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sleepyvery active
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March 26th 1996

Tabby and White

Lying down. Eating. Rubbing his gums against his hairbrush.

Having his tail touched. Being picked up. Not having any food in the bowl.

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None -- Toys imply play which implies burning a calorie. But he did play with a shallot on the floor for 3 seconds recently.

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The newest box or the sofa.

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Just about everything, especially if it is in one of the other cat's bowls.

Eating Junior's food before eating his own because Junior won't eat from Jake's bowl so Jake's food will still be there for him when Junior's is gone.


Arrival Story:
When I moved to Hoboken from the Philadelphia area, I was missing my cats (Tutti and Hobbes, who I had given away two years before). A work colleague approached me about his cats because he needed to find them a new home--he was getting married to a woman allergic to cats. I happily took in Sammy (who was 2 at the time) and Jake (who was a year old). I have since learned that was very hard for him, to give them up, but he felt it was the right thing to do.

When Jake was sitting on my staircase, a few years later, some workmen came in the house and one says to the other, "Hey, look at this humongous cat!" OK, Jake is pretty darn close to humongous but he is (dare we say it) big-boned. When he stands up, his shoulders are 16" off the floor. He typically weighs in at about 20 pounds. He's a food hog. When the other cats nibble on their dinner and walk away, Jake cleans up the other bowls before emptying his own. How sly is that. We've been together well over 14 years and he hasn't figure out yet that he won't starve in my house. 2010 update: Jake is down to a sleek 16.5 pounds. Most of that is because of what they eat (the canned Wellness, no dry food) but age might have something to do with it. Sammy and I haven't seen his thigh bones in more than a decade MOL!

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I feel good here at the Rainbow Bridge!

August 23rd 2015 4:53 pm
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It's been a loooong time since I wrote. I'm writing now in case anyone is interest in my whereabouts. The truth is, I don't know where I am -- specifically -- because there isn't any GPS mapping at the Rainbow Bridge!!

The end begins a long time ago. I never sat down to eat or drink. I sort of squatted and thrust my shoulders out as I bent down between them to eat. That included my food, anyone else's food, the soup bowls I climbed into... I ate it all by thrusting out my shoulders. Eventually, this and my weight (did I mention everyone else's bowls I could reach?) damaged not only by body structure but also put weight onto my lungs as my body caved in.

Three years ago, Momma took me in for my annual physical and the X-rays showed my lungs were clouded but the Vet didn't know why. And trying to find out at my age at 16 wasn't a great idea. So between whatever that was and my weight causing my body to cave in, May 19, 2015, I began to struggle to go on.

Momma put blankets on the floor to spend the night with me and she listened to every breath, because they all were a struggle. Every single exhale made noise. She heard every one, while i lay in my bed. Neither of us slept, until maybe 4am she says the exhales were less noise-some.

But my Momma is no slouch, she knows. She made the appointment first thing that morning, because she loves me. I went to the litter box later and fell over (which I've done a bit lately) and then went to my bed and just ... peed in the bed. So Momma called in sick at work and we waited. She brought Angels Tutti and my sisfur Samantha to be with me, and little Stormy brought her Tigger to sit with me too.

When we got to the vet, it was all calm. I went to the Rainbow Bridge. And while I was going, Momma held me in her arms for a long long time. I was going, so why be mad? Actually, I loved lying in her arms because I was so light, so easy, so comfortable for once. I let her kiss me without growling.

We both felt bliss, as I went to the Bridge to find Samantha and Tutti, and my other friends like Tyler Mr. Boombastic.

Jake the Jakester


Update on me

February 6th 2014 4:01 pm
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Dear Furiends,
I see it has been nearly a year since I last wrote but with Catster going away soon, I thought I would write an update.

I'm a solid 18 years old now. Last summer I had my annual exam and I was under 15 pounds. Since Momma adopted me when I was 1 year old, she has never known me to be less than 17 pounds and for some years I was 20 pounds! But old age and all the Olde Furty-ness has set in. Momma says it is nice to see my waistline and she likes my now slender face.

My kidneys are bad but not terrible. I have kidney diet wet food and I still eat a lot, and some kidney medicine in the food. Soon I will have my thyroid rechecked just in case.

Arthritis in my back legs is quite bad, especially my right back leg. It is becoming a bit deformed. Also, because I weighed so much for so many years, my spine has bowed and hangs between my shoulder-blades. That's also because I never ever ever sit down to eat, I splay out my shoulders and elbows to bend down to eat and drink. A few years ago, Momma got me elevated bowls but the damage was done, and of course I get to lick all the plates, bowls, and pots that she puts on the floor for me to clean and I splay my shoulders out for that (not good).

Last summer the vet decided a steroid pill would be good for me, as it would make my remaining years better. Sometimes my head shakes and bobs, but Momma said I had that before I started on the steroid pill. Momma stopped giving me the Tramadol (I don't even remember why I took that) because it was so horrible and I hated it so much. The steroid pill is easy.

I get some Daily Best Senior treats in little bits (I only have 3 teeth left) and that's yummy. I have my dog bed on the floor, where Momma brushes me daily, which I love very much. I love the brush on my gums. Do you like that too?

So I'm hanging in there (literally and figuratively MOL!). I'm not quite ready yet to quit eating and go see my dear Sisfur Angel Samantha nor my sweetheart Angel Taffy. Maybe this year, who knows. I'm still enjoying my little world right now.

Jake the Jakester


Update on olde furt Me

February 19th 2013 5:46 pm
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Gosh, I can't remember the last time I wrote a diary entry. All I know is I'm a lot different now.

There was a time when I was a really big guy, stood 16" high at my shoulders. But a few years ago, gravity took over with all my weight, and while I'm still big, I've been sinking in on myself. My shoulders are bowed out and my front legs are a little bowed. My spine is bowed down and my trachea is a little compressed, so I have a bit of trouble breathing. My arthritis is quite bad. It's been a year since I started limping from arthritis in my rear right leg. Momma said it looks permanently crooked now and my limp is very pronounced. Sometimes my front legs quiver.

Momma gives me Cosequin with each meal as well as a shot of Adaquan every two weeks for the arthritis. We are not sure if it helps but we keep at it just in case.

My kidneys have been getting bad. I've been on renal food for a few years. Actually, they got to a bad point last August and haven't changed since then, which is good. I have slightly elevated numbers towards hyperthyroidism but not bad enough to be a worry.

Momma also gives me Theophyline in my food to help with my breathing, and a 1/4 pill of Pepcid twice a day for my stomach and bowels.

The latter is because back in December, I started to have the runs and barfs every couple of weeks, which I have never had in my life. Been healthy as the proverbial Ox, in fact, my entire life! This week I had it pretty serious. The vets tested "likely" for pancreatitis and suspect inflammatory bowel, so gave me a shot for a 2-week antibiotic and a shot for the pancreatitis.

The good news is that one thing hasn't changed -- I'm still eating everything in sight to the best of my ability. I had lost 2+ pounds in 5 months during the fall, but put 6oz back on in the last 4 weeks, which is also good. Oh, another thing Momma says hasn't changed is my great big purr. Especially when I think about my lovely BFF Angel Taffy.

I've taken over Samantha's round fuzzy pink bed in the corner (I moved in after she went to the Rainbow Bridge last August). Momma used to laugh because I could barely fit in it. Now, I find that it is comfortable how it holds me in place while I sleep. And being an Olde Furt, I sleep a lot.

Well, that's the update on me. In March, we celebrate my turning 17 years old! We don't know when it really is so we celebrate in the Springtime.

Purrs for everyone!

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