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Hear It From Harry

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Thursday Up-Date From Mom

May 14th 2009 10:15 am
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~Wonderful friends...what would I do without your letters of encouragement, your kind thoughts and prayers?
They are keeping my hopes up, and my spirit renewed.

I just got back from visiting Harry at the Vet Clinic. He looks sooo much better today! I am holding my breath because he is far from out of the woods, but he sat up, headbonked us both, purred, and he even did the "elevator butt" with his signature question mark curled tail! It brought tears to my eyes, but good tears.
He still has not eaten, but his vet said they would try again this afternoon.
He is getting an appetite stimulant now also.
I have to work for a while, but will be able to go back two more times today.
I will write again if there is any change, but if it's all the same, then I will wait until tomorrow.

I will try to begin answering pmails tonight, and maybe start on all those wonderful rosettes and gifts. You all are WAY too kind and generous.
Just knowing that so many cats are purring for him, and people are praying for him...well it means more to me than I can begin to tell you.

Thanks again and again,


Thursday Morning

May 14th 2009 7:42 am
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Hi, It's me, Harry, and I'm still here! I made it through the first night!
Mom barely slept, so daddy let her sleep in this morning, and she hasn't seen me yet, but she is about to come visit.
I'm still on the IV, and haven't eaten anything yet, but making it through the first 24 hours is something to meow about!

I will add to this in a little while, when momma comes up, but I wanted all the kind cats and their families to know I was feeling their purrs.

Love and gentle nudges,


Here's What Happened...

May 13th 2009 6:28 pm
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Zack said he would share his diary with me, but Mom said I could have my own. (She will think up a better name for it later)

I am in the vet hospital tonight. I've been here since this morning.
I have to explain a few things first, so you will understand what happened.

I have Stomatitus, which is a chronic, treatable but not curable condition of the gums. The gums get infected. I have had two bad flare-ups before this, and each time a ten day dose of an oral antibiotic cleared it up, Each time I lost a lot of weight, but I gained it all back.
But this time it was different. Mom knew something else was going on. She suspected diabetes because I was drinking lots of water, and wanted to eat all the time. She had even added the nickname "Piglet" to my page.

I have been quieter than normal lately, and yesterday I wasn't interested in food. Last night I wouldn't drink, not even the Dasani water that I usually love.
Mom called the vet early this morning, and asked to be worked in.
Dad left her there, and went on a small job.
They ran blood tests, and several other things. The news was not good. Worse than diabetes. My kidneys are failing. Evidently, bacteria from my mouth made it to my kidney's, and caused an infection. I am not a complainer, or a drama queen, like Hannah is, so this went unnoticed, with no outward signs.
The vet said my "numbers" were the worst he had ever seen in his practice. There are apparently three important ones, and two of those were so bad the machine could not even read them. He told mom he held little hope that I would live, but that he would try aggressive IV antibiotics. He said the next 48 hours will be critical. Friday, he will run the kidney value test again, and if my numbers do not significantly improve, or worsen, then he said he would have to recommend euthanasia. But he also said that if they come up, that I have a chance, and I want to take that chance.
So please purr for me. I am only seven years old. I haven't had a chance at a long life, and I want to grow into an old cat.

Mom & Dad came by to see me tonight, and I gave them the slow blink that says "I love you". Mom tried to give me my supper, but I turned my head away. At least I am getting fluids from the IV. I did purr a little when she scratched my chin. They will come again first thing in the morning, and I will tell them what to write.

Thanks for reading this. It got long. I didn't mean for that to happen.
Thank you all for the kind rosettes and gifts and notes. It might be a bit before I will be able to write each of you back, but I will.

Gentle headbonks and quiet purrs.

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