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June 27th 2008 5:53 am
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OMC! It has come, well at least for the mornings. It is COLD! I know all you northern hemisphere kitties are enjoying the summer, but think of all us southern hemisphere kitties freezing our tails off!

In my part of the world single digit mornings are about as cold as it gets. Thankfully the days are sunny and in the low 20's (C). Yes, I know it isn't that bad, it may even be warmer than some other kitties summers, but that isn't the point. I"m use to warmth! (Daddy was in Tasmania for the week and mummy said that place is really cold. His days were like our nights here - poor daddy!)

I love spending my time out on the back deck, but even I'm not stupid enough to go outside for long in this weather. I sneak out for a half hour here and there and then am back in the comfort of indoors.

On the plus side, the days aren't cold. So it means on the weekend mummy will sit out with me on the deck in the sun.... Fantastic!

Last weekend mummy and I did that for hours! Morning sun, sooooo warm. I almost forgot I didn't like sitting on laps and actually put my paws up on mummies lap to jump up. Caught myself just in time and jumped up on the spare chair next to her instead. She wasn't fooled, but didn't push the point. Instead she, as always, she has been giving me lots of cuddles and attention when I climb on furniture near her.

Life is goooooood



June 6th 2008 5:15 pm
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The builders are gone! I managed to claim the deck as mine! no, not from the hoomans but from all the other kitties. Pitty the possums seem to fail to understand that it is all mine but they will learn.

I love sleeping on the deck. There are so many great places to sleep. Mummy pulled out a basket I refused to use inside and it is absolutely terrific! Its round and there is a furry blanket for me to cuddle in. There are comfy chairs for me to sleep on. I have room to stretch!

I make the hoomans come to me now. I don't want to go inside unless it is raining a lot (the drought finally looks like it may be breaking!). It hasn't been that cold that I can't sleep outside at night. I'ld rather sleep on the deck than inside.

Oh! the best bit? There is a hooman feast called a Bar-B-Que! OOOOOOOH! Yummy! And it's held on the deck!

Mummy is uploading a picture of me on my basket on the deck, it should be on my page shortly.



May 23rd 2008 4:10 am
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Most of you kitties out there wouldn't know about mummy's dream of a back deck. It took on mythical proportions. People would say to her "How are the renno's going?" She would say "slowly. Just saving for my deck." then it moved to "Just saving for my mythical back deck...." It was monotonous. Fortunately for me I wasn't around for the apparent years and years and years as this myth developed. (or maybe unfortunately!)

Anyway... guess what? The myth is becoming a reality! Now she says "it's underway!" People just don't know how to respond to that.

I love the not so mythical deck. I've been named site forman. I help by checking out the progress everyday. The deck part is almost complete and I have been helping mum and dad sit outside. The timber has been laid, mostly. It's gi-normaous!

I can climb on the deck...
I can walk around the deck...
I can sneak under the deck!

It's such fun. And guess what! To go outside I don't have to go down through the old dingy laundry anymore - in fact, at the moment there is no laundry!

Mummy says something about some privacy screens and a roof.... ummm I have to think about that. Even Oscar thinks what we have is pretty cool at the moment. He has been helping with the supervision! Mummy says soon I'll have company outside even though it's winter! Yay!


I've been tagged!

May 16th 2008 4:29 pm
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Wow - I love tag!

The rules for this game are:-

Name 4 jobs that you have had

Name places you have lived

Name places you would rather be

Name 4 friends to tag and send them a pawmail directing them to your diary page.

Here goes:
4 jobs:
- covering mummy in fur before she goes to work so everyone knows she has a mainly white kitty
- decorating the lounge - it adds such class with a cat draped around
- squishing daddy in bed - mummy said that she spent almost 20 years being squished by the last cats so she assigned this job to me. It is fun making sure daddy can't stretch his legs or turn etc. I'm really good at this one.
- keeping all the neighbourhood cats out of the house. They are all use to visiting and eating the food - my angel sisfurs were too old to worry but I loooove my food!

4 places I've lived:
- my favouritist place is my furever home! Here! and I ain't moving nowhere's ever again
- RSPCA :( before coming to my furever home. Nice looking after me but not enough attention
- hisssss my previous home - they dumped me just because they were moving... we aren't disposable!
- my mumma cats tummy!

Places I would rather be:
I love my home and I would rather be here than anywhere. Where would I rather be?
- On my back deck snoozing in the sun. Another week to wait for that one...
- Climbing a tree in the yard.... jungle cat attack!
- My head in a food bowl - a figure to maintain

4 furriends:
Missy - one of my newest furriends.
Lucy - - sweetie we need you to tell us all about your gorgeous self!
Lucy - - another gorgeous kitty
Lucy Lu - - such a fantastic name we need to know more about you!

Yes, I've been befriending kitties by the name of Lucy - it is such a fantastic name....



May 7th 2008 3:15 am
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Have you ever had so much fun everything else slips out of your mind? Yesterday was one of those for me. The autumn weather is so fantastic I love going out to play.

Of course, with my beautiful curvaceous figure, I NEVER forget to come in for a snack. So between playing with Oscar cat next door I had breakfast, dinner, supper and did Puss-in-boots eyes at dad for a few snacks. Between snacks, when not taking a compulsory nap, I went outside. Everything was fine with that except.... I forgot to come in at bed time.

I was also a bad kitty as I was way out of the yard. I heard mummy call me. ooops. I had to sneak back when she wasn't looking. It took awhile and she went out the back, out the front, checked down the street but I didn't dare come home while she was looking.

Mummy had gone to bed, leaving dad with strict intructions to make sure I was in before he went to sleep. I snuck in. Oh dear! Daddy saw me and dobbed on me! Mummy came out of the room and told me off!

Geeze! I just was playing mum!

Of course I know what to do when I'm in trouble. I played cute cat on the bed sleeping with mum and dad! All forgiven.


Hoomans are home!

May 5th 2008 1:02 am
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Mummy and daddy came home! Just as they promised! They came home and cuddled me and patted me and fussed over me. All is right with the world again.

Today, mummy took me out in the yard. It was such a pretty autumn day I laid around in the sun. Even that grouch Oscar from next door didn't bother me. He came and laid around with me!

I spent hours and hours outside with Oscar. Mummy did some gardening and some reading but she went inside after awhile and left us kitties to it!

Wow! Oscar and I are almost furriends now!


Home Alone

May 1st 2008 3:35 pm
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Mummy and daddy are running away for the weekend! I'm going to be HOME ALONE. Well probably not. Cousin and cousin will be around but no mummy and no daddy!

It will be scary. Is this how Hamish feels when cousin disappears with the boyfriend? Who will cuddle me? Who can I do Puss-in-boot eyes to get extra food? Who can I wake up in the middle of the night?

I hope the hoomans have a horrible time because they miss me. Can you imagine preferring a hotel at the beach to staying with me??? Unthinkable!



April 28th 2008 4:45 am
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Hamish is a mouse. A mouse that lives in my house. I've been given strict rules when it comes to Hamish - Rule 1 - he is not a meal!

I'm a cat, he is a mouse - ergo he should be dinner! I sometimes sneak into cousin's room where Hamish lives and sit on the table next to his cage.

Cousin has smartly made him a prisoner in her room. I can sit and watch him, waiting for my chance. Unfortunately I usually end up on her bed asleep when I try that.... Rule 2 - I'm not allowed to get into the cage.

Every now and then cousin teases me and lets Hamish run around in a clear plastic ball. If you have ever seen the episodes of Simpsons with Nibbles the hamster running in around a ball, you know what I mean.

Hamish will run up to me and bump against me. I'm not allowed to swat the ball - torture. A round ball that rolls around with a rodent and I'm not allowed to play with it? Cruel and unusual punishment! Rule 3 - he is not a toy!

These hoomans also tease me by letting Hamish even STAND on me. I'm not allowed to take a little bite but he is allowed to sniff me and stand on me! I have a picture on my page with him standing on me - the indignity of it!
Rule 4 - I'm not allowed to stand on him.

In all honesty, I don't mind the rules and I don't mind Hamish - he is cool - for a mouse!



April 25th 2008 4:04 pm
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I can't believe it has been almost 2 weeks since I last put an entry up! Mum has a lot to answer for!!!!

It's not all her fault, I have been sleeping alot. The cooler weather means that I can sleep far for more omfortably. I love curling up in the arm chair in the lounge room and sleeping the morning away. At night I love starting out under the bed and then sneaking up to curl up at the end of the bed. Mummy thinks it's fantastic as I like to sleep on dad's side of the bed! She was mummbling something to dad about it being his turn to have no room because of a cat after 20 years of being unable to stretch her legs....

Mummy has got serious about me losing weight and daddy is trying to comply. Mum said it is crunch time as I'm a bit lazy about personal grooming ****Lucy blushes****. It isn't that easy to clean downstairs, if you know what I mean. There is a LOT of me to clean and getting past my tummy is a challenge. Mum says until I can clean myself properly she will keep me on a strict diet. She even got the baby wipes out on me one day.

On a bright note, daddy thinks I have slimmed down a bit:) I'm going back to snooze....



April 13th 2008 5:24 am
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Tonight I am champion huntress of the universe, or I would be if my hunting adventure hadn't been rudely interrupted.

Every evening when the sun goes down I like to sit out on the front step and watch the world go by. As it gets dark lots of exciting animals come out. Usually that means other cats, possums and fruit bats. Tonight it meant more!

At first I thought it was just another lizard. But it was BIG! It was in the grass and it was moving. Now, how can a cat resist? It was wriggling in the grass! I had to go check it out. It hissed! Wow! Something serious to hunt! At last!

Dad had just said today that any bugs and things I catch outside are FREE calories! MOL! I had scooped the pool! This was another dinner! Yummy!

I was just getting serious about playing with the hissy thing in the grass when... you guessed it. I was sprung. Not mummy, not daddy, but the cousins. Yes, they chose that moment to return from cheerleading practice.

The car headlights shone on me and my toy. A snake. A brown snake. Cousin number one got out of the car and MOVED me away! She took me away from my prize! How rude. She went and got mummy! She told on me!

Mummy carried me inside. This was serious! Daddy came and he got to play with the snake. I could see from my window seat. He poked it with the broom and then put it in a box. Unfair! I found it!

Hummmph! They spoilt all my fun and my calorie free snack! I bet daddy got to eat it. He took it in the car just so I couldn't have any. When he came back it was gone so he must have eaten it up all by himself!

*** we aren't sure what kind of snake it was, hopefully just a carpet snake or a small python. However, as there are so many venomous snakes we weren't taking any chances (such as the deadly eastern brown snake). No one really wanted to check it close enough to identify it! It was safely relocated to some bushland nearby***

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