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June 2nd 2010 10:54 am
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Poo and I had a WONDERFUL birthday on Monday, day before yesterday and we wish to thank all of our friends for the beautiful gifts that they left on our pages. You've made us feel so very special and loved.

So why is the topic of this diary entry one of frustration? It is because of the "new" and not improved Catster. The Community Page will not load, it either crashes or takes forever to load, and we cannot get to our friends pages to write individual notes of thanks and appreciation. It is an unbelievably frustrating waste of our time. Catster has become more frustrating than it has been fun, and we LOVE Catster.All that we want is for things to he user friendly and to work properly as they used to. We know that the problem lies in the new Community Page and not our browser(s) for we've tried several, and all other websites we access work just fine.

Poo and I are terribly embarrassed that we cannot get to our friends pages to thank them. Our friends are the most important thing in the world to us! (next to breakfast and dinner of course MOL)

We don't even read diaries any more like we used to, and we WANT TO! I wouldn't blame our friends for not attempting to access our diaries because of these changes.

Okay, I have ranted and I feel better for now.
*steps off of soap box*

Now I wish to thank my friends for the beautiful gifts!

To Orkney and the girls for the cupcake!
To Alfie for the party hat!
To Miss Sable Kitty and family for the delicious champagne!
To Patchez for the cuppycake!
To Muppet and family for the cuppycake!
To Bo and family for the HUGE chokky cake!
To Tabby and family for the cuppycake!
To Dino and family for the cuppycake!
To Mr. Sam for the cool summer drink!
To Mittens for the yummy hamburger!
To Chai and family for the flag!
To Big Harry and family for the yummy shrimp!
To Charlie for the kite!
To Adam Dylan and family for the Flag!
To Aggie and family for the Heart!
To Wanda and family for the kite!
To Luna for the yummy shrimp!

We love you all!
Happy purrs to our friends

Tigger & Poo too


I am still cancer free!

August 3rd 2009 8:40 am
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Mom and I just got back from the v.e.t. and Dr. Dave gave us some good news; I am still cancer free! He looked at my back 7 months ago and said to come back if my lump got bigger or if it hardened. Well I don't mind my silly lump, but Dr. Dave was worried because it contains abnormal cells which have the potential of becoming cancerous.

This funny thing on my back has doubled in size since my last v.e.t. visit... and purrsonally I don't mind it so mom is going to let me keep it for now. It is a lipoma, which is common in kitties, but it is the spindle cells that he found in there that are not good and are just sitting dormant and doing nothing for now. I'm hoping they don't do anything, ever! If it does come down to my having surgery, it is in a difficult spot to heal quickly; it is right in between my shoulder blades. So whenever I walk, my shoulders move and would aggravate an incision, thereby prolonging the healing process!

So for now I'm living very comfortably and mom is watching me to be sure nothing happens to me. I will continue to go back to Dr. Dave every six months now, just to be safe.

I am so appreciative of the Power of the Paw and especially grateful for Hazel Lucy's including me in the Get Well Thread. I KNOW it is all of this healing energy that is helping me pull through and stay cancer free.

Many many purrrsss to my friends; it is thanks to all of the love and support that I receive that I'm here today. Although I dread going to the vet, I secretly love Dr. Dave... thank you!


Little hunchback speaking

July 22nd 2009 1:52 pm
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I wish to thank everyone for their kind thoughts, pmails and rosies, and especially for the Power of the Paw regarding my lump. I really don't mind being a hunchback, as long as it isn't cancerous. Purrring that it is NOT...

Okay so I resemble the Hunchback of Notre Dame... somewhat MOL! With the big camel hump on my back, I could be famous? But... neither fame nor fortune matters... humor will help as I wonder and ponder what this thing on my back may be? Thinking pawsitively and purrring with my friends that it is not cancer... only time and a v.e.t. visit will tell.

Oh goodness, enough about me. It is all about YOU! My wonderful friends who are helping me through my scary moments and times of uncertainty. Thank you for being with me and holding my paw... I will update you the moment I know that I am CANCER FREE. (the PoP... the Power of the Paw, AND the Power of Positive thinking keeping me strong!)

Loves to all!


hoping it isn't cancer...

July 20th 2009 4:10 pm
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6 months ago I went to see Dr. Dave for the lump on my back. At the time he diagnosed it to be fatty tissue but it has abnormal cells in it, which could become cancer. He said to come back if it got bigger or if it hardened. *worried purrrsss*'s gotten bigger... so I'm going back to Dr. Dave in 2 weeks (his furrrst appointment)

I'm a very strong boy. Dr. Dave saved my life 6 years ago after having been blocked with stones, so I have full faith in him. But... I'm a little scared too. I've been through a lot, and mom is sticking by my side every inch of the way.

I received my first PoP Paw Print today from Emma and family!
And I received a beautiful,warm shining sun from Alfie
ALREADY it's helping! Thank you sweet Emma and Dearest Alfie and furmilies... the PoP works magic and miracles... and with that, I WILL be cancer free... yes!

*mom tries to distract me with a warm lap, treats and toys....* Thank you for purring for me... NO CANCER. We won't let it happen.

*snuggles in to mom's lap... purrrring...not afraid*

Loads of love to all!
Tiggy, the Hunchback of Minneapolis MOL! *humor is a healthy cure-all too...*



June 1st 2009 8:35 am
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Tigger & Poo meow in unison !

Thank you every kitty and every doggie for celebrating our birthdays with us and making our day extra special yesterday! It feels like we’ve been celepurrating all week long, MOL! Well….. er, we HAVE! We’re STILL rolling around in the catnip and getting into the catpagne! You friends are all SO very special to us, which is what made our birthday day what it was! Our frazzled typist will be helping us with our thank you cards as soon as she can.
We love you all furry much and are very grateful for the true friendships that Catster has enabled us to create and nurture!
Kissies and purrrrsss!

LOADS of love from the Tabby Twins
Tigger & Poo too


Mom is putting funny things in my food!!

January 14th 2009 5:43 am
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OMC! I'm trying to figure out what mom is doing to me. *Looks around to make sure she doesn't see him... twirls his paw in a circle next to his head indicating that she's "crazy"*

I had a really bad spell of vomiting a couple of weeks back, and ever since then, I have had a lot of trouble keeping my food down. I can't figure out why, because as soon as I got sick, I was immediately hungry again. So after many days of this happening, mom got a little worried, although everything else about me was GREAT, even the bump on my back, and she called Dr. Dave. Don't tell her, but I LOVE Dr. Dave (even though I HATE going to the vet) He saved my life 5 years ago and I am forever grateful.

So, mom described my symptoms, and Dave is SO upbeat, pawsitive and reassuring, that he had mom giggling on the phone. He said that my tummy is very sensitive and has not had a chance to heal from all of the vomiting, and said that I need to just slow down my eating. It is hard, because I am constantly so hungry, for not being able to keep my food down. So here is what he prescribed: Put "funny things" in my dry food dish, so it makes it hard for me to eat fast! And, to make "catfood soup" with my wet food, to help it go down easier.

So last night I was served catfood soup and golf balls. Yep. GOLF BALLS! (I still think she's crazy) She and Dave called it a "game"... so there were these golf balls in my dish, and I couldn't stick my face into my food and gobble it; I had to reach in with my paw, reach around these golf balls, and pull out one crunchy tid bit at a time. It worked!! My tummy is on the mend and I haven't thrown up in two days! This morning she changed things around and put my dog sisfur's Kong in my food. I admit I was perplexed, but very determined to get to my crunchies. I am definitely eating more slowly now, AND the added moisture to my wet food helps too, with my previous condition, as I need all of the moisture I can get. It acts as a further preventative in stone formation and helps to move things along smoothly.

So I'm feeling purrty good these days, and I've even lost a little weight, which I could definitely afford. Look out Mittens~~~ va va VOOM! Check out my new svelte self!


To my friends; thank you~

December 15th 2008 4:15 pm
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Thank you to my friends who have expressed concern for me.... I went to the vet today to have a lump on my back checked out; and, well... we were hoping it was fatty tissue (well, I AM fat, MOL!!) But, there were abnormal cells in there, for which Dr. Dave was concerned. He said to tell mom to watch my lump and make sure that it didn't get bigger, nor get hard. I'm a very strong boy; I've survived two insurmountable odds already, and I WILL survive!!! So, I will NOT have cancer, nor ever will. Right, mom??
Well, regardless, mom will be watching me like a hawk. *smiles* Thank you! Even though I yowled and howled all the way to the doctor today, I was just glad to come home and hopefully be healthy.
LOVES and purrrssss.....
more later~~~


7 Things about Tigs

November 26th 2008 12:21 pm
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I'm IT! I've been tagged by PRINCESS LEIA

I am going to give 7 little known facts about myself, then tag 7 furriends so they can do they same.

1. I … I….. I, uh…. *BLURTS* I HAVE A CRUSH ON MITTENS!!!!

2. I came from a shelter where a lot of kitties were very sick. The brother my mom adopted along with me died 2 days after she got him. Thankfully I survived, and we immediately went out and adopted Poo, w ho also got sick, but survived.

3. I made a very long journey from California to Minnesota and I was such a good boy.

4. I don’t meow, I double-meow! I go “ma-maow”!!!!

5. I SNORE!!! *embarrassed* Sometimes mom has to wake me up because I keep her awake!

6. My vet Dr. Dave, saved my life 4 years ago, when I couldn’t go peepee. Now I don’t even HAVE a peepee! *oooffff... NOT a good fact to share*

7. I am a furever inside kitty. One time I got outside and it scared both me and my mom!

Now to tag 7 furriends...

ohhhhhhh Mittennnnnssss!!!! *grins* MITTENS


250 Zealies!!!

November 13th 2008 12:50 pm
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Catster and Dogster are offering a 250 zealies prize for voting!!! Please help me and cast your votes for me in 2 categories; you may WIN and be able to buy me lots of pressies! MOL!!!!

Vote for Tigger in the World's Coolest


THANK YOU, Tabbies With 'Tudes!!

November 2nd 2008 9:00 am
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What a grrrrrrrrreat group you are! THANK YOU for honoring ME.... little me as TWT's Cat of the Month! *happy dancing!*
NOT only that, thank you for honoring my little missing sisfur, Chandon, by putting her picture up as the main page background. You truly made her birthday very special and made her feel very loved. As you do for ALL of us!

My dearest friend LITTLE BIT sang this song for me! C'mon, let's all sing along and dance!! CHEERS Little Bit!!! Check it out:

Little Bit comes in and turns on her boombox. She struts around the room and starts snapping her claws to the beat, then starts to sing)

Our good friend Tigger
Has been chosen The CAT!
He's got plenty of 'tude
No doubt about that!

He can double meow
And likes sticky bugs
He naps next to his mom
And gets lots of hugs.

He lives in the North
Where it's cold and it snows
We hope he has some "Mittens"
To put on his toes.

Let's give it up for Tigger
A tabby so true
High Paws Tiggy Butts
We love you!!

(Little Bit throws her raspberry beret high in the air and it falls down with a shower of autumn leaves. She gives Tigger a hug then jumps in the leaves and pops her head up covered in leaves wearing her beret)

Come on Tigger and furiends - let's play in this pile of leaves!! (giggles)

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