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~ Clawdia's Heavenly thoughts ~

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~ My last day remembered ~

February 12th 2008 8:08 am
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My meowmy is still so very sad that I am no longer with her. I was her heartstring and brought her such joy. Every morning I woke her up by pouncing on her (way too early, she said) with all my weight. If that did not work, I would give her such love nips that I definitely got her attention. She always gave in... AND she misses waking up like that. Meowmy pretended to be annoyed but she really liked all the fuss.

Meowmy chose "I Will Always Love You" as my song because she told me that she would ALWAYS love me - and I know that she will ALWAYS love me. She had some very sad choices to make about me at the end. The day I went to the Rainbow Bridge (June 4, 2004), my doc doc had called my meowmy early in the morning to tell her that my condition was terminal. (I had been diagnosed with Renal Failure on May 15, 2004 and had been in the hospital since that date.) The doctor had fought for my life and I had fought a valiant fight to get better. I never complained and was such a good girl. Sadly, both my meowmy and doc doc decided that I could not get better and was suffering and neither of them wanted that for me. My doc doc told meowmy to give her the weekend to stabilize me and build me up a little so that I could come home for a few days before going to the Bridge. She told my meowmy that she would come to my home that I dearly loved and would help me go to the Rainbow Bridge - surrounded by all my loved ones. Meowmy told the doc doc that would be okay and that she would come and visit me after lunch as she did every day (except Sundays as the doc doc was closed on Sundays). Just before lunch, the doc doc called my meowmy to tell her that I did not make it and had gone to the Bridge only minutes before she called my meowmy. That was very hard for my meowmy. She called my paw at work and he came home immediately. They came together to pick me up at the hospital. I looked so peaceful and was in no more pain. It took a long time for them to gather themselves enough to bring me home so they could bury me. Paw dug my grave while my meowmy just held me and cried. They buried me outside my meowmy's kitchen window so she can see me daily. Before they buried me, my meowmy packed my favorite toys in a bag for me to take with me and my paw packed my special kitty treats because he knew how much I loved my snacks.

The doc doc told my meowmy that only fifteen minutes before I crossed the Rainbow Bridge that she had watched me chasing and tossing my purple ball in my cage. I know both the doctors and all the staff loved me and treated me well. They all were in shock and crying. My doc doc still has my framed picture at her hospital for everyone to see. They sent a very large plant to my pawrents in memory of me. Meowmy still takes loving care of my memory plant.


I got my wings

February 15th 2008 11:55 am
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Meowmy said for me to tell everyone how special her Valentine's Day was. Fire and I got our wings yesterday from Krishna and we just love them. We can't thank him enough! Meowmy cried lots of tears but she told me that they were tears of joy. I LOVE my wings. They are so special.


I've been tagged

February 18th 2008 8:25 pm
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First, I was tagged twice today by some furry nice kitties. They were Itty Bitty and Tuffy.

I have just been tagged! I love this game! Here's how it goes-
Name 7 special things about yourself, that should be easy.
Pick out 7 furiends to tag. List them in your diary with their
id #'s. Go tag them(by paw-mail) direct them to your diary
for rules and tell them to pass on the FUN. Tell them to
list the rules in their diary just in case they tag someone
who doesn't know how to play.

1. I woke my meowmy up every morning by jumping on her. If that did not work, I learned to give hersandpaper kisses and love bites. I was really saying "feed me"!
2. I love my purple ball and play ball all day.
3. I took my paw to the closet when he came home so I could show him all the balls I had put in the closet and retrieve them.
4. I never, ever started a problem like my brofurs and sisfurs.
5. I had the most beautiful eyes... not exactly blue nor green.
6. I was loved by everyone who ever met me.
7. I loved my treats that paw gave us every night but was polite about getting them and not greedy.

Here are my choices for tagging:

1. Sammy
2. Smokey
3. Teddy
4. Victor
5. Gabriella
6. Bounce
7. Otis

Have fun! I know I did!


~ Meowmy added a new song for me ~

February 27th 2008 9:49 am
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I am excited. Today, Meowmy added another song to my playlist. It is called The Dance. Meowmy told me that meant a lot to her. She told me that she would never have wanted to miss the dance with me. When I came to the Rainbow Bridge, my meowmy was so sad and I was sad to leave her. I know how much she depended on me. Funny that the song she chose mentions dancing. When I was with Meowmy, she would pick me up and dance around the family room with me in her arms. I always wondered what pleasure it gave her as it made me dizzy but I allowed her to have her fun. Now, I wish I could just have one more of those silly ol' dances with my meowmy and I know she would cherish just one more with me. Meowmy says she would not have wanted to miss our dance even though she would have liked to miss the pain that goes with loss.


~ I got a pot of gold and rainbow rosette ~

March 8th 2008 6:41 pm
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Oh, I am just so excited. My wonderful Sammy gave me a wonderful rosette of a pot of gold and a rainbow today. He added a special symbol on his page with my name and pink hearts. I am such a lucky girl to have the best boyfriend effur. He rocks my world. He is my knight in shining armor. I just want effuryone to know about my most special fellow.


~ News flash ~

March 12th 2008 8:33 am
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When I looked at the Diary Central today, what did I find but my own precious Sammy as one of the DDP's. I am so furry excited for him. If you don't know my sweet Sammy, please check out his diary entry, if you read this in time. I know that Hazel, his sisfur, and Smokey, his brofur, both of whom are at Rainbow Bridge with us, are just jumping for joy for him. He has an earthly brofur, Tuffy. My earth sisfur, Mojo is kinda sweet on Tuffy. Shhh. Sammy also has a new sisfur who stirs up trouble for Tuffy. Her name is Pickles. I am just beaming with joy and pride for my sweet Sammy!


~ Sammy proposed to me ~

April 6th 2008 3:33 pm
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What a wonderpurr day it has been. My Sammy asked me to marry him and I said yes! I am so excited. He is the most wonderpurr guy effur. He surprised me big time. I could have missed it today because it is my earth sisfur Clawdette's 4th birthday and all the fuss was about her. I got a wonderpurr pmail from Sammy's sisfur Hazel telling me to check pmail and Sammy's page and I did. To my delight, there was the proposal and ring. Isn't this just the best? My sisfur Fire has been dating Sammy's brofur Smokey and they could be next, who knows? Wouldn't a double wedding be wonderpurr? I am just so happy and have the greatest fellow effur as my fiancé now. What a special day!


~ Today is the 9th anniversary of my birth ~

April 10th 2008 9:08 pm
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I was remembered today by BeDeBe aka Shredder and Buddy with a lovely rose rosette and birthday remembrance, a cupcake from my precious fiancé Sammy, and a rainbow rosette from Cocoa and Co. Thank you so much for remembering my birthday. It is nice to still get some recognition here at The Bridge. It makes me feel special.


~ How sweet ~

April 11th 2008 6:13 am
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This morning I got another lovely birthday rose from Kittanna, Tigger, Taillee, Zilla, Lilly *PAWS* and Henry. That was so nice to get up and discover my sweet birthday wish. Hey, did you know that Kittanna's meowmy is SO blonde? MOL! Thanks Kittanna and furmily for the sweet rose and note. Oh, I wish you could see all the butterflies you sent my way. Off to chase them right now!


~ A birthday rosette from a furiend ~

April 12th 2008 9:31 pm
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Aw, how sweet. Today, I got a belated birthday heart rosette from a furry sweet kitty at the Bridge. Weezer sent me a sweet note with the heart and I just want to tell him how much it meant to receive this nice gift and thought. Weezer was blessed to live 20 years before he had to go to the Bridge. Thank you, Weezer, for being my furiend and for thinking of me in such a sweet way.

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