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A wild and weird week

November 6th 2009 7:47 pm
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Last week was a wild week. It started by momma making carmel apples, and popcorn balls. Nothing worked out. It was like there the baking was not suppose to happen. I tried to help, but even I could not help. Then last Friday night the family brought in 3 pumkins into the house. I thought oh mom is going to make a pumkin pie. But no the started to decorate this pumkins in very odd ways. Then I remembered oh yes halloween is comming. My least favorite holiday.
All this short people dress up in odd outfits, ring you door bell and the family gives them candy. Because everyone is afraid I will run outside I have to be in my room with door shut. However, I watch them from the window. Thankfully we did not have many as I hate being in my room
I am wondering when us cats get a night to go out to peoples homes to get treats. Now that sounds like fun to me.


Wind storm

October 27th 2009 7:50 pm
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Last night I went to bed expecting to get a good night sleep. I did do my evening patrol a couple of times, then planned on settling down on my chair in my bedroom for a nice rest. Then around 3 in the morning I heard a terrible noise out side. At first I was to startled to move, but then I got the courage to go to the window and look out. What did I see but trees swaying wildly in the wind, things going down the street, and bush blowing. I was worried a tree my fall, and after watching all this going on I finally go smart, and ran under the bed for safty. I stayed there until it was time to get up, and ran to the kitchen where I could not lear the wind.


Who is this Rick

October 23rd 2009 7:40 pm
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A couple of days ago I was going about my usual business enjoying the day, and my life when in the late afternoon a dog came walking in through my front door with my family. Oh now I thought did they get a new dog. Who is this stranger living in my house. I hope he does not stay. He was medium size, white, floppy pointed ears. He looked like a wheaten mix of some kind. He came wagging his tail, and looking like he thought he was the cutest thing ever. He quickly made friends with the family and dog next door. In fact Abbey, Dakota, and Rick were outside playing for awhile. Then he came in, walked around like he owned the place. He even tried to become friends. Eventually it was bedtime, and I thought maybe this was some kind of bad horror deam I was having. However, I woke up only to find out he was still here. Oh my goodness, I thought now I have to live with two dogs. I decided, I should just bite the bullet, and be his friend. He came up to me, and we greeted each other. He was not bad, maybe some bad smelling dog breath, but other than that he seemed nice. I treated him in a friendly manner, but did not become good friends, and I hoped he would leave. Well, this evening I got up from a evening nap, and found out he went home. Oh boy I was happy. Now I just have one dog to worry about, and I hope it stays that way.



October 19th 2009 4:32 pm
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I am no longer mad at momma. I heard from flo and flossie who also have the same problem. I do not know what to do with momma's who spend time with dogs. I guess we just have to love them inspite of themselves. Last night I sat on momma's lap and we have made up, and I forgive momma for being so silly.



October 18th 2009 6:51 pm
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I am tired of being mad. I am usually such a happy cat even though I do not know how to purr. I usually an easy going cat. However, this weekend I have been mad. Yesterday I was mad about several things today I am mad just at MOM.

Mom went away today again with the dog Abbey. Oh that makes me so mad. One day to be gone with Abbey upsets me, but forgivable, but two days in a row is not right. Mom is my special friend, and I think she should spend the day with me. Mom and I have a special friendship.
I know and I do not approve she loves Abbey too, but why does she have to spend two days with her after all she is just a dog. I am a perfect cat who is fun.

I think mom feels a bit guilty as she brought me home treats so I would not be mad. Although I am still mad, the treats make it me feel somewhat better. I hope I will not be mad tomorrow.


Lucy is Mad as can be.

October 17th 2009 5:37 pm
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Boy, I am mad just plain mad. I am mad for for various reasons
1. Everytime I turn around I hear Obama being critized, and it makes me mad. I am a very liberal cat, and I know he does not do everything perfect, but give the man a break he is doing so much better than any Bush did. I know republicans will critize, but he is trying to make things better so give him a chance.
2. We had a big rain storm on Tuesday and the wind just howled. I of course had to take care of everything cause I am the oldest cat, and it was hard work. Fortunately, the dog did o.k during the storm so I did not have to take care of her, but had to take care of Nikita
3. Mom left me today with Nikita while she was off hiking and having fun with Abbey. Man you think she could have stayed home with me. Abbey could have went hiking by herself. So what if she came back home. I would not have missed her
4. My cat treats are costing more and more so now mom has to cut me down. One bag of treats cost 2.00 and last 2 days. Why can't thecat food companies bring the prices down. Man cat food companies are getting greedy
5. Still mad that Sacramento does not have liberal talk radio. I miss it so much. I especially miss Stephanie Miller. I feel I missing out on so much news.
Well that is enough to be mad about. I am hoping to be in a better mood by Monday.


What is going on

October 3rd 2009 8:06 pm
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Ever since it be since it has become October strange things have been happening. I not know what is going on it is strange. Here are a list of strange things

The weather goes hot then cold
My dog sister has been wearing a bandana around her neck
The moon is big and bright and is getting brighter
Birds are mostly gone
There is a strange headless man stuffed with newspaper in my bedroom.
My family keeps stuffing this man and making him bigger
Mom wanted to put a plastic pumkin on him for his head
Mom hand is swollen claims she was got a bee sting when she was with Abbey at the dog festival (Are bee sting around)
All this strange stuff I think Halloween is coming.


Hot weather in the fall

September 25th 2009 8:36 pm
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Boy do I hope Obama does something about this global warming problem. It is hot here in Sacramento. It is actually to hot for this time of year. Yes, I know I live in California so it does not get as cold as other places, but it is not suppose to be near 100 degrees at end of September. This hot weather really cause me concern as we should be in the 80's and beginning to think about the humans going to pick apples, halloween and seeing leafs falling from the trees. However, it is to hot. I know it is hot everywhere, and even the glaciers are melting and we need to worry about the polar bears. I sure hope President Obama does something as I do not think I or the Polar Bears can take much more hot weather. I know the polor bears will agree with me when I say bring on the cold weather.


Changing seasons

September 18th 2009 8:05 pm
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Today when I was alone I had time to look at the calendar, and I was surprised to see that summer is almost over. Here in California It rained on monday and was cool, a lot of leafs fell from the trees, and I would of agreed that summer was almost over. However, now I do not know as it is hot. It is almost 100 so I do not really think summer is going away soon.This warm temperatures will last all week. I do not think that is good. I think it is gobal warming why it is so hot here, that makes me a very sad.I do worry about the polar bears with all this warm weather and there glaciers melting. I never met a polar bear,but I like them anyway. I am looking foward to fall as it is always much cooler and I love cool weather. I am a big cat with a lot of fun so cool weather is always appreciated by me. Go to go


What the heck is going on

September 15th 2009 7:07 pm
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Yesterday was just plain awful. I could not have had a worse day. I wish I had not even rolled out of bed. However, if I had not gotten out of bed I would not have gotten any food or seen my momma and that would have been sad. Any way what made yesterday so awful?
My neighbor dog came over and played with Abbey. She was not invited, she climbed the fence and stayed all day. That was kind of rude on her part. She even came in the house which was awful. Eventually, momma took her home, and she stayed in her backyard. I was worried that she might be come back today, but the humans were gone so she did not come over. I was so glad, it made my day.

Today Nikita was named customer of the week at fancy pants cafe. She was so excited, and she took me to the cafe for taco Tuesday.
Oh yes tomorrow is Abbey's birthday. She will be 10 years old. Anyway it will not be a good day for me, as I will be expected to be nice to her. However, it will not be as bad as the other day.

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