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December 14th 2008 11:39 pm
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It is the christmas holiday season and yes, miracles occur! I have lost more weight!!!!!

I am down to 9.22kg (20.32 pounds). That is almost a whole pound!

Yes I'm wonderful, I'm marvelous, I'm getting skinnier!

Everyone was so proud of moi!

And what did I get as a reward. A sardine! YUMMMMMmmmmmmY! I love sadines!

Happy days are here again.....

Purrrrrs and whisker kisses, I have to find Oscar and boast......



December 9th 2008 1:35 am
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I love giving gifts. They say to give is better than to receive. It is even more fun when you can do it being anon-i-mouse. Catster is great for that.

You can drop a strategic little rosette of to a special kitty and make that kitty's day.

Every girl loves mystery and wonder if there is a secret admirer (and what kitty doesn't), every boy loves to know he is irrisistable and which girl has a crush on him. Or maybe just to know someone out there does care....

But I think I've been sprung.....

Purrs and whisker kisses.



December 6th 2008 12:40 am
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Summer has well and truely hit. It has been steamy hot all day and the evening rain is about to hit. I can't wait! The severe storms have settled down to normal summer storms.

Meowmy says a lot of my kitty friends are busily trying to keep warm - how odd. Meowmy must be a bit loopy. I have been spending the nights with meowmy and daddy in the air con - cool breeze and the humidity sucked out of the air.

The day is the challenge. I have a few choices, but my favourite is out on the back deck. It is deep enough so the sun doesn't hit and there is a breeze. I lie on my back under the table letting the breeze hit my tummy, or lying on the timber with the breeze swirling around me.

It also means I can watch the birdies in the trees and cat TV. My neighbourhood furriends can also come and see me.

Once the rain hits, the humidity seems to disappear and the evening seems cool for awhile. Then I can sit out there and watch the tree cats as they run around.

Of course, it is better when meowmy and daddy sit out there, it means the ceiling fan is on and those pesty mozzies are kept at bay.

Purrrrs and whisker kisses



November 23rd 2008 10:43 pm
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Mummy finally got around to putting some updated pics of me up on my page. I am sure I am going to develop a brain tumour from all the flashy things going off in my face!

Okay - so I don't look that much skinnier than my photos on the page - that is because I didn't let mum put up my fat photos! I'm almost at the weight I was when I moved in - that in itself will be a major achievement. I put on 1.6kg (3.5lbs) in the meantime!

Maybe I'll let her put the before photos up once I reach my ideal weight!

Purrrrrs and whisker kisses



November 20th 2008 12:23 am
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That says about it all. We have been having rain and nasty storms since Sunday and more are due through the weekend. After years of drought mother nature has decided to make up for some lost time /rain.

Storms aren't unusual at this time of year, but the severity and the volumes of rain are!

I've been spending my time sleeping, and eating (only what I'm allowed). Thank goodness for my deck as it means I'm not stuck inside. I have been going out and sleeping there getting fresh air without getting wet. Despite the rain the weather is hot and the humidity is uncomfortable so sleeping in the shade outside is a bonus!

The thunder is rumbling and the TV reception is breaking up. This evenings storms have almost reached us. Mummy says we'll have to switch the 'puter off soon incase of a lightening strike.

We have been lucky with no damage or flooding, but lots of other Brisvegas kitties haven't been so lucky. The RSPCA is very busy looking after lost pets and pets whose homes are too damaged to live in.

Purrring that all the kitties and puppies find their way home and are okay.



November 15th 2008 1:49 am
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Wow, I've got one! My tummy isn't wider than my hips anymore!

Yes, every small goal is worth celebrating. However, the family always have to have a joke. As soon as my waist has appeared, what are they saying.... How much is a kitty-tummy tuck? Where can we get a kitty tummy truss... Just because I have a wobbily tummy! Huh! Mummy is one to talk!

Purrrs & whisker kisses



November 7th 2008 4:05 pm
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There is much written about the topic of sleeping cats on Catster. The reason clearly is that we all do love to snooze. What do those hoomans say? Cats sleep at least 16 hours a day.

Is that all? I'm sure I'm closer to 20! Yes, even as I have the hooman type this for me, I'm dozing on the deck near her. Using the mind control techniques that we felines have perfected, I can write whilst appearing to all intent and purpose to be asleep!

Snoozing isn't as easy as hoomans seem to think it is for us cats. First, there is the need to find that right spot. It has to be carefully chosen. Some cats like to be out of the way, in a quiet spot. Not me! Middle of the bed, middle of the floor, dad's favourite chair - often where it causes the most inconvenience. I may be sleeping but I don't want to be ignored!

Then there is the position to sleep in. This choice is influenced by many environmental factors such as temperature and the surface we have selected for a nap. Hooman laps, for kitties who like that sort of thing, seem to dictate the curled up approach. The floor and the bed permit that full length stretch...

Whilst asleep there is the choice of facial expressions. Do we freak the hoomans out with the eyes open but the inner lid closed, do we drool, do we do that freaky mouth tic thing....

Of course, because we are so good at snoozing, we are also good at waking up. I don't tramp around looking like a zombie when I get up, unlike some of the said hoomans! Us cats just bounce awake and are ready to go usually. I've never seen a hooman go from fast asleep to jumping 10 feet in the air in the space of 2 seconds. That takes skill!

That's enough mind control, I've got to get back to zzzzzzzzzzzz.......



October 31st 2008 7:32 pm
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It was today. Mummy and daddy kept it quiet. One moment I'm climbing on cousin's bed for a nap, next dad is scooping me up into the portable cat jail!

OMC! I began to cry. Mummy said hello to me. She came with me. Daddy drove and I sat in the jail with mummy stroking me. We went to the V.E.Ts.

I sat in the weighting room with all the other cats. Thank goodness it is kitties only! "Lucy" they called. The vet nurse talked to mum and dad, something about my doing so well.

Then the scales. Big white scales. Mummy told me to sit still so they could weigh me properly. The numbers were bouncing everywhere. 9.63 kg (21.2 pounds)! I have lost another 200g (0.44lbs). The vet nurse was so pleased. Mummy was so pleased. I just wanted to go home!

Shelly, the vet nurse said I'm losing weight at the ideal rate. They worry about liver failure if I lose too fast. If my weight loss slows down too much they will reduce my food further. To what? Thin air?

I crave variety. I've started begging from mummy when she cooks dinner. I do puss-'n-boot eyes. I do roll and show my tummy. I do leg rubs, I do the leg scratch of death! All I get is barely a mouthful!

On a positive note I'm home and mummy officially changed my weight to 21 pounds on Catster! She refused to do that last time as she said I was closer to 22 pounds!

Wait until I tell Oscar! Lucy Slim Caboosy is making a comeback. Watchout world.

Purrs and whisker kisses!



October 17th 2008 12:57 am
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Earlier this week I was flattered with being a daily diary pick! Thank you to those who sent me concatulations. I did have mixed feelings about being DDP for an entry entitled "Bottom", but I decided that it was a well deserved reward for recent efforts. It is amazing how energetic I'm becoming as the weight slides off. However that is nothing to do with todays entry.

Mummy was excited as that day was full of excitement at our place. Guinea pig Pepito gave birth to piglets, currently know as Down-Down, Ho-Ho, and Yuck-Yuck due to the fact that their father is also their half brother and their uncle is also their grandfather.....

Note to cousin: male and female guinea pigs need to be separated BEFORE 4 weeks of age......

I also discovered a new furriend. Yes, my buddy Oscar is always around but a new kitty came to visit. Very cute, very playful and I didn't mind him coming and playing on my deck. Oscar is not permitted on MY deck! Now, I just need an introduction....




October 10th 2008 10:13 pm
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Yes, not the most delicate title for an entry but I'm so pround I have one. Not only do I have one, I have one I can clean!!!!

Mummy and daddy don't have to use the baby wipes on me anymore. I don't have little chocolate pebbles stuck in my fur down there.

The other day mummy looked at me while I was having my bath and noticed that I didn't have an overhang.

Yes, weight loss has reducd the excess enough so I can finally reach my bottom!

I can shake my booty at Oscar next door and not have those smelly bits any more. I can lie on my back and show my gorgeous tummy spot to the heavens, without the addition of brown smeared fur!

I think I'm enjoying the slightly slimmer self! Next goal, the 8kg's (17 pounds) the vet envisioned for me at the start.

Purrs and whisker kisses everyone. From the Lucy not so fat Caboosy!

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