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~ Sunflower's notes ~

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~ Oh boy, I am a DDP today ~

April 27th 2008 8:23 am
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I am dancing around my home today. I got a nice note from Squirrel who was concatulating me on being a DDP! I had no idea. And Squirrel told me that she liked my Morgan's bed, too. How nice of Squirrel.

Then I got a pmail note from Snoop Dogg with nice concats on being a DDP. I still can't believe it. When I checked the Diary Central, I found that my Bridge sisfur's future sisfur-in-law Hazel was also a DDP today. It is an honor to share this with such a fine cat as Hazel.

I have gotten some furry nice rosettes from my furiends. They almost all mentioned my new sunflower Morgan's bed. It is really lovely! Thanks for noticing my bed! I got a pink ribbon rosette from Rocky Ann with a nice message. She likes my promise ring from my sweet Jarvis and my page. Isn't Rocky Ann sweet for noticing?

I received a nice rose from Kittanna, Tigger, Taillee, Zilla, and Lilly *PAWS*. They said I looked so comfy in it and should curl up in your sunflowers and enjoy the spotlight. Isn't that sweet?

Wally sent me a beautiful bluebird with my special DDP picture. He said I should possibly spend the day in my pawsome bed. Wally is a really dear furiend!

My sweet furiends wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert, Mitchell, Beckie, Fay, Princess, Harvey, Bess, Lewis, Einstein, Mama Kitty, Lilly, Blackie, Patti, Nikki, Frankie, Freddie, Marie, Sunni and Roxanne gave me a beautiful trophy. I love all of you!

Sammie and KiKi sent me a beautiful bluebird with concats and said I look good in my bed. Aw shucks.

My furiend Kay sent me a nice ladybug and said they love sunflowers where she lives and that I would be the pick of the flower!! Wasn't that so nice to say?

Taz and Rayne sent me a lovely rose with good wishes for my win, too!

My sweet furiend Rufus sent me a purrty bluebird and concats.

Mittens, who was also a DDP with me, sent me a cute ladybug with concats. It was nice to celebrate the day with such a pawsome cat! I am so blessed to have such wonderpurr furiends! Thank you for making my day furry special.

I received a heart of love with concats from Hazel, Smokey, Sammy and Tuffy. They will soon be my new in-laws by definition but brofurs and sisfur in my heart. They make my sisfurs furry happy.

What a wonderpurr day, no - week this has been. One of my furry best effur. Thanks to each of my furiends for helping make my day furry special with all the wonderpurr wishes and rosettes. Thanks for helping make my day purrfect!


~ My Morgan's bed finally arrived ~

April 25th 2008 5:56 pm
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Well, I want effuryone to know that my beautiful birthday *MORGAN THE PIRATEGATO* bed has arrived. It looks just like a sunflower, which just happens to be my name! I love it. It actually arrived yesterday afternoon but my meowmy wanted me to wait to mention it until she could get my pictures with it on my page. My siblings are furry curious and some have even gotten into MY bed! Pffffftttt! I received a bag of goodies with my bed and my siblings have gone crazy over them. We all enjoyed the catnip bags and the pipe cleaner curly q's. We chased the mice and ball, too. We all had a fun time BUT I must remind my siblings that this is MY bed and they need to get their own. Morgan, you did a pawsome job on my beautiful bed!


~ OMC ~

April 25th 2008 9:13 am
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Can you believe what my wonderpurr Jarvis gave me last night? He gave me a promise ring. He asked me if I would accept it. What lucky girl would not? He is the greatest cat I know! Oh how could Jarvis effur doubt that I would not accept this most wonderpurr gift? Isn't he just the greatest?


~ My furiend Norman made a lovely picture of Jarvis and me ~

April 21st 2008 8:25 am
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My sweet furiend Norman sent me a lovely picture of Jarvis and me this morning. I have proudly displayed it on my page. Wasn't Norman so furry sweet to do this for us? And isn't Jarvis furry handsome? My heart is singing from all the joy of my furiend Norman and of my wonderpurr boyfuriend Jarvis. *puffs out her fluffy tail and prances*


~ Jarvis is taking me to Charleston ~

April 19th 2008 6:34 pm
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I can't believe it. Sweet Jarvis is taking me to Charleston, SC. We will have such a pawsome time there. We can take walks - paw in paw, of course, dance, have such romantic dinners, and so much more. It will be wonderpurr to be with Jarvis for the long weekend. I am so looking forward to being with Jarvis, Clawdette and Tux and Prince and Cleo. We will have such a grand time and, who knows, we may not want to come back... but then, we know we must. It is going to seem like a long time until we leave for Charleston with our special loves....


~ Some details on our mystery trip and surprise ~

April 17th 2008 6:53 am
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Cleo sent me a pmail and told me that, while she can't tell us furry much, she has some suggestions about what we should pack for our trip. Guys never think of such things... they just show up! Cleo told me that we need to pack casual and comfy for the days, need to bring our best collars for evenings and we may want a bikini (and, of course, sunscreen to protect our delicate bodies from the sun). She said we will be going to some great restaurants and possibly a jazz club or two. Doesn't that sound lovely and romantic? Jarvis won't allow her to tell us just yet! Boy, is my tail frizzy over the suspense. And you should see Clawdette's tail. She has it in a knot over this. Too funny.

Cleo told me to read Jarvis' diary, in addition to her pmail. Well, Jarvis said that they are planning a special trip for Clawdette, Prince and me the first weekend in May. That is just after Jarvis' birthday! They have a stretch Hummer limo to pick us up... isn't that romantic. I have neffur been in a limo. He said we will have picnics in the park, wonderfurr food, music, dancing (wait until ol' 4 foot Prince sees that part - MOL) and shopping. He said Cleo insisted. I guess he doesn't know how much we ladies love to shop! And he said that his dad proposed to his meowmy there 8 years ago. Oh my!

We are so excited. Will May effur come?


~ I got another birthday remembrance ~

April 16th 2008 12:44 pm
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Oh how sweet. I got a kite from Pebbles, Mercedes (Mercy), Sofie, Riley, Reebok, Nike, Joy, Enzo, Melody, The Furbies, Milo (a beautiful angel), Quincy and Cosmo (dogs but nice dogs) and Butch (an angel dog) with nice birthday wishes. Thank you for my sweet remembrance and helping me celebrate my 4th birthday.


~ Something is up and it is furry mysterious ~

April 16th 2008 12:28 pm
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I got a heart rosette from my adorable Jarvis telling me to "ask Clawdette about her pmail from Tux. She has some exciting news! " Before I could ask Clawdette, she and Prince came running to share the news with me. They said that Cleo had written in her diary about something in the works with the 6 of us. Cleo's diary stated that she has a secret but she can't tell yet. She did give a hint by saying "my brofurs and I" are planning a special surprise for Prince, Clawdette and me and it is very romantic! And Cleo said "stay tuned, details will start to emerge on the special surprise." Now what do you think could be happening? I love things romantic. Clawdette is about to have a hissy to know.

Tux had sent Clawdette a pmail saying "Extra special surprise in the works" in the title. Tux told Clawdette to read Cleo's diary in which she had written about a very special surprise that they (Tux, Jarvis & Cleo) are planning for Clawdette, Prince and me. They are getting help from their meowmy with the details! Tux told Clawdette to pack her bags because we are going on a trip! He told Clawdette that she should not to worry because it's not too far away and that everything would be very proper. Clawdette, Cleo and I will be bunking together and Prince will stay with Tux & Jarvis. This sounds purrfectly lovely to me. I can't wait!


~ How sweet ~

April 15th 2008 5:16 am
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Oh boy. I received a sweet bluebird from Sammie and KiKi with belated birthday wishes today! Isn't that so sweet? Thank you for my birthday wishes. It is nice to be remembered whenever someone chooses to think of us!


~ I got another birthday rosette ~

April 14th 2008 8:16 am
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Hey, Clawdette, you are so right. Having a birthday is lots of fun! Today I got a pink ribbon rosette birthday greeting from Snowy, Queenie, Toby, Oupie, Jonty, Rosie, Amelia Rose, Jules, Captain Gizmo, Scottie Squirrel, and The furrtabulous 4. They had a cute message inside. I was so thrilled. Thank you... all of you for helping me celebrate my big "4"! Wow, your furmily is bigger than ours!

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