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Lucy's Log

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Life with Jacqui

January 20th 2010 3:22 am
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Things are starting to settle down with the new arrival. Meowmy put some video on my page to show everyone what I have to put up with. Okay, when I'm in a good mood I can tolerate it, but I do love my sleep. Sometimes I just have to walk away.

Meowmy gets upset as I won't stay inside very long. How can I with Jacqui trying to use me as a trampoline when she isn't trying to extract my brain through my ear!

It is a little better now as she has worked out how to burn off energy outside. Yep, she has discovered the great outdoors. Meowmy has put a picture of her up a tree on her page. Way up a tree. She is like the Energiser Bunny on Steroids!

The funniest thing is when Jacqui wants to complain. You can't take it seriously. She squeals like a....a kitten! She can't even meow properly!

Oh well, Meowmy says she will settle down as she gets older. I just wonder how long that is going to take.

Lucy, from self imposed exile away from The Arrival.


Daily diary pick

December 22nd 2009 12:36 am
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okay, I was Diary Pick of the day 17/12/09. Today I scored a daily diary pick.... Hmmm. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled with the honour, but I hadn't updated my diary!!!! MOL!

I guess it's Catster's way of prompting me to do another entry!

It is almost Christmas and I have found one very positive aspect to having Jacqui in the house - leftovers! Yes, a few of you pointed that out to me when I was worrying about her imminent arrival. I just didn't realise how great they would be. She gets tinned food!!!!! (Lucy's mum: not that Lucy ever ate tins before her diet!).

I have almost forgiven meowmy. I let her give me a big smooch and cuddle me this morning, but not for too long.

Daddy went away on the big silver birdie this morning. Meowmy says she expects me to sleep in the room with her and Jacqui.... not sure if I'm ready for that!

On another topic, we finally got some rain! Yes, the yard is looking a bit greener and the plants have freshened up! Oh, if the sun comes out for Friday it is going to be a very hot and steamy Catmus with mozzies!


I'm Daily Diary Pick!

December 17th 2009 2:30 am
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I'm daily diary pick! I'm so happy! Thank you Catster!



December 13th 2009 1:21 pm
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I have decided that meowmy has better ears than a cat. Well, at least when it comes to us cats.

One minute I am enjoying myself, the next I have to pretend it was all meowmy's imagination. You know what I mean, put on that disdainful look, pretend that it was below my standards to sink to that level....

What happened? Early hours of Sunday morning. I knew meowmy and daddy were holed up with that kitten in the bedroom. So I came inside and headed into the lounge. Of course Nermal was there. The room is full of cat toys. More seem to have been added since The Arrival. What are 2 cats meant to do, no hooman's, a room full of toys? We played. Yes, Nermal and I have developed a strategic alliance to combat The Arrival.

We were just enjoying ourselves when I look up and meowmy is standing at the door. How embarrassing. Of course I had to pretend I was just walking past Nermal (Lucy's mum: Nermal was crouched down paws under the mat, Lucy was six inches away getting ready to pounce). Nermal, thank goodnesss, reacted quickly and rolled over to indicate he was just lounging around.

How on earth did meowmy pick us up? (Lucy's mum: The continual tinkling of Lucy's bell had attracted my attention). NEVER again!



December 4th 2009 10:44 pm
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Okay. She has arrived. I sniffed her, I hissed, and haven't been near her since. Jacqui. She only has one name. She is TINY. I think my head is bigger than her.

Check her out Yep, she already has her own page and has been shown off on Facebook and it's only been a few hours.

I am Queen of this house. As long as she follows MY rules it will be fine. Otherwise.... lunch? No. I think I would get in trouble for that.

Kittens. Hummmph.


Last week as an only cat

November 28th 2009 5:57 pm
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Yes, it has been threatened for months. Now apparently they have found one - a kitten! Horror. If it hasn't found another furrever home by next weekend, it gets one - MINE.

Please someone, take a fluffy kitten home with you! Spare me having to SHARE!


No place is sacred

November 3rd 2009 4:02 am
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I love chatting to my furriends on Catster. It is my thing to do. It makes me special from the other kitties in the neighbourhood. I only know 2 other households in the WHOLE city who are active on Catster (Utu and family and Mason and family).

That is why meowmy is in my bad books. She has put Nermal on - AS A FAMILY member. Just check him out (ID 1060142). Sitting there trying to look like a cute little kitten. He is old. He was around when my angel sisfurs were here BL (before Lucy). He must be ancient!

I am not going to let him chat! Nope. He can get his own meowmy and daddy to help him. I'm hogging meowmy's computer time.

Purrs and whisker kisses

(a very grumpy) Lucy


The "K" word

October 23rd 2009 5:06 pm
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I have finally accepted that Nermal (AKA Flash) will be my permanent buddy, whether I want it or not. The bright spot is that I know, despite his being around most of the day, he doesn't actually live with me. I am still an only cat, the center of meowmy and daddy's world. What more could a kitty ask for.

That is why this week has been so unsettling. A furriend of meowmy's has been adopted by a cat. A female cat. A female cat who last weekend graced her with 6 kittens. She sent meowmy a picture of the kittens. 3 brown tabbies and three ginger tabbies. Yes, cute kittens in the picture, only 5 days old! Wow, was I ever that small????

I could tolerate meowmy talking about cute kittens but then... No. I can't say it. She said.... how about we take one? NOOOOOOOOoooooooo! Kitten! Playful, cute, demanding kitten. I know who would have to look after it when meowmy and daddy go to work every day. Moi. I am an only kitty! I am the fluffy bundle of joy in their world. I do not want another feline living in the house....

Kitten. Meowing, kneading, wanting. Yick.

Note to self: show meowmy she doesn't need a kitten as she has me!

Purrrs and whisker kisses everyone.


Highs and Not so Highs

October 10th 2009 2:24 pm
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About 3 weeks ago a strange phenomenon called school holidays started here. Something funny happens with the hooman two footers. they don't go down the street to the school there.

When this strange thing started this time, something fantasmagorical started. Nermie (aka Flash) was catnapped. Well, not really. His daddy, his REAL daddy, came and dragged him home. MOL! Nermie was not happy. Ears flattened against his head and all. Meowmy and daddy just waved him off. That was great.

It took me a couple of days to realise but no one was eating my food. Nermie wasn' sleeping on my deck. He wasn't lying around my lounge room. I checked and rechecked. He wasn't there. YIPPEE!

I was an only cat! I was so happy! Meowmy said something about Nermie probably being locked up at home. Good!

This week school returned. Two footers were back on the path to school. Yes, you guessed. Nermie returned. His back. Drat! His back eating my food, back sleeping on my deck, back flopping out in the lounge :(

I tested mummy out. She still obeys my every command. Multiple middle of the night feeds demanded and received. Pats and attention received from daddy. Hold on, Nermie food has reappeared. I'm not permitted to eat Nermie food but what the hooman's don't know.....

Maybe it isn't so bad having Nermie around.


Dust Storm

September 23rd 2009 4:50 am
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I love my dust baths. I love rolling around in the dirt and covering myself in it. I love coming inside and putting dust everywhere. So guess what? Mother nature decided to do it all for me today!

All I had to do was go outside. There was so much dust everything was pink! Flowers that had been white in the morning were a dirty red- brown. The house, which is white, has layers of red dust everywhere! My deck had a layer of dust!

When meowmy came home I had been playing in the yard. She noticed my white fur was tinged red-brown and I hadn't even been rolling around!

Meowmy explained that the red dust was from central Australia. Because everything is so dry the winds picked up all the loosed dirt and moved it east. The dust storm moved from western NSW, east to the sea and all the way up to the gulf of Queensland. That is one HUGE dust storm. For kitties who don't know Oz, the storm traveled distance similar from Texas to South Carolina east and north to Canada. The storm may actually make it to New Zealand tomorrow!

Happy days for dust bathing kitties!!!!!

***Lucy's mum: It's the worst dust storm on record. Visibility was 10-20meters in Sydney and down to 100m in Brisbane***

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