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August 5th 2008 2:36 am
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Oscar and I have a new hobby. It's called watching the box. Not the TV box, but guinea pig box. We call it guinea pig TV. We take turns of sitting in the sun and watching the 2 guinea pigs play.

Guess what - today there were 3! Pepito and Diego were meant to be girls - she didn't double check. Hence Pepito is now a mother and Diego and father/uncle (oh dear!).

Nature does have a way of balancing out things, deaths and births in the family....

My dieT is still going on. Mum is still really strict with me, but it is getting easier. As daddy isn't falling for my big yellow eyes all the time so I can get an occassional sanctioned snack.

Have to rush, Diego has been banished to the cat carrier until other accommodation can be sorted! Now I've two screens with guinea pig TV! MOL!



August 2nd 2008 12:34 am
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Do you know what the best thing is about being a spoilt rotten kitty kat? You can eat the family mouse and still be forgiven! Yes, poor Hamish has moved on and now Bailey Meringue reigns in the mouse cage. Yes, a new mouse bro that I have not been allowed to play with.

Mummy wanted the mouse to be Spot the Marvelmouse, but it is cousin's mouse. Bailey is pale caramel with a spot on the nose. Mummy told cousin that this mouse may change colour and the spot might come and go....MOL!

Anyway, the dieT still continues. Everyone says I'm looking gorgeous and trim... yeah right. Almost got that bottom thing going... just a few centimeters to reach...

Life is full of small challenges.

Now, how do I get to play with young Bailey....


5 things I don't like tag!

July 26th 2008 5:43 pm
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I've been tagged in another game! This time things I DON'T like.

Geez, here goes:

1) cuddles - top of the list! I'm too big for sookie cuddles - yuck!
2) being confined - goes with the cuddle thing - I like my freedom, no constrictions for this girl
3) going to the vet - it involves a cat carrier - geez, those things barely fit a girl my size!
4) possums. There are a lot of possums in the yard and they want to eat MY food and take over my territory. They are pushy things.
5) cold. I'm a sun cat - I love the warmth!

Now, who am I going to tag..... Those with unusual headgear in their main picture!

Jillian - 589727
Jobel - 525354
Alaidh - 498660
Flash - 275444
and lucky last: Charlie Clarence - 257532


Still in Disgrace

July 22nd 2008 3:21 am
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I've been sucking up all day to cousin. I even let her (yick) cuddle me. I don't know why she is sad. All I wanted to do was play with Hamish :( I didn't realise Hamish would stop playing forever....

Mummy has forgiven me and so has daddy.

I'll go sleep on cousins clean laundrey, that will make her feel better.



July 21st 2008 3:20 am
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Tell me what I have done wrong? Mummy has me locked in the bedroom with her and tells me I've done a really bad thing. Cousin is crying in her room. Daddy even said I was bad.

What did I do? I've been really playful and a bit hungry with this diet thing. They all think it is so cute when I catch a lizard or something... So just because I hunted anothe little snack....

Okay, so it was Hamish mouse.... Cousin was trying to entice him out of his cage to run around in his mouse ball. She left the lid open and left the room. Tell me, what is a hungry cat to do?

Mistake 1: Dad saw me. He confiscated Hamish
Mistake 2: Cousin tried to rescue Hamish. Too late.

I'm a cat, he is a mouse.

By everyone's reaction it seems I shouldn't have given way to instinct.

Mummy said Hamish is going to be buried with Skinny & Penny. Those lucky angel kitties!


Torture Continues

July 19th 2008 3:30 pm
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Another week has passed. No lumpies (kibble). Mummy is watching me like a hawk (tasty....). Daddy checks with her when I bat my eyes at him....
snacks are down! Must find way to break hoomans!

Everything looks like potential food. Stick with feather - must swat. Tennis ball - must swat. Drat! not edible!

Must chase moving things in garden.... Lizards - good snack but not filling.

Oh dear! I have been exercising!

Less food, more exercise.... these hoomans may be onto something.

Must find hidey hole to sleep... Cousin's rooms. Perfect! zzzzzzzz.......


I've been tagged - Things I like

July 14th 2008 12:42 am
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Oh Jobel, thanks heaps for tagging me. I have to list things I like and tag other kitties!

Lets see.

1. Kibble - I'm not allowed to indulge anymore
2. Fish - I'll tear off a limb if it isn't on my plate fast enough
3. fresh meat - A delicious alternative to tin
4. The sun (you thought it was all going to be food) - so loooovely and warm!
5. Dirt - rolling around in the dirt is such fun, especially in the sun!
6. Hoomans - my hoomans are real cool. They understand I don't like lap but love attention.

Now victims (uhmmm friends) to tag.....
Fuzzy - A special Angel
Pooh Bear

Purrrs and headbuttts.


DieT continues

July 11th 2008 8:47 pm
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I haven't had dry lumpies since Sunday. It is now Saturday. I think I have got over the shakey stage but I still crave them.

Those silly hoomans keep saying I look as if I've lost weight. Who do they think they are fooling? If they thought I was skinny I would be eating lumpies!

My big sad eyed look seems to still work on daddy but he checks with mummy before giving me food. Mummy seems immune to the big sad eyed look. I must find her weakness....

Whilst investigating her weakness I shall use sleep deprivation to make her more vulnerable to my charms. I have started by waking her several times at night...



July 8th 2008 4:27 am
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Oh my! Mummy is serious about this diet thing. She told daddy off when he asked to give me a snack outside meal times. She found some pictures of cats who weren't able to clean themselves and showed them to daddy. He now understands why mummy is serious.

Last night was hard. I rubbed up against daddy, I meowed at daddy, I followed him around. He didn't cave! He made me wait to a designated meal time! I'm going to starve.

Today wasn't as difficult. I got breakfast. When mummy got home she gave me dinner. Daddy came home I begged (that was when the pictures came out), but he was allowed to give me a spoonful of tinned food - apparently she didn't give me my full breakfast this morning. I didn't even notice!

Maybe this diet thing won't be as bad as I thought....



July 7th 2008 12:55 am
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Oh no, mummy has said that it a serious issue. I have to lose weight! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! She knows it isn't easy as she is in the same boat, however, she thinks I'm in more desperate straights than she is!

How dare she imply I'm fatter than she is? I have lovely curves. I'm big boned! I'm so soft and cuddly to touch....

Okay (Lucy blushes terribly) I'm too round to reach you know where to clean you know what. Mummy and daddy had to wipe and clip me to get me clean and they have to do it more often. Oh the shame of it all!

Mummy is busy investigating ways of encouraging my weight loss. Bulk with little calories or quality and small serves? She is torn. What is wrong with bulk and quality? I LOVE MY FOOD....

I think I'll go and sulk big time.... is there a spare chicken breast around to cheer me up?

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