May 6th 2008 8:20 am
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Yyyyyyyyesssssss....!! (* * Hi Fives hur BIIGG Shadoe**)

Dis morning, I meow meow meowed and meowmie unnerstood dat I wantid to go owt onto da KATPROOFED TOTALEE FENCED IN Balkonie.
So she opind da door and I sashayed owt.

A few minits latur she came ovur and startid to ree-arrainj da tabul that has my cat grass growing on it. She moved da Bunny Sundial and put it in front of my pot of Cat Grass.

Well.. deer reeder -- are theez hooomans dennssss or watt???

I looked at Meowmie and I MEOWED most pawthoritaitivlee and ...... MEOWMIE UNNERSTOOD ME!!

She sed "Oh I bet dat wunnerful Larjius Cattius" (well, she didint ekkzakly say dat but I got da gist of her mutterings) "is telling me dat she cannot get to her Kat Grass if I put dis Bunny Sundial in fronta it!! I shall mooove da Bunny Sundial ovur..."

And so she did!! And THEN I immeedeeitly jumped on da tabul and prosseeedid to eet my cat grass.

Before she went bakk to da Ktchun (to maik my brekkfist, Iyam shuure) Meowmie gaib me a pat on da buttiuss as I munched, and she sed "Pleez puke on da balkonie -- it is so much eeeziur to kleen up on da Balkonie -- thankyew!!!" Then she left me alone as I munched happily on MY Fescue (untreetid).

Well... watt cudd I say? I was SO moved by her kindness in ACK!-SHUALLY UNDERSTANDING MY NEEDS, dat I puked TWICE -- on da balkonie...



July 22nd 2008 12:30 pm
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(or...maybee I had a naaikid baybee???)

But Iyam fikkkst!!



Maybee I shudd naim dis baybee Melanie Zana? ( joak... did yoo get it??? har har...snort !!!)


DO I L OOK LIKE A BLUD HOWND, Hmmm......Meowmie??????

August 12th 2008 12:25 pm
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Meowmie insultid me this morning-- she let Cee Cee outta da Bafrume (kitty boodwar) yestiday to relakks and then CEE CEE HID all nite and Meowmie cudd not find her!!

So this morning, Meowmie took my offa my comfy bed (Meowmie's sleeping bag--haha) and plopped me down in da libbing rume and sed "I KNOW she will find Cee Cee" -- and soon I POOOFED up reeel big and my I's got REEEL big and Meowmie sed "Ha!! She fowndid Cee Cee!!" and a floofy blakk torti lady (hoo looks like a Deementid Harepeece!!) went FLYING owt from under da table (there are storaje bokksiz under da tabul too) and she Raaaan into her Boodwar and Meowmie shuttid da gait to da Kitty booodwar, and we boath went "Whew!!!"

But did Meowmie ASK me if I wantid to be a kitty bloodhownd? Off Corss not!! Shaim on yew, Meowmie!!!


TEWDAY IZ MY BURFDAY!!! (Iyam still a kittin!!!)

October 1st 2008 6:42 am
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* * Puts on Beetulz record, LOWD volume -- furnichure and walls shaik...... danssiz on liddle white feet, tale held hi in da air, fuzzeebellee flap flapping left and rite....... wiggulz butt -- BOOM BOOM!! nokks thingz ovur * *

Happy Burfday Tew Me!!!!

I will now sashay ovur to da fone and, heh heh, wif Meowmie's kredit kard, I will ordur a Kat Food Peetza!! Heh Heh!!! (Urp!)

To all da NYNE HUNDRID AND FORTEE FORE Catster Burfday Cats tewday --

I wish all yoo a HAPPY BURFDAY!!!!

And too ALL da othir Catster Cats and ALL da uthir kitties in da WHOLE WIRLD hoo are having a NON BURFDAY tewday -- even (ugh) Cee Cee... I wish yoo a Happy UN Burfday!

Now.... to eeet and sleep and play play play on dis speshul day......


Crossing my Laigs and Waiting Payshintlee

December 9th 2008 8:18 am
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This morning Meowmie wuz PRIMPING in fronta da bafroom mirror.

Well, in order to do dat she hasta stann in frunta MY litturbokks. So I sashayed into da bafroom and kinda did a liddle danns and then I primly sat on da edj of da baftub.

And I wated

And I wated... (twiddlez Thumss.. Oh WATE!! I have no thummz -- twiddlez paw-toes)

And Meowmie sed "Hmmm I wunner if BBBT iz wate-ing to yewz da littahbokks -- Purrhaps I shudd mooov outta da way (and hur silleee HIGHNISS KNOWS dat she can always walk AROWND me to get into da littahbokks!!!!" sed Meowmie to hurself.)

So Meowmie moved owta MY way and I calmly got offa da edj of da baftub and struttid into da littahbokks -- and da rest iz history.


(Cat-safe) BALKONEY Bulletin

April 6th 2009 8:59 am
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Yesstiday Morning, Meowmie remooved ALL da LARJ LUMPS that wuz on da Balkoney (ALLA her flowurpots and trees and plants was covered with LARJ paper lawn-n-leaf bags to keep them warm in da winter -- it obveeussly wirked -- she pulled wunna dem bags off a flowerpot and there wuz a HEWJ crop of KATNIP a-growin under it!!! * * Likks chops * *

Ennyway, wunns Meowmie had kleered dem hewj bags offa MY (safely fennsed-in) Balkonie, I raaan onto it and laay down in da sun and streeetched and sunned my biggiuss belly and smiled at Meowmie and then later I got up and sashayed bakk inside and Meowmie lookt at me and sedd "HUH!! Yoo are SO dirty!!" and she KLOZED her bedrume door and then she grabbed some wet papurr towelzzz and walkt over to innercent liddle me .............

But latur on she gave me some wunnerful Cheekun Livah and I feestid and then I forgave her for WASHING ME !!!!


Tewday iz my BURFDAY!!!

October 1st 2009 6:43 pm
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Thankyew Sir Blade for that SKRUMPSHSS pink cupcaik!! (Psst -- it haz KATNIP Jelly inside!! Wheee!!!) ** rollz abowt like crazy kittin * *

Meowmie gave me a SPESHUL treet-- Fancy Feest CHIKUN appetizur atop my usual lamb entree -- oh yum!!

Meowmie thawt I wuz settling into bed before she left for the day -- but wunss she was gone, me an my kittiefrennz PARTAYED all day!!! Then we kleend up before Meowmie came home, and I went bakk to my beddie and preetendid to sleep -- umm.. doant look under da sofa Meowmie!! (sniff sniff--oh deer... little smells comin owt frum unner da sofa....)

I wanna wish everywun hoo had a burfday today a splendifuruss day!!



Oh MY!! Dairee of da Day!!! Dat's Meee!! THankYew Catster!!!

October 10th 2009 7:21 am
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Gets up, duz a liddle dannss - big fuzzybody and liddle feet -- hee hee!!

"Time to Sellebraite!!! I shall inbite ALL tewday's Diary picks to a Partay!! And my frenn Blade and his sweetie, plus Miss Mercy and her famlee and ... Sweet Miss Scarlett hoo is a liddle under the weather-- we will set a speshul plaiss for her with the comfiest beddie!!

"I will even inbyte My nemes-hiss -- Sweet Cee Cee!!!!"

* * Eyes shining wif delight, BBBT, after getting nicely brushed for da day (her HareDo), puts her paws up to hur liddle round face-cheeks and sez * * "Oh Meowmie!! Dis iz gonna be such FUN!!" Meowmie knows wat dat means-- time to go Shopping!!

BBBT maiks a list:
"Catveear -- da best!!
Preeemium Kat Foodies
Cheekun Livurs -- organik
Kat Treets-- soft and crunchy too
Some dental treets for a post-prandial nosh
Preemium NIP, so we can get SILLEEEE!!!
Funny Kat Toys as Partay Favors for all!!
Dee-Vee-Dees of Burdies and Skwerrils!!!
And dispoasabull cameras so we can taik silleee pikshas -- and...oooh.. taik beeootiful pikshas of Miss Mercy's Owtfits!!! (I wunner if she can bring sum ekkstra hats....!)"

While BBBT bizzees hurself wif maiking sure everything is just so... Meowmie goes shopping, and wisely pikks up several exxtra bags of kitty littur........(MOL!!!)

A liddle faiss looks owt frum under da door to her Boodwar-- it is Cee Cee, hoo sweetly kvetchiz to BBBT...
"Oh yore Soopreem Larjniss -- Doant forget to set a speshul commemorative place for my beloved Miss Princess, and all yore kittyfrennz hoo have sinnss left dis world....."

BBBT takes some speshul time to bow hur hedd and remembur thoas hoo have left us......

Meowmie staggers in wif ALl da Cat Party supplies, none too soon -- Dere iz SKRATCHIN at da door!! MeowMeowMeowMewMew!!! (and wun "kvetch!!") Da Partay guests have arrived!!!



December 7th 2009 1:42 pm
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I hope you can Ack! sess dis:

Yo r frenn, BBBT

(line up HERE- for Pawtographs-- bring foodies pleeze!!!)



May 12th 2010 8:02 am
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Well, my frennz. how RU? Meowmie iz rekovering from FOODIE POYZUNNING!!

She thinks it was a BAAAD Sweet Patataoe dat almose DUN HER IN.

Ennywayz, all I know was dat she LOKKT da bedrume and bafroom door -- but DAT did not stop me from heering her bringing up LOTS of haireballz all nite

Poor Meowmie! Maybe she needs to share my Harebawl Gel wif me.

Yor Frenn, Bee Bee Bee Tee
(heh heh -- when I, BBBT, bring up a harebawl, da wirld stands still for a moment... or two....)

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