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Making Friends

February 23rd 2008 2:07 pm
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I am overwhelmed with all the furriends I am making on Catster! Purrrs to all the kitties out there. However, I haven't been limiting my friend making skills to Catster - I am trying to meet kitties in the neighbourhood.

The yard has all interesting cat smells. Lots and lots of kitties seem to have hung out around here. I can't wait to meet them all. Cat central it seems. It has a real good woofer proof fence and trees! Not that I limit my roaming to the yard!

Mum and dad are a bit nervous about my inclination to go checking everything out. Their last cats were old. Real old. The RSPCA labelled me a middle aged cat at the grand age of 6. That would make my rainbow bridge fursisters dinosaurs when they crossed. Accordingly these kitties weren't very adventurous or big into playing:( They slept a lot. So these new hoomans of mine had forgotten playful a young kitten like me can be (MOL!, well in comparison I am!)

The coolest friend I'm making lives right next door. His name is Oscar. He comes over to play and I'm slowly getting the courage to play. He was a bit miffed with my arrival at first. He kinda thought the yard was his and his big bro's. Now, he comes looking for me and we kind of sit a few feet apart checking each other out!

Yesterday evening I climbed up on the carport roof! It was fantastic. I could watch everything. Oscar came and sat on the fence. I think he wanted to join me but was worried I would give him a swat on the way up!

Oscar's big bro (I can call him that because he is even bigger than me plus being a fluffy persian type tabby) is quite standoffish. That's because he is getting old himself. Gee he is a teenager!



February 18th 2008 3:09 am
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Today was a scary day. I was taken from my snooze spot in the sun and popped into a carrier. My heart started beating fast immediately. I wanted to get out. Mum didn't listen and popped me in the car. I was sure I was going back to the shelter!

She talked to me in the car. It seemed to take furever. I meowed loud for me. She tried to give me a few scratches and pats but she was busy driving.

Then she popped me out of the car and took me into a large waiting room. There were lots of cute kittens there. Now I was positive I was being traded. She wouldn't let me out of the cage and kept talking to me.

Eventually she took me into a small room. OMC! It was worse. I was at the V-E-T! The vet squeezed me, checked my teeth and patted me. Then, how embarrassing, she weighed me. Can't a girl have some secrets? I was given my shots and I heard the discussion about the dreaded D word. D for diet that is! The vet said I was a large cat and doesn't think I need to lose too much weight (I said I was curvaceous!).

Then the reverse trip occurred. I was so scared I was shaking and my heart was still pounding. Wasn't too sure where I would end up. Home, at last! What a relief.

I was so pleased. Everyone came and patted me. They were happy to see me. I was so pleased that as soon as it got dark I slipped outside. I was so proud to be able to go hunting and bring something home for all the hoomans. Lizard! A huge, ginormous gekko! It was so yummy. I was acknowledge for my hunting skill and my ability to contribute to the house. I was so proud. But I couldn't resist. I ate the lizard all myself! Delicious!

Purrrrrrrrs everyone. I need to do some more hunting! I have a family to feed!



February 16th 2008 2:27 pm
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Mum has been hogging the 'puter. Something about an exam coming up! Pfff! who cares. I haven't been able to write in my diary for a week! This morning I started walking all over her keyboard so she would get the idea. Lucy's turn !

As you have probably guessed, I'm pretty well settled in now. Last weekend my new two legged parents got me a three tier cat house! Great scratching post and nice places to sit!

They also now trust me to go outside unsupervised. I did get into trouble on Wednesday. Mum went to uni and left dad in charge. I scooted off across the street to explore. Dad thought I was gone MOL! Like I would go anywhere! He went to pick mum and told her I was probably gone, but no. I was sitting in the kitchen waiting for mum when she arrived home! I got a lecture about not being allowed to cross the street without a 'grown up'! I'm a six year old cat not a brainless 2 legged child!

Since then I have been busy getting to know Rufus and Oscar who live next door. They have figures similar to mine so they must be lovely kitties! n Talking about figures, mum keeps saying I'm meant to only have fixed meals. Dad is great, he keeps sneaking me snacks! I think I love mixed messages! The hoomans think I'm strange - I don't like chicken that much. Happy to leave that. Fish is nice and so is steak!

On Friday night I went out and played and lost my collar! Yay! I don't think I like collars. Mum knew where it would be though, next door. Yep, next morning the silly two legged hooman from there brought it back. Mum didn't put it on so I thought I would get to be noood again, but no. She bought me a new one. This one is bright red with pretty sparkly stones on it! I think I like it. Bling never hurts a girl!

Mum has said that I have to go to the V-E-T. Something about shots due. Hah! like she can carry me! Monday afternoon is the time. Don't think I like the idea of being squeezed into a carrier.....



February 9th 2008 12:50 am
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Oh, what excitement yesterday and today. I've got to go outside! First, it was into the backyard. A place with lots of trees and shrubs. I did the full perimeter, checking out the shed and the old dog kennel (no doggies there for years and years). Such great smells, such great hiding spots, such great climbing potential!!!

This morning I was taken out the front yard. More excitement - it has a cat heaven of underneath the house. It's an old house and all the rooms are recreated under the floor. I sniffed around there for ages - lots of cats visit there! I came out a different way to going in but new dad was there waiting for me. I tried sneaking next door, but I was returned home. I wasn't upset as this was one of the longest walks I've done since being at the shelter.

I came inside and had a long sleep. When I woke my new mum had come home from shopping. She had another present for me. Lucy, come and see - it was a cat house! Three levels with sleeping spots! Magnificent scratching places and more toys attached. Me - spoilt or what!

The only down side is everytime I do anything I get this flashy thing in my face. My new mum says its for my catster page. I guess photos will be appearing soon of me doing cat things!

Geez, these hoomans are so easy to please.


Settling In

February 5th 2008 12:27 am
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Okay, I've been in my new home since Saturday. I've discovered
1)everyone will let me sleep in their bed with them - Yippeeeee!
2) Lui should be spelt Liu - the RSPCA folks couldn't spell but my new hoomans says it makes me unique so they aren't going to fix it up (after all there are 2 Lucy Liu's on catster but only 1 Lucy Lui!)
3) I have 4 hooman slaves who will pander to my every whim
4) I do like playing with toys a little
5) food is great here, the diet doesn't seem to be happening
6) there is a great yard - I can't wait until they let me out to play
7) there is a big dawg next door who scares me when she barks

Ah, life is definitely looking up


New Home

February 2nd 2008 3:33 am
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Wow! What a day! I have finally found a forever home!

I was at the RSPCA for a month. The staff knew I wasn't a prime pick. I'm six and a little wide. My bio said something about me being no Lucy Lui, that you could probably fit two of her on my butt! MOL! Can you believe that!

Now, I think I've found a place to be spoilt rotten! I was brought inside and allowed to find a bolt hole or two. I was supplied with food and water, lots of different food! Oh dear, they keep muttering the diet word....

I've started to make new friends. Everyone is so nice here, they scratch me and pat me. They want to cuddle me but they have said they understand I need space at the moment.

Oh! these people are nice, they are even going to let me get up on the furniture. Happy days are here again!

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