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Every day is a gift

May 6th 2013 5:57 pm
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My SoulKitty and Guardian Angel Aggie taught me that every day is a gift.

The smallest most inconspicuous, often overlooked gifts are the most treasured. My family has learned throughout my journey that the most important things can be so easily taken for granted. Mom’s spirits were lifted high today after coming home to *ME* after work, for this morning I was coughing and struggling and fighting taking my medicine. She was leaky eyed all day at that place humans call ‘work’, and couldn’t wait to come home to me.

I truly beliEVE my medicine is making a huge difference for me! If it can prolong my life for as much as possible, we are all grateful and determined to fight.
My gifts to my family this EVEning:

I pranced up to mom, tail held high, and gazed at her with love and light!
I was eager to eat my dinner, and ate with gusto! Mom didn’t have to follow me around with my bowl tonight.
I followed mom around the house until she got my dinner ready... I love my family!
I am enjoying my kibbles, after having eaten my entire bowl of wet food! (I get chicken treats later!)

Do you beliEVE?

We beliEVE! My family is grateful for my humble gifts tonight. My gift to my friends is that of furever friendship, support and love.

Every day is a gift. Treasure every moment that you can. My family learned that from me and will never forget this.

Good night dear diary, until next time.


My Guardian Angel Aggie checked in on me

May 3rd 2013 11:26 am
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My BEAUTIFUL Guardian Angel Aggie Waggie whispered her love into my heart today! She is such a wonderful angel, watching over me and asking how I am doing. Here is what I had to say to her:

Thank you for checking up on me! It has brightened my day so much. I have been holding steady all week since starting my medicine. Mom is praying that this holding pattern will stick for a long time to come. I am still eating very slowly. Mom follows me around with my wet food bowl every time I walk away from it, and I eat again when she puts it in front of me. Silly food bowl following me! After wet food I really do enjoy my kibbles, and I come and go from my bowl for about a half hour ever morning and evening until I’ve had my fill. Mom sits with me the whole time. She noticed that it is easier for me to eat the larger kibbles, than the smaller ones. Maybe they’re easier for me to grab with my teeth? I am drinking and using the kitty box regularly. It looks like my weight is stabilized (beliEVE!!!). Dad reports in every day to mom, who is stuck at work, and he feeds me turkey treats. I ate a WHOLE slice yesterday!!! This morning I am enjoying sun puddles in dad’s office with him. Mom and dad are grateful for whatever days I enjoy.

Aggie, want to know two things? There is a reason that we were both picked as DDP’s together yesterday. We are SoulKitties! I know that was a sign that you sent to HQ, to be together on the Catster homepage (beliEVE!)
Want to know the other thing? This one gave mom goosebumps. Auntie Jeanette sent mom and dad a card yesterday in the mail, expressing her love for me, and know what? The card arrived without postage!!! (I know that was you that made it arrive!) beliEVE!

I love you my SoulKitty Guardian Angel.

Happy Air Paws,
Your loving Poo

*giggles at sticky sweet Air Paws covered with grape popsicle dust and catnip* …MOL!


Thank you for the DDP honor, HQ. I am deeply touched and- very grateful!!

May 2nd 2013 8:36 am
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MeoWOW!! I am a DDP along with a number of wonderful friends today! THANK YOU HQ! This has been a very difficult week, as today marks the one week anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. My friends coming together in love and support has helped boost my spirits tremendously as mom and dad fight to keep me comfortable and happy. This DDP honor is so much appreciated as I share my story and love throughout Catster with my friends! THANK YOU!!!

I send out a very hearty concats to my good good friends and fellow diary honorees today!

Please stop by their pages and offer some loves!

We are purring and praying for our friends who are dealing with sickness as well.
BOB THE TOMATO is fighting the same cancer as I am
MAZIE, Hazel Lucy’s sister, is in need of expensive dental work
SAMOA has a mass in her abdomen that her mom fears is cancer
STRYDER has trouble going potty and needs purrs of comfort
SUGAR BEAR, my cousin at heart, has survived breast cancer TWICE

Please stop by their pages and offer some encouragement and much needed love.

Thank you for beliEVEing in me and loving me!


small miracles!

April 30th 2013 1:01 pm
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The smallest things make my family so happy... like me eating all of my breakfast!

Mom talked to Dr. Pogrel yesterday afternoon and he suggested Meloxicam. Mom at first said no, as neither she nor my doctor want to put me through treatments that might not work for me. But... Dr. P. said, I think you should try it....

So mom picked up my prescription. Meloxicam is for pain/inflammation. She gave me my first dose and I didn't even run and hide as I usually do. Well, dinner time rolled around, and I'd become.... my old self!! I was acting happy, tail up, eyes bright, wanting dinner! I ate and ate and ate! Granted I still eat very slowly, but I didn't jump away from my food bowl as I'd been doing. I even had turkey treats without spitting them out.


Meloxicam won't take away my cancer, but I sure am feeling more comfortable after taking it, and if it gives me one more week, one more month, one more year together with my family, then we are determined to make this work!

My good friend BOB THE TOMATO has the same problem; please purr for him too. I am going to tell him about my treatment; I hope it brings him and his family some relief and peace as well.

This morning I even mewed, rolled over and did Air Paws for mom. Small miracles!

I love my vet. And I love all of you. Thank you for loving me and for keeping my beautiful candles lit!


Embrace precious memories

April 29th 2013 8:05 am
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Mom and I are both fighting cancer. Luckily, hers is treatable skin cancer. She had some sort of preventative thingy done on her face and it’s all puffy-scary looking *giggles* so she stayed home from work today. Know what that means? A full day with ME!! I am so loved!

This morning I picked at my food again and am just not as interested in food. I still look good though! Now I am sitting in front of the open door (with screen) enjoying the fresh morning air and listening to the birds chirping. It is a beautiful morning. I am being really quiet, but mom and I keep looking at each other and doing “squeezy eyes” with each other. With that mom wants to reflect on memories of me and what makes her happy, so that she can look back on this and smile and smile always.

She FINALLY fixed my page after many many months! I love it and it is a tribute to fighting cancer, and she is going to keep my diary going for me. Here is a list of some of “Things That Are Only Poo”:

The best thing that I do is hunting bananas. I have a favorite plush banana that I sneak up on and attack, carrying it around in my mouth, yowling at the top of my lungs. I always do this right after breakfast and in the middle of the night; prefereably at 3:00 a.m. I don’t get why mom doesn’t want to get up and play with me??

My nickname is Poo’s Shoois. Shoes. I love shoes. I love to sit on mom’s shoes; she got a good picture of me this morning doing just that. I think I look rather cute in sparkly sandals!

I hold paws with her and I do Air-Paws when I’m really happy. I lay on my back purrrowrring and doing my happy feet in the air.

I have ESP, did you know? I KNOW when she is coming after me with the clippers to cut my nails, and I run and hide. TeeHee! She claims to call it a manicure. Oh right… I am smarter than that.

CHICKEN! My kingdom for chicken! Here is where my ESP kicks in again… I KNOW when she is cutting up chicken in the kitchen and I come running! It is my favorite treat, next to deli turkey. (See? She is just writing about chicken and I came and jumped up in her lap) We’re both purring :)

I am the only one that can tilt the water dish toward me. I lean on it so it tilts a little bit toward me, and it never spills.

I stole mom’s heart that day almost 12 years ago in July, when she was looking for kitten twins. I peeked out at her from that crowded shelter from within a cage that I shared with a nice tortie kitty. I will always wonder about my roommate, if she found a home. The shelter had a lot of sickness going on, and after I was adopted, I got really sick! I was only 8 weeks old and I stayed at the v.e.t. where everyone loved me and gave me toys. They let mom visit, and I had had fluids given to me intravenously in my upper back; the fluid made a big hump and I looked like the cutest little camel!

My brofur Tigger and I got out one day. Mom came home from work, horrified to see the back door ajar. Panicking, she looked all over for me, to find me quietly sitting in the grass watching her with amusement. (she was scared, and I would never do that again)

I have traveled 4000 miles!! I hate the car, but I got used to it. I moved from CA to MN and then from MN back to CA.

One of my most famous stunts was peeing in dad’s suitcase when he was dating mom. I HAD to show him who was boss and protect her. He passed the test though, and he is the best daddy ever!

When I talk to mom, I go “mmmm”. She say, “Poo” and I go, “mmmm”

Every morning and evening before breakfast and dinner, my sister Lily and I box together. We always do boxing matches before meals and have done so for years. I haven’t done this lately though. Soft purrs.

I sit BEHIND my drinking fountain to drink water. (it is more fun than sitting in front of it) MOL

Well dear diary and dear friends, thanks for listening. I hope you all have a beautiful day. Every day is a gift; cherish it. I learned that from my guardian angel Aggie’s brother, Ralphie.


love and gratitude for my friends

April 28th 2013 9:23 am
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I have been busy writing thank you notes for all of the wonderful gifts from my wonderful friends. It helps keep mom occupied too. This morning I had some tuna and a few kibbles. I normally love my deli turkey and ate with gusto yesterday. This morning I tried to have some turkey treats, but I kept spitting them out. I still look really good and am purring and affectionate. I slept in mom’s lap for an hour this morning while she helped me write my thank you’s and reflect. She will talk to Dr. Pogrel tomorrow about what to watch for and how to keep me most comfortable. It is comforting to her to write in my diary for me.

My sweet friend CRYSTAL started a candle page for me. Would you like to light a candle for me? I would be very touched. Here is the link:

Poo’s Candle Page

Mom’s tears come and go. Right now after the shock of the news of my cancer, she is focusing on me and spoiling me. I want to tell her, it is okay…. It is okay….

We continue our purrs and prayers for all in need. I love you all


I have cancer

April 27th 2013 8:06 am
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Despite all of the love and purrs that you've all put in my Purr Jar, it didn't stop the cancer from invading my body. Mom just got the result back this morning that the tumor in my throat is cancerous, and it is a bad cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. There is no really effective treatment; we do have the option of injections and chemotherapy, but with little or no results, mom and dad won't put me through that.

We don't know what my timeframe is, but my family is going to spoil me rotten, watch me, make sure I'm comfortable and happy, and love love LOVE me up. They won't let me suffer.

Until then, please join in loving me up and keeping my Purr Jar overflowing.

I beliEVE


I am home from the v.e.t. and I have a beautiful new- Guardian Angel watching over me

April 26th 2013 9:35 am
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Mom came to get me at the v.e.t. yesterday after work. Oh boy, was I happy!! I was in my carrier bonking, rubbing and PURRING!! I was going HOME! The girls at the v.e.t. all loved me, and I love them all. Although I didn’t have my procedure, I still needed some quiet time when I got home, because of the anesthesia.

Mom and dad spent 2 hours in the family room with me, just ME! I pranced, rolled, rubbed, did my signature ‘air paws’, purred and mewed. My eyes are bright, fur is sleek and soft and weight is good. I was very hungry and ate all of my wet food, and some dry. Dad let my brothers and sisters into the family room and it was like the good old days. Mom was so happy to see my happy attitude, compared to my hiding from her all last week with that awful m.e.d.i.c.i.n.e. she was putting in my ear.

This morning I was still full of love and vigor. But… I am having trouble eating. I am hungry and have a good appetite! But it is hard… I ate half of my wet food and picked at my kibbles. I went around to all of the Krew’s dry food bowls after they left, picked up kibbles and let them drop. It breaks mom’s heart, but she is going to do everything possible to make me comfortable and happy. She is getting my favorite snack for me today, it’s turkey! That and some yummy baby food too. Mom won’t let me suffer, she and dad love me very much.

I have a beautiful new guardian angel watching over me, her name is AGGIE. She made her Bridge Journey the day before I was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor…. Ironically the very same issue that she and her family so valiantly fought. I love you, my Guardian Angel Aggie, I beliEVE.

I am loved!

I love all of you too!


despite my full Purr Jar, I am not well... but am keeping my- spirits up

April 25th 2013 12:31 pm
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Thank you all for your purrs and for filling my Purr Jar! I will never let it out of my sight. Despite all of the love and purrs, my doctor found a large inoperable tumor at the back of my throat today. I was to have my toofies cleaned and 3 removed, but my good doctor did not do so because I'm already weakened. With leaking eyes, my mom wrote this for me:

"Those with animals know how deeply they touch your heart. I am sincerely grateful to all who have come together in support and love for my best little buddy Poo. His doctor is not going through with his surgery, as he found a large inoperable mass in the back of his throat after having put him under anesthesia. I will know tomorrow what it is, he said it is most likely cancer. It is not looking good for Poo. Jim and I am going to give him all of the love and care that we can for as long as we can."

So for now mom and dad are going to spoil me rotten and love me up so much. Thank you for beliEVEing in me. Let's fight for a cure for cancer.


My Purr Jar is overflowing with purrs and LOVE!!!

April 21st 2013 8:08 am
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I came downstairs this morning to find my Purr Jar overflowing with all of your purrs and wonderful love! Thank you my friends!!

I am on Day 4 of my ear medicine, and I am really tired of it. Mom has to keep it in the fridge, and it's COLD! I am keeping my distance from her, but she still manages to catch me. I hate it, but I know it is helping me. I know when the safe times are to be near mom. When that happens, I lay against her side on my back, purring happily as she puts her arm around me and softly strokes my chin.

That lump on my chin.

Mom is still beliEVEing that it is swollen lymph nodes from my ear infection and whatever is going on in my mouth. She and Dr. Pogrel think I may still be having toofie issues, and I will be going back to the v.e.t. on Thursday 4/25. He will give me something to make me very sleepy so that I won't know what is going on, and he will take care of me. My lump is NOT cancer. NO!! I've lost 2.5 pounds, and mom is making sure I eat, even if I run away from my bowl as if it bit me. Silly mom, following me around with my breakfast bowl. MOL MOL

*clutches Purr Jar tight*

This will help see me through. The love, the purrs, the POTP, and beliEVEing! I sincerely appreciate all of the support of the community. Thank you for being here with me as I heal and eventually find out what the next steps will be this week.

I beliEVE!


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