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~ Sunflower's notes ~

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Please purr for my doggie furiend Boogie.

September 9th 2008 2:25 pm
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I got a heart from Boogie on Monday. He is the doggie brofur of my sweet Jarvis. Boogie was diagnosed with cancer on June 5, after having some lumps removed in late May of this year. He has been doing okay since his diagnosis on the drugs they prescribed but has been slowing down some in recent weeks. It seems that Sunday night, little Boogie had a seizure. It scared his mom. He did recover quickly but there is need for many prayers for this sweet little guy. We love Boogie and his furmily so much and will be praying as hard as we can for him. I want him to know how precious he is to us and his whole furmily has our love and prayers, too. Please say extra prayers for our dear Boogie.


Pumkin is furry nice.

September 7th 2008 7:22 am
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Pumkin Pooh is furry nice. Yesterday, he sent me a collar and said, "When I see your page, you are a bright ray of sunshine in my day!" Now, who wouldn't like such a sweet furiend?


I was Navin and Buds Thursday Bud!

September 5th 2008 5:21 am
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Well, I was the Navin and Buds Thursday Bud and I missed it! Pffffttt. Meowmy's catputer was being furry naughty. I was thrilled when I got a beautipurr rainbow rosette from Navin R. Johnson-Davis. He said, "Congratulations Sunflower! You are Navin and Buds Thursday Bud! I hope you have a wonderful day!"

I received a lovely heart from Beloved Angel Amelia. She said, "Concatulations SUNFLOWER Bud of the Day, Sept 4, 2008! You are the sweetest looking kitty, and the name Sunflower suits you purr-fectly!!" She is such a beautipurr angel.

And I got some sweet notes from some nice furiends. Thank you all for the nice comments you said to me.
And my sweet Jarvis sent me a delicious shrimp just because he just wanted me to know that his meowmy is furry busy and he hasn't had much play time on Catster. He wanted me to know he loved me furry much and that I am always in his thoughts, as he is in mine. He is so purrfect. And I understand that his meowmy is busy. My Jarvis had sent me a furever diamond on August 27. In that beautipurr diamond he said, "I love you!"

As you can see, I am behind on mentioning my rosettes. I got a delicious cherry drink on August 29 from Octavian who said, "Sunflower, your name is very fitting--you sound like such a sunny girl!" It had a furry purrty picture in it with a Have A Nice Day message.

I got a furiendship collar from Pumkin Pooh. He said, "Hi Sunflower - you are so very purrty - have a great playday! Love your Catster page Headbonks to you!" Pumkin is a new furiend.

I have meant to write about another of my sweet new furiends named Little Boy Kitty. I learned he went to the Rainbow Bridge on August 20. He left behind a grieving meowmy and I am very saddened to know my new furiend is at the Bridge. He was a furry thoughtful and sweet kitty and I looked so forward to a long furiendship with him. He will remain my furiend, even though he has gone to the Bridge. I have sad purrs for him.


The Cat's Prayer

August 23rd 2008 8:46 pm
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Treat me kindly, dear master. Accord me the courtesy due to a cat — and I for my part will love you, amuse you and cheer your heart as only a cat can do.

Give me a sunny spot to sleep in when morning dawns and I will warm your lap on cold evenings.

Respect my independence and my need to walk alone at times and I will look after myself, so that you may come and go as you please.

Speak to me in our secret kitty language, let me hear my name sung in the music of your voice, and I will meow happily in sweet harmony with you.

Stroke my fur gently and lovingly and I will soothe you with the soft purrs that can only come from a happy cat.

Indulge my curiosity and I will show you the joys of bird watching, star gazing and other kitty pleasures.

Play with me and see me rejoice! Toss a humble ball of yarn and I will delight you with my cleverness and acrobatic leaps.

But do not laugh at me or allow me to be teased for there is nothing I prize more than my dignity.

Keep my surroundings neat and clean and I will be fastidious in my habits.

Feed me and be fair and I will teach you how to tell "kitty time" by instinct and tummy tunes.

And when I am old and the time comes to say farewell, hold me gently in your arms and I will go without a whimper.

For with you I am trusting, safe and secure. A cat who walked alone but loved you with a full and happy heart.

Copyright © 2005 Phylis Feiner Johnson All Rights Reserved


I am so happy to have my pawrents back home!

August 22nd 2008 8:19 am
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Effurything is getting back to normal today. My pawrents returned last night from their trip to New Orleans. They had fun with my human sisfur and meowmy told me she got to meet Auntie Faye and my furiends Louis Armstrong, Charmaine Neville, Pete Fountain, Emma Barrett and Benny Grunch on the day of their arrival, which was August 17th.

Now I am so jealous! Meowmy told me she got to smooch the belly of Charmaine which has a paw print marking on it! Pffffttt! Why was meowmy smooching another cat? Well, actually, my meowmy said she only met Louis, Pete and Charmaine. It seems that Emma and Benny were in hiding and my pawrents weren't there long enough for them to feel comfortable enough to come out of their hiding places.

Meowmy told me that Auntie Faye had a lovely lunch prepared for her and my dad. She provided a delicious taste of New Orleans treats and a delicious dessert for my pawrents. They were so surprised and loved the delicious food. That was so furry nice of Auntie Faye.

Meowmy said that meeting her first Catster furmily was the highlight of her trip!


Very sad news.

August 14th 2008 12:42 pm
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It is with a sad spirit that I write. My furmily learned a short time ago that our furiend Notorious N.I.G. (Niggie) will be making his journey to the Bridge at 5 PM EST tonight. He has been suffering from cancer and won't get better. Our hearts are very heavy and sad to say goodbye to our furiend. There is nothing more difficult than saying good-bye to a loved one and our love goes out to Niggie's family. His meowmy Missie is very sad and having a hard time about saying good-bye to her beloved baby but she knows he is suffering and won't get well and she loves her little man enough to say this temporary good-bye until they meet again. Sometimes there just are enough words or the proper ones to express our true feelings. This is one of those times. Until we meet again, sweet Niggie! Watch over us all tonight, sweet boy. We will miss you.


Cole and Wee Geordi crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

August 4th 2008 2:50 pm
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My furmily and I just heard some furry sad news about Cole. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. Our furmily is deeply saddened by this news. Please stop by Cole's page and send your condolences to his grieving family.

A precious baby named Wee Geordi joined the Rainbow Bridge furmily. He was only 2 months old and he fought a good fight and had such love from his meowmy. My whole family is deeply saddened that he had to go to the Bridge. We purr that he will rest well. He will be missed by so many who have purred fur him over the past months. He will live in many hearts forever.


Furiendship collars from so many sweet furiends.

August 3rd 2008 1:33 pm
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Wasn't it nice of Catster to given us free gifties of a Febreze collar? It helps us to touch base with our furiends to let them know how much they mean to us and that we are thinking about them. The collars are such a a purrty blue, too.

I was trying to thank each special furiend who sent me the furiendship Febreze collars in my diary but so many precious furiends have sent collars to me and to my furmily that my meowmy told me that no way could she continue to name each special furiend. Please understand that my meowmy IS the problem not me. I need her to type fur me so I have to just grin and do what my meowmy says. My meowmy just kept losing track of from whom I was receiving these pawsome collars. You know you just can't hire good help these days.

I would would really like to thank each of you fur the furiendship Febreze collars that you sent to me and want you to know how much it means to me to have such special and caring furiends. You are all furry special and I am so greatful to have such pawsome furs in my life. Thank you to all who cared enough to send these furiendship collars to me. I love all of you.


Furiendship collars by Febreze from furiends.

August 2nd 2008 9:28 pm
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More of the cool Febreze collars of furiendship came in today. It is so nice to have furiends who think of us and have sent the furiendship rosettes. I got some from Oliver, William, Lily, Eddie and Megan, Nello of the Horn-y Toe Clan, Luca, Simba, Garfield (angel), Arlene (angel), Saki, Leo, Sofie and Babies, Lily Oriole and their doggie furmily Amber, Olly, Digger (angel), Roxy and Chloe, Felix, fiancé of my sisfur Callista, garfield, fiancé of my sisfur Precious, mollie and Sophie, Kit Kit, Smudge, In Loving Memory, Picasso, Cocoa, Kashmere, Jaspurr, Aspen, Snowmitts and Biscotti, Calamity, my brofur Hooch's fiancée, and her furmily Romeo, Calia, Henry and Kana, Sir Sonny Bono, who made individual comments to each one of us, Kay and Jean (angel), Empurress Playful, Tux (angel), Baby, Bootsy, Mimi, Patches, Tyke and Indy, Callie Jean, PJ and (dogs) The Country Cousins @ Twinbill, KC Sunshine, Mittens and Abby (angel), who is a Royal Page Winner in the RFG, Mr. Skins, Princess Pennelope Prudence Fa (angel), Alexandria (angel), Spinner (angel) and Lucy Lui, Tutti (angel), Junior Fluffkins, Tethys Fluffkins, Jake and Samantha, some NC cats Mikesch and Binky, Mouse, who just happens to be my sisfur Princess' love of her life, Fuzz and Sushi, Poo, my sisfur Patchez' fiancé, and his furmily - Lily, Tigger, Odie, Oreo, George, Chandron (missing), and angels Oingo and Boingo, Sausage and Meatball.


A cool drink from my Jarvis and Febreze collars from- furiends.

August 1st 2008 8:53 pm
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My precious fiancé Jarvis sent me a delicious cherry drink yesterday and said "Cheers to my Pretty Sunflower! You make me smile, and purr, and smile some more! I love you bunches! Kisses." He is my handsome Prince Charming.

I received some cool Febreze collars from some furry nice furiends - from the beloved Simba, Always Loved, who sent cool scissors to cut the collar, Emmett, Stoney, Simba (angel), Karma Kitty, Bobbi Boi, Charlie Clarence, Punkin Pooh, Uno Bambino, Spunky, Tiny, Mellow Joe Santana (doggie), SiSi-esta (doggie), Reba Marie (doggie), Nittany, Xander (angel), Baby (angel), Kosco (angel), Kyande Kisu, KuJu Ku, Wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert, Mitchell, Beckie, Fay, Princess, Harvey, Bess, Lewis, Einstein, Mama Kitty, Lilly, Blackie, Patti, Nikki, Frankie, Freddie, Marie, Sunni, Roxanne, a beautipurr angel, Rosie, Bob and Jesse. Thanks dear furiends.

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