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February 10th 2009 9:41 pm
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Summer is well and truly here. The heat, the humidity, the mozzies all have hit. I'ld rather sleep in the air conditioning or out on the deck. It is even too hot to eat, a bonus when one is on the dieT.

Mummy has been sad because Scooter crossed the rainbow bridge. Scooter was a good furriend of my angel sisfurs Penny and Skinny. They are all now playing over the rainbow bridge.

Down south they have bush fires. I have never seen a bush fire and mummy says she hopes I never do. Lots of hoomans and their pets, wildlife and farm animals all have died in the bush fires. Animals that survived are going hungry as the hoomans are getting the priority for food. It doesn't sound fun at all.

There has also been a lot of talk of 'floods'. Apparently that is when it gets so we everything turns into a big pond. We don't have a 'flood' here, but further north they apparently have lots of water. This means that everyone, hoomans and animals have to have food dropped in. Some animals won't have any food as it is all under water. They are thinking themselves lucky, as all they have been able to do is sit around and watch television and the fires. Again, this doesn't sound like fun either.

I have decided I shouldn't really complain about the heat, the humidity and the dieT. Life could be a lot worse.



February 3rd 2009 4:27 am
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Can you believe I have now lived in my forever home for a year!

My never ending saga! I started out at this weight, put on almost 2 kg and have lost it again! Hopefully by next year I will be at my goal weight, whatever that is.

I live with 4 fantastic hoomans who are the best slaves a cat could have. Daddy is a sucker who cabes in at a bat of my big eyes. Mummy is the tough one and won't cabe and feed me treaty on my diet. She loves to give me cuddles (Yuck!) and keeps an eye on me to make me safe. She also sorts out my furriends who drop by and try and eat my food. Cousins are like my litter mates. They play with me, sleep with me and share toys. They also bring home other fuzzy animals such as the guinea pigs and mousies to keep me entertained.

After I moved in the hooman's put on a huge deck just for me! I have somewhere to sleep and play even when it is raining! My kitty furriends are allowed to visit and talk to me there. Every cat needs their own deck.

I have lots and lots. From my cat condo to mousies to feathers on sticks! The latest is a 'glove'. It has really long fingers with pom poms on the end of each. Daddy says it is something a really spooky clown in a horror movie would wear! It is such fun to kill!

Last of all I have made so many new furriends. In my neighbourhood and on Catster. It is so nice being able to play and talk to other cats. Thank you to all my Catster pals who have made this last year so much fun for moi!


from my forever home....



January 23rd 2009 2:05 am
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okay, so I lost some weight. I boasted about it yesterday. Great news - so I thought.

Why is it that the hooman's don't tell us the bad news?

I'm going to die! I know it! I heard daddy tell mummy the bit no one told me! My food allowance has been reduced! To whom do I complain?

Strict dieT or no strict dieT a cat needs food! I had a daily allowance of 1 1/4 cup of the prescription diet and that became a breeze to cope with. Can you imagine just 1 1/4 of sustenance a day? Most of you probably accidently breath in more cat fur than that! Well it has now been reduced to 3/4 of a cup a day! That is barely a pawful! Arhhhhhh!

Daddy went to give treaty - I was giving him the sad eye and the leg rub treatment - and mummy said that would be the end of my food for the day! No way! I do most of my eating at night!

Must find ways of getting more food......


weight update

January 21st 2009 1:13 pm
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Yesterday was the day. Time for reckoning after the silly season and success with big eyes on daddy.

Daddy took me again and I thought cousin was going with me. She only came part of the way. I don't like it when no one holds my paw in th car so I cried and cried and cried on daddy (MOL! I'm sure he didn't enjoy that either!).

Shelly, the vet nurse, weighed me again. 8.96kg (19.7 pounds)!!!! A loss, not as big as previously but still a loss. I'm around the weight when I moved in.

:( Mummy suggested to daddy that a few less treaties might get me back on to my regular weight loss cycle. Mummy is a meanie! Meanie mummy!

I'll punish her, somehow somewhere. However, for now I'll sleep on my revenge....



January 12th 2009 11:30 pm
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Yes, life is back to routine. The hoomans have all returned to doing whatever it is they do when they leave the house. Geez, it does take a long time!

Me, I'm back to sleeping during the day. For a few days I tried to get cousins to feed me when mummy and daddy were gone, but no, they wouldn't cave.

I've been trying to get daddy to give me treats every day. Mean mummy has said no (but daddy is a softy). Mummy is worried that daddy's lack of control will show at next weigh in.

The weather hasn't been too bad. A few stinking hot days but being able to flop on my deck means I can escape the heat.

Life hasn't been that exciting, a bit of a let down after all the fun of the past month. Routine does have benefits, but it sure is a let down after party season!

Purrrs and whisker kisses every pur!



January 8th 2009 1:40 am
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I feel so spoilt. First there was Catmas. Mummy let daddy give me nice treats! Ham and turkey. Mummy went away and daddy spoilt me by continuing the treats for dinner. Then there was something called New Years. Again, daddy spoilt me with treats. Then a few days later it was my birthday. Spoilt again!

Along with all the fun and games with these events I recived a whole pile of posties from my pen paw pals! Thank you all they are so special! Mummy will place them all in a fantasmagorical scrap book album she has specially for me!

Then, I received all these wonderful rosettes for my birthday! Thank you all furry much! I am so thrilled. Seven is a big milestone! According to the standard cat food companies I am now officially an older cat. Clearly they haven't met the wonderful Olde Furts here on catster! MOL! Seven is just a kitten compared to some. My good friend Scooter is now 20 like my angel sisfur Mr Skins was before she crossed the rainbow (Scootie is going to live fur years and years more I hope)!

Then, the biggest surprise I ever received was a special postie from my good friend Sissy and her family. It was slightly delayed (thank you Aussie Quarantine! ) but I received a couple of lovely balls and a toy mouse! Apparently there were some fantastic treaties which were confiscated by the officials :(

I am so use to special treats that I keep wanting them. Mummy is a meanie and saying that I should be back on a strict diet. That's no fun!

Must plan way of batting big yellow eyes at daddy to get nummy Treats everyday!

Purrrs and whisker kisses!


Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!

January 2nd 2009 2:37 pm
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Today is January 3 2009. I am now officially 7! Can you believe it. I have also lived for 11 months in my forever home!

I woke mummy up at 3 am (MOL!) and she actually picked me up and gave me a big hug and sung me happy birthday - not quite what I expected as she can be a bit grumpy at that time!

So what are my plans for the day.
1) Sleep
2) Eat
3) Sleep
4) Play a little
6) Eat
7) Act cute sleeping

I think you get the idea.

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee!

Bummer - no cake still on dieT but I did hear something about Tuna and Sardines.....

Purrrrs and whisker kisses every kitty!


Mummy's going away

December 27th 2008 4:11 am
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Mummy has been packing her suitcase. Mummy, not daddy. It's dad who goes away. I won't panic. Dad has been a real push over with treats lately. Ham, turkey, sardines, and tuna everytime I give him the big eyed look. I'll just have to keep it up.

Mummy said she is going to visit Nöpö, my cousin. His name is really Ralph and he is a rag doll cat. He is the only cat I know with a real job. He looks after my uncle who had a stroke. His job is to help look after uncle and keep him company. Uncle can't remember things too well so needs someone to look after him.

I will miss mummy. She does real nice things such as let me out in the middle of the night, feed me and make sure I can get back in. She also keeps the tree cats away and is nice to my furriends. Mummy also helps me keep in touch on Catster so while mummy is away I won't be able to chat to anyone :(

I wonder if I can bat my gorgeous eyes at daddy to help me...

Purrrs and wisker kisses....



December 24th 2008 1:58 pm
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It's catmouse here in the land of Oz. It must be a special day because mum and dad are at home, instead of disappearing as they do to something called 'work'. I also have received extra treat despite my dieT.

This morning I was asleep on the bed with mum and dad. Mummy got up and came in with a basket of packages all wrapped up pretty. She handed two to me, some to dad and kept some herself (is that fair?) Anyway, one smelt real nice. Then mummy helped me pull the paper off. Wow! my own squeeking mouse! It's so cute I let it sit on my paws!. Then mummy opened the other present. A book on Cattitude from cousin. Mummy read it to me. It was real cool!

Cousin and cousin were sent home for catmouse so it is just the three of us + Bailey + Pepito/Diego/FlameZor/Toshiba photocopier/Tomika (the guinea pigs folks).

I hope all you kitty kats received wonderful Catmouse presents and/or treats.

Purrrs and whisker kisses!



December 17th 2008 3:36 am
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Wow, something about this time of the year, more hoomans seem to drift by.

Take last weekend, I'm dozing comfortably on my deck, mummy is running around madly in the kitchen and lounge room trying to tidy the house (very unusual!). Next thing I know my space is being invaded by 4 more hooman's.

Now, if that isn't bad enough, they all wanted to pat me or pick me up. Strangers. Of course, they usually leave after a few hours so I just need to make myself scarce - these didn't. They stayed 3 whole sleeps! People to step around and fuss over. I was not impressed.

Is this what the silly season is all about???

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