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Lucy's Log

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April 13th 2008 2:22 am
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Daddy went away for a few for work. It was sad as my big eyed look doesn't work as well on mummy as it does on daddy. I was stuck on my regular meals, no extras! How horrific!

I was sleeping on my window seat when I heard daddy's car! I was so excited I went out the door. Yes, he was home. I helped him up the front stairs and there he was putting his stuff down on my window seat, but I didn't mind.

"I bought someone a present!" said daddy. Mummy said: "for Lucy!" and it was. Bling!

Mummy had been saying I need a sparkly L for my collar. One of those L's covered in diamonds! That is what daddy had got for me. So pretty! So sparkly! The L also had a little silver love heart with it!

Daddy and cousin tried to hold me to put my bling on my collar. I was so excited I could stay still. Mummy suggested just daddy try and in moments I was wearing my brand new bling L.

The next day I went outside to show of my new jewellery. Of course all those cats were jealous. My collar sparkles with it's diamond studs and now, I also have a sparkle studded L hanging off it! I am soooo lucky!

Mummy looked at me on the stairs and she said it sparkles so nicely in the sun. I'm so proud!

Bling is for me!



April 9th 2008 4:56 am
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It is hard to believe that it was only 2 months ago I was at the RSPCA feeling abandoned and competing against all the slim young kitties for the ideal home. I'm not going to hold back - na-na-nanah-na ***sticks out tongue*** I scooped the pool!

Now, all the young kitties want to be my friend and share my home! MOL! what a turn around. I'm Miss Popular Lucy.

Wow! So many friends - I can't wait for evening when I go out and tell them all how lucky I am. Oscar comes around (mummy even found him in the lounge room with me when she came home from work the other day). Rufus loves the yard. Black and white kitty wants my dinner. Nermal loves my plants..... the list goes on.

Tonight, I was out telling off Larry. What cat would allow himself to be called 'Larry"? Larry wants to be my friend. Larry wants to be patted by my hoomans. Larry wants into my house. Well too bad! That's what I said to him.

It is such great fun being the cat everyone wants to visit. The cat with the cool parents who let me be me and don't cramp my style!

Purrrs everyone....



April 8th 2008 2:46 am
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None of the leaves are 'turning', there is no frost, none of the signs most kitties would associate with the cooling of the season. Not here - thank goodness! How do I know autumn is here? It's easy - it's cool enought to sleep with the window closed and no AC monster! MOL!

What are the other signs that winter is on the way?
- Mummy's feet have turned big, pink and fluffy in the evenings
- when mummy leaves in the morning she has extra layer of fur called a cardigan
- Daddy sits around with a shirt on
- the front door actually gets closed at times
- there is dew on the lawn in the mornings
- the sun gets up later in the mornings....

hmmm.... I wonder what winter is going to be like? I know some are hoping I'll be snuggly, yeah right. Give me a cosy spot in the sun or a warm blanket....

Purrrrrs and headbutts.......



April 1st 2008 2:58 am
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I've was snoozing in my spot in front of the TV and the hoomans were all laughing at me. MOL! I would hear Lucy blah blah blah giggle giggle giggle Lucy snicker snicker blah blah blah. You get the idea.

Dad got up and patted me and laughed again. Even cousin laughed.

Then the penny dropped. They were laughing AT me. I tuned in my ears and heard dad saying that mummy had to add my nicknames to my page. I should have paid more attention. Was I getting Lucy Mighty Hunter of Savage Giant Skinks? Maybe Lucy Killer Queen? Destory of the Feather? OMC! NOOOOOOOOO!

I can live with Lucilla or Looby Loo but.... How dare they Lucy Big Caboosy!

I repeat - NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo!



March 29th 2008 5:42 pm
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Cuddles, they are something for sookie little kittens, or so I thought. I love pats. I love being scratched. I don't even mind being given the occassional brush. But when it came to cuddles.... hmmmmmm....

When I moved into my furever home I made it clear - cuddles were a no no. These silly hoomans. They said I'ld learn. Now, I'm not one of those delicate little kitties, I have enough size and weight to get my own way. When they picked me up to cuddle me, I would wiggle and jiggle and insist on getting down - NOW!

Did those hoomans listen to me? No! Mummy is the worst, she insists on cuddling me - paying the rent she calls it. She would pick me up for a quick cuddle before feeding me. Okay - I could tolerate 5-10 seconds. It seemed to make her happy and she ALWAYS made sure my bottom wasn't hanging down - how uncomfortable and undignified.

What I didn't realise was how 5-10 seconds has slowly stretched out. Now she can actually hold me for a few minutes before I wiggle and jiggle. Hmmm.. I guess it isn't that bad after all but no way am I going to be a lap cat! OMC I'm too big for lap cuddles.

Mummy and cousing seem to think otherwise. Cousin picks me up and puts me in her lap and I hop off. Mummy picks me up and okay, I can tolerate it 5- 10 seconds if she holds me right. Okay, may 10-15 seconds...

Is there a pattern forming here? MOL! I think mummy might be trying to turn me into a sookie little lap cat! Oh No! What am I doing?

I'm slowly being turned into a CUDDLY CAT! Drat! Maybe I can blame it on the cooling weather. After all, it is now autumn!




March 23rd 2008 12:45 am
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Another week has passed. It is already Easter Sunday and the bunny has been and gone. Drat, he must have come while I was napping. Bugs would have made a nice snack!

Mummy and dad have been home extra. Something called public holiday. Mummy said she will stay home with me for the week also. I guess that means putting up with mushy stuff.

Dad moved a whole lot of pavers out the back yesterday. They keep mumbling about a deck. I have no idea what they going on about, but mummy seems to think I'll enjoy it once it arrives.

I've ben playing outside alot. It's fun in the evening. Mum even had to come out and carry me in the other night, saying it was time to go to bed. I don't know why she just doesn't leave me out...

Nothing much has been happening apart from that in my life this week. I guess every week can't be exciting.




March 14th 2008 10:34 pm
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Such a tantalising word. What could I be referring to? There is such a salacious hint given by the simple use of !

Am I going to spill the dirt on some scandal?
Perhaps of a new tryst between 2 star felines of Catster?
Maybe through my membership of the 'Royal Feline Group' reveal some scandalous regal titbit? Have Queen Pooky and King Suede split?
Or about to ruin the latest case from Samoa's detective agency?
Have the Olde Furts come up with a more scandalous pass time than the nood exploits my angle furt sisfurs have told me about?

Unfortunately not. By dirt I am merely referring to dirt. Lovely, gritty, dusty, dry, abrasive dirt. The kind our hoomans try and keep out of the house. I love dirt!

The dirt I like is the kind of dirt you find in the gutter at the base of your driveway. The concrete there is nice and warm from the sun, the dirt exceptionally dry and dusty. Purrrrfect!

I love to go and roll over, paws in the air and give my back a good scratch.
I love to rub my face over the warm abrasive grains.
I love to come inside with my white fur transformed into a dusty dirty grey.
I love the calls of disgust with my name!
I love the rush to dust me off.
I love leaving the furniture covered in a film of dust.
I guess I just love being dirty!

I just don't know why the hooman's don't appreciate my efforts!




March 8th 2008 1:03 am
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For those of you who have read my diary from the start may recall how I received my name. It was a joke at the shelter about my less than svelt figure.

"Broad in the beam" was one of the terms on my bio. Oh how this has come back to haunt me. Isn't there some wives tale that where ever a cat can get its head through the rest of the body will follow? Well, it is a wives tale. I learnt the hard way. Cousin has shared my humiliation with the whole family. I still blush.

I went to chat to cousin who was playing on her own 'puter in her room. It was a great chance to investicat everywhere (and there is that interesting little rodent Hamish in there also!). Anyway, I thought a nice explore under the bed was warranted. The areas near the wall.

I stuck my head down the gap between the bed and the wall. It looked real intereting down there. I slipped my paws down and my shoulders went down with no problems. It was fine until my curvaceous hips tried to follow.

I wiggled.

I jiggled.

Cousin giggled.

I was kind of stuck. My wonderful hips didn't want to follow. Finally, with a massive effort I managed to get down.

Mum has been saying she has to add 'Lucy in the sky with Diamonds" as a them to my page.

Dad now wants Weird Al's "I'm Fat".

How humiliating!



March 5th 2008 12:47 am
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Daddy reminded me that I hadn't done a diary entry for awhile. He loves reading what I'm thinking - he isn't as good at talking to me as mum!

It isn't my fault - mummy has been too busy on the 'puter to let me on. Something about an assignment and an exam and work.... Pfhfff! I need my 'puter time!

Last week white and black kitty came around a few times to check out my food. Mum says not to confuse white and black kitty with black and white kitty - 2 different cats! Geez, you think she could give them better names. Anyway - I don't like sharing my food so the other night I spotted white and black kitty heading to my food bowls - yes I can really move when I want. Chased kitty out the kitchen, through the laundry, out the cat door, up the yard and over the back fence! MOL! what a sooky kitty!

Oscar from next door has indicated he wants to be furriends. He even snuck in the front door to entice me out to play the other day. Was he kidding? It was nap time! I'm not sure I'm keen to encourage him around either. I'm a bit more nervous about him coming to visit - after all he thinks of my yard as his. He even chased me into my house the other day. Everyone laughed - something about me being twice his size... But they forget he has a big bro who is even larger than me!

Last night was the first time I woke mummy up in the middle of the night. I just climbed over the bedside table and made as much noise as possible! MOL! She didn't think it was funny - neither did I! I was starving! A girl has to maintain her figure! Anyway - she made me wait 'til breaky time to eat - that didn't work!

Now, I have to plan a new strategy, after all diet is die with a T!

Purrs and headbutts!!!


I've been tagged

February 26th 2008 12:34 am
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A gorgeous, slightly older, used kitten named Brandy tagged me:) Fun and games time!

Instructions for the next kitties who may be unfamiliar...

This is how it works. The kitty that is tagged, goes to their diary page and lists 7 facts about themselves. They then list 7 furriends and those kitties will list their 7 facts in their diaries, so that others can get to know a little about each of us.
After listing your facts about yourself, then below that you will name the 7 kitties that you choose to tag. Don't forget to notify them by pawmail or by sending a rossette so that they know they've been tagged.

Facts about me:
1. I'm a big girl but the vet said I only need to lose 800gms! MOL! that is far less than mummy!

2. I love to be with people. I'll stay up until everyone goes to bed - even if that's 3am!

3. I love to sleep on the bed with mum and dad at night in the air conditioning. It gets muggy and uncomfortable without the AC monster!

4. I'm still finding my way in the neighbourhood. I've only lived here under 2 months and all the cats want to check me out (can't blame them, I'm beautiful!)

5. There is another 4 legged fur monster in the house - Hamish. He is dinner on legs (a mouse!)

6. I don't like accessories. I'm tolerating a collar but would rather be nood. The pretty red with sparklies helps.

7. I live in Queensland Australia - a long way from most of my kitty furriends!

Now, I have to tag 7 felines.....

1. Bellsnickles - 404481
2. Angel - 615473
3.Memphis - 679552
4. Diego - 650587
5. Wolfgang - 389727
6. Zephyr - 635180
7. Little Midnight - 702900

I went with total strangers to add fun and to get to know them!

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