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Lil' Whipper Snapper in da house!

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Box fortress!!!

December 9th 2011 11:22 pm
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YES! Mom is so smart! She made this HUGE box that 4 pillows came in into a box fort! It's like HUGE!

And it even is lined with a freshly washed dog bed since Ethan doesn't need it 'cause he is "trusted" and can free roam without his crate. He's proud that he only had to endure that for a year!

I'm telling you, it's sweeeeeeeeet! I'm going to post pics :)


Happy Gotcha Day!

November 23rd 2011 1:30 am
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4 years ago me and Mittens became furever pampered and loved cats! We have wonderful siblings (ok, the dog is nice, I admit it) and fantastic pawrents! Our litter mate Biscotti of course, celebrates this day with us too!!

Mom says we are the REASON we can't/have:

-Put our tree on the main level (it's in the basement woe as me!
-Twist around cord things on most of our wires, hidden wires on our tv when we built our house, basically WIRES
-Doors are all shut upstairs 'cause of reason number 2 (Computer wires! YUM!!! Wires)
-Paper items can't be left around the house unless you want teeth marks on them (don't get us started on books mwhahaha)

She wouldn't trade us for anything!! Although she says the reasons above ARE frustrating!

The others all behave, even the dog. Us twins keep our mom on her feet MOL!!!!

Happy Gotcha Day!!!


House Elf! That's me!

November 17th 2011 5:37 pm
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Ok, I can see the resemblance... I have BIG BIG eyes that are always alert and look like I'm up to no good!

Pansy made me a Dobby page, as he was a house elf, then was free, and then, erm... Had something sad happen to him in book 7...

But we're similar not only in our eyes, but we're faithful, dependable, not afraid of most things, love everyone! That's me!

Thank you Pansy for my awesome HP themed page!!

Funny story, before we got our dog, mom wanted to name our next family member a HP character and we were going to name Ethan, "Dobby" due to his funny ears, but he looks like an Ethan. But do note, mom does want to name a future pet down the road something with HP! Heck, both mom and dad's license plates are HP themed!

And KUDOS Pansy and your mom for incorporating the HP font! WOW!



November 13th 2011 1:37 am
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So mom went out last night and bought the exclusive Target 4 disk blu ray edition of HP part 2. Her WB order won't ship until the 14th I think but mom said while she'll have 2 copies, the WB has a nifty book she "needed".

Mom's eyes were leaking during the Snape scene (she hearts Snape).

I however just watched it with her, Fido and Ethan. Boogie was downstairs with the others.

Mom can't believe it's "over" but she's re-reading the series AGAIN so that'll keep her occupied. Not much to do where we moved and mom is oh so bored.



October 31st 2011 7:04 am
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OMC!! Could it be? I am so excited to be COTD!!! So excited I actually woke up mom and dad by purrring. Which is a good thing 'cause cats purrring is the best sound, but dad's on midnight's and well, now he's up!

I just woke up to a bunch of pawmails, friend invites, and gifties on my page! Thank you!

Be back later as I want to celebrate! I bet you I'll get extra nom noms for this honor :) Thanks for making it special friends!



October 13th 2011 8:35 pm
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So we were all getting our nails clipped, and then it happened...

First, mom has NEVER cut us by mistake, in fact she's quite good at it! Dad holds us, mom cuts the nails!

Well I let mom cut my right side front/back, and left front, but when she got to the back... I was starting to get squirmy!!! Mom and dad said, "C'mon now, relax, it's ok" and I had ENOUGH!!!

I was spitting and squirming like a CRAZY CAT!! And then in frustration I swatted at (I think) Mittens!

Oh mom and dad were SHOCKED!! I was the last to get my nails cut and we always get a treat or moist!!!



Mom and dad were very mad at me and said I'm grounded for the evening. EVERYONE got moist but ME!!!!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!!!!!

The way moist works in our house is that I jump onto the counter and am ALWAYS the first to get my portion. ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! And to my horror, NOTHING came! While the others ate I sat there in awe. THIS couldn't be happening... But it did!

Once they were all done, I stayed in the kitchen, awe struct, horror, shocked...

And my confused look lasted for a hour. I just NOW an hour+ later came upstairs as mom was paying bills. I rubbed up against her and told her I'm sorry.

Not telling her why I had Catitude for the first time with my pawrents...


Another first!

October 11th 2011 10:39 pm
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So in life, we all deal with our first "Firsts" like first treat, first Christmas, Birthday, etc.,

Well my new first will be the absence of meowmy!! I've never ever been away for mom for more than 24 hours. Probably 12 was the max? When I first came home mom was teaching and once I was diagnosed with HCM she soon quit her job to be with me.

My pawrents haven't been on a vacation since I was diagnosed with HCM (Cardiomyopathy) because mom wants to be with me!!! Well since I did so well at my recent Cardiologist exam, and we have the best cat sitter (grandpaw) mom and dad are leaving us to go to FL.

Mom is worried "I'll" be worried and will miss her. I know Boogie will probably go on a hunger strike (a good thing :) but I think I'll be ok. It'll be weird and I know mom will call every night to have grandpaw put his phone on speaker so mom can talk to us.

I hope I like this new "first".


Cardiology Exam update 9/23/2011

September 23rd 2011 3:23 pm
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Well, I am HAPPY to say that my heart has not gotten worse since being diagnosed with HCM almost 2.5 years ago! I was given a year and look! With all your love and support and constant purrs, I know that I will continue to fight this terrible disease (no cure, just maintain until meds don't do the trick).

I just uploaded a few pics including my Echocardiolgraphic Report. Neat pics but I'm just glad it's over!

I was a bit of a divo today. My Cardiologist Dr. Tyrrell was messing with my tootsies as mom noticed a nail was funny looking (It must have gotten caught on something) and when he was playing with my feet I went nuts! I was hissing and smacking him MOL! Everyone laughed and when I was set by the window I cooled down :) Hondo taught me well!

I see my Cardiologist in 9 months and will continue my 1/2 lasik 2x a day and 1 1/2 of Analapril at night, with 1/2 baby asprin 2x a week. THANK YOU AGAIN for your purrrs!!!

Hope you enjoy the pics :)

Oh! I also gained 1.5 pounds so I'm barely 17 lbs. Dr. Tyrrell was happy to see I'm gaining and not loosing! He has a Main Coon so he knows that I'm fluffy not fat like Boogie and Mittens :)


Many thanks for the purrrs

September 21st 2011 9:17 pm
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Meow! I'd like to thank you for putting a smile on mom's face with all the encouraging purrrs.

As Harry had asked, I do in fact see my Cardiologist, Dr. Tyrrell at Chesapeake Veterinary Cardiology Associates in Vienna, VA (I think it's Vienna). Any cats/dogs in No. VA, we HIGHLY recommend CVCA. Wonderful Doctors and a great facility and they saved my life.

I had a good giggle at Harry's comment about the Hokies MOL! So it's "Hokies" not "Hookies" my bad. Mom just likes their team colors MOL!

I will report back later Friday on how things went at my Cardiologist exam (it's at 2pm so keep purrring ok? pleaseee? :)

Seriously guys, I can't thank you enough for the continued purrrs. I'm mom's "Munchkin". What ever that is?


Purrrrs kneaded

September 21st 2011 12:36 am
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As Boogers mentioned earlier, I will be going to my Cardiologist this Friday at 2pm. It's a month early but mom wanted to make sure everything is going ok before their trip in October.

As you know, mom freaks when I go to the Cardiologist as she, as I'm told, can't stand seeing me getting gooed up and having to be held down during my Echiocardiogram and Ultra sound :( Plus I gotta endure a 2 hour round trip drive...

I feel fine and I am purrring all is going to be ok. Mom also bought me a VA Tech t-shirt as my Cardiologist graduated from there. He's a nice guy and when I pose for the camera I want to be showing my "Hookie" pride MOL!!

Pleeeeeasssssee keep me in your purrrs this Friday as my family and I really appreciate everyone's support. I hate to see my mom cry as I know she'll be a wreck the day of...

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