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Lucy's Log

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September 12th 2009 3:33 am
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As a cat I love trees. I never thought I would get upset by a tree, but I was today. My back yard has three BIG trees. Meowmy always tells me that they were designed for cats to climb. Right. With my weight I would rip out my claws trying.

So why am I upset by the tree. Combine it with the stoopid kitty Nermal. Can you believe he tried to give me a face rub today! The nerve of the little upstart! However, I'm going off on a tangent, back to the tree.

Meowmy and daddy were sitting on the deck. I was lying around enjoying the warmth of the day with them. Suddenly Nermal decides he is going to chase a bird. I didn't mind that, I hadn't noticed it. Nermal doesn't stop at the base of the tree. He climbs all the way up. Way up the tree into the top branches.

Meowmy and daddy actually praised him for doing so. Not me, meowmy just pointed out how Nermal was earning cute points and he isn't even our cat! She even picked me up to make sure I saw Nermal doing his trick. I hoped he would get stuck up the tree. No not Nermal. A few minutes later he gracefully hops down, as if he had just been strolling along the path.

That Nermal! He is really pushing his luck.



September 4th 2009 9:40 pm
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I was sleeping on my bed. Yes, I have my own bed again, but that is another story. Meowmy came in and gave me pats. I like pats. She left. I thoght that was very nice. Then she came back and PICKED ME UP! not nice. I was dreaming. I was snoozing. She disturbed me. She put me in a CAGE!
Aren't there laws against this?

Daddy picked up the cage and before I knew it I was in the car on the way to who knows where. I hate the car. Were they taking me to the RSPCA? I still remember THAT trip. I was shaking. Daddy made a crack about getting a better mouse hunter. What is a cat to do? For months I've been pointing out there is a mouse in the kitchen that I can't get. Now that it nibbled through the hose to the dishwasher I'm shoved in a cage.

Meowmy tried to be positive. She patted me and talked to me. I'm in a CAR! it is a scary experience. Then we pull into a carpark which I recognise. I'm at the VET.

Waiting. Meowmy talks to an imbicile cat called Buttons looking for a home. Is that why I'm here? To meet another feline to challenge my authority?

Shelly steps out. She says my name. I'm taken into the examination room. Meowmy pulls me out of my cage, which is seeming a very safe option, and puts me up on the scales. Oh god, maybe the RSPCA would have been better. It is weigh in day. I'm 8.95 kg. My cheeks go red. Shelly says what a good girl I am. I've lost 250gm. Still not down to 8.6 but it is a loss.

Shelly says I'm still in her best two cats for weight loss. I have to find my competition. I use to be her best weight loss cat. I hear meowmy and daddy discussing my flees. I have some tablets shoved down my throat. Tape worm. What is tape worm? Daddy mentions chicken necks. Shelly isn't horrified. Meowmy mentions tuna. Shelly isn't horrified. I may get real food yet.

Meowmy says today is Saturday, tuna day. They have moved to psychological torture. All I see is dry food. Acres and acres of dry food. Nermal gets variety and he is the neighbours cat. All I get is prescription food!

Where is this tuna? Where are my chicken breasts. I want real food.



August 30th 2009 3:34 am
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Now I don't mind a bit of warmth in winter. Give me a sunny spot any day but this is getting a bit silly. It usually is this temperature mid summer. The only positive about it is that there is no humidity as yet.

Instead of lying in the sun I've started seeking that shady spot with a cool breeze. Meowmy is keeping me company, watering the garden. Still with a watering can as despite all the rain we had we still have water restrictions - no hoses.

Meowmy is happy as my appetite seems to be reducing with the heat. Well why not, I'm not trying to burn energy to keep warm.

I guess soon we will all be looking for ways to cool down. I hope the AC monster is working....



August 21st 2009 3:29 am
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The torture continues.

Can you believe meowmy and dad - they give me my bland prison rations yet give the neighbours cat food that looks far more appetising. Yes, the neighbours cat eats better than me! I've expressed my displeasure to the hooman slaves. I try and sneak out to eat the Nermsters food, but THEY swoop it away. I have taken to growling at meowmy and daddy when they do that.

I don't know how long I can take this. They only light in this dim dark tunnel is tomorrow is Saturday and it's tuna day. TUNA. Real food. Real sustenance. Not the cardboard the VET insists I eat day in and day out. I'm a real cat. Real cats have curves.

I have taken to hunting. I scour the yard seeking merciless prey. This is not an activity a well fed cat needs to do. I have begun honing my skills by playing with the pathetic toys they leave lying around the house. I shall survive! I get praise for my efforts.

The hooman's fail to realise that I am the best designed killer on the planet. Once I have perfected my skills.... No more "Lucy! You are actually playing!" "Look at Lucy run!" "Lucy, do you want to play more?" How degrading. I am a huntress. I shall survive!


Food, or lack there of

August 12th 2009 12:29 am
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I feel faint. I need food. A big bowl of yummy tuna. I lovely chewy chicken neck or wing. Some raw mince... anything, even a huge bowl of those horrible lumpies.

The hooman's are torturing me. They continue to eat the delicious food around me. They make silly placating noises at me as I sit there watching. Just feed me, I send my thought control messages. Feed me! Daddy goes to cave in, but that mean meowmy glares at him.

"Just a small bit," says daddy. Yes, I say, feed me. You can do it.

"No. You aren't being kind, you are being cruel!" says meowmy as she shovels more food in her mouth.

The only positive aspect to this whole torture thing is that Nermie (aka Flash) is also suffering. Meowmy won't feed him unless I have food. She says "You can always go home and get more food"

Maybe I should go visit Nermie's house, if I could make it that far....

***Lucy collapses from lack of food****


Return of Lucy Lucy Fat Caboosy

July 31st 2009 5:17 pm
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I thought the hooman's had forgotten about that dieT thing. But apparently they hadn't.

Meowmy had been nagging daddy about the amount of 'treats' I get. I noticed some disappeared. It was sad, it has been so nice doing big eyes at daddy and getting results.

Nice Shelly wasn't there to weigh me today. It was some male nurse. It must be all his fault! I always show a loss when Shelly weighs me.

Up 600gms. It doesn't sound much but it is gigantic! Over 9 kilos, again :(

If that wasn't bad enough I then heard talk about no more tuna! I'll die! Then the bad nurse held up this tiny intsy bitsy weeny jar ***pee jar*** and said no more than 2 of those of cat food a day!

***Lucy swoons at the thought***

Humiliation, insults, starvation! Is that all a girl has to look forward to?



July 18th 2009 11:29 pm
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I really don't know if I like winter or not. Maybe if I list out the pros and cons it will help.

* I can curl up and sleep without over heating
* The days are usually warm enough for me to sleep in the sun
* The hooman's cook nice smelling food like roasts
* The bed has warm flannel sheets
* There are things called heaters to take the chill out of the air

* The floor is cold on my tootsies
* When the wind is up I don't want to go outside
* It's too cold to go and play outside at night

Hmmm... the Pro's seem to be outweighing the cons. Maybe I do like winter! Meowmy says she likes winter 'coz I cuddle up to her.

I guess winter isn't that bad in a sub tropical climate. Soon I'll be over heating in the tropical heat of summer.



June 24th 2009 2:12 am
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What do I say? I am most displeased that Nermal wants to live with me. As a quick reminder Nermal is actually Flash, the cat from down the street. Nermal comes over as he has 2 woofers, another meow, and 2 small two footers at his house and it is too hectic for him. He likes my house and my food :(

Nermal hung around for weeks and weeks. Never going home. Meowmy was convinced he had moved in and his meowmy had given up on him. Then one day he was gone. He didn't come back for days! Heaven!

I blossomed and took back my deck and yard. I was kinder to Oscar from next door. I was cuddled up to meowmy on the couch. I was one happy kitty.

Daddy was concerned and went and checked Nermal/Flash was at his proper home. Yep, he was there. Everyone was happy. Nermal safe and well fed and I had my home back.

Then he showed. AGAIN! :(

He has been hanging around trying to act like he lived with me. He NEVER seems to go home. Then meowmy did the nicest thing she has ever done for me. She took Nermal home.

Meowmy loves me. I'm her one and only kitty. I don't have to share. Happy days are here again.

Meowmy says Nermals mum and dad love him and look after him so he needs to go home. Happy days are here again.

Purrrs and whisker kisses.



June 12th 2009 5:43 pm
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I have been sooooo busy I haven't had a chance to write an entry. 'Andad's been visiting. 'Andad is dads dad and he needs me to look after him. I hadn't seen such an old hooman before. He has lots of wrinkles and walks with a shuffle.

I was a bit cautious at first, but then I realised he likes to sit on my deck, also. That was it. Best buddies and I had another job. When I'm not outside with him, I have to look after his bed. A cat has to make sure all beds are comfortable to sleep in.

Meowmy says I'm not allowed to trip him over, so I have to be careful when I move around him. Apparently most kitties would move when a hooman bumps into them, but they just fall over me!

On top of that dad's been on holidays. More work keeping him amused. It is so tiring looking pathetic to ask for food all the time. All that pulling big eyes, pathetic meows and so forth. It takes it out of a cat. Thank goodness he goes back to work next week, I'll be able to catch up on my beauty sleep.

You would think that would be enough. But no. Nermal (AKA Flash) has decided he is moving in. I was sure meowmy would say no - she loves me best, but she has been saying she is going to have to do that embarrassing walk down to Flash's folks and ask if he has been 'home at all'. She thinks not. If he has switched houses she wants to know about his shots, age, desexing etc. Hmmmph! I'm not happy!

So that is why I haven't updated on Catster Diary... far too busy with the hoomans and Nermal.

Purrrs & whisker kissers



May 20th 2009 1:29 am
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I found him! He wasn't anywhere in the house or the yard, but he finally showed up today. Wow! Dad has NEVER been away that long. I was sleeping around the house, refusing to get my paws wet, when the door opened. There he was! Bags in hand! Yippeee! He put his bags in the room and he gave me TUNA! Yummie! That Nermal cat was there also and dad gavehim some also.

Meowmy came home real soon after, even better. I was begining to think they were going to be washed away. It has been raining and raining for a few days now. I've never seen so much water at once, not even in those big storms we had earlier this year. Last night I didn't even want to go outside to play. The drive way is a stream, the yard is full of puddles.

It has rained so much that water has flooded over the gutters and run down one of the walls. Meowmy said luckily its in the room that needs to be fully renovated (why did daddy shudder at that word?).

Everytime I see Nermal his fluffy fur is wet. Meowmy lets him come in and get out of the rain, which is nice. She does wonder why he won't go home and stay dry.

Meowmy says the rain is going to continue for days. I'm glad I've got my back deck as at least I can find a dry spot outside instead of going stir crazy inside.

Life is damply back to normal - meowmy is home, daddy has been found, I'm curled up ready to sleep on the bed. Nice.

Purrrs and whisker kisses

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