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My Secret Santa made my Christmas wish come true!

November 27th 2011 10:30 am
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Dear Secret Santa:

Thank you for sending me the pretty acorn with the mysterious message. But, then, MeoWOW!! I got a beautiful diamond from you too, with a WONDERFUL message inside!

Ohh, happy excited purrs! You know who you are, you know who I am, but I have noooooo idea who you are!! I love not knowing, that makes the Secret Santa game such fun!

Well, whoever you are, I am so very appreciative of your sweet secret notes, but most of all for having made a donation to Blind Cat Rescue as my gift! I am such a lucky kitty. I have a warm loving home, loving pawrents, lots of brofurs and sisfurs, I have healthy meals every morning and every evening, I get to lay by the fire, I get to sleep in my Morgan's bed, I have loads of toys, I play play play like there is no tomorrow and I am healthy and happy.

For that my Christmas wish is to help a needy kitty, such as one in a shelter or one who needs help, such as a disabled kitty. That is my Christmas wish, and you granted it by donating to a wonderful shelter full of needy loving kitties!

Thank you, S.S.!

Let's help make all of our friends dreams come true... donate to a shelter, volunteer at a shelter, provide used blankets, towels and toys to the needy, stop to pet a homeless kitty or offer her a bowl of food and fresh water.... gosh! I could go on and on! It is just so easy to do!

Merry Happy Christmas and good Hannukah karma to all! And if it is Kwanzaa or Good Cat Saint's Day, celebrate in style! There is no greater reward than the gift of giving.

I beliEVE!



July 20th 2011 8:37 am
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Oh my GOODNESS! How is it that all of my friends know about my 'gotcha day' today, but me and my lame typist????!!! MeoWOW! I woke up to find wonderful pressies on my page today; what a surprise! Thank you for remembering CUTEST me! Especially when mom didn't!

**GLARES** at mom and sticks tongue out. MOL! Both of my pawrents seem to have 'lost it'.... Dad even called ME Oreo!! I am not the jiggly giggly tub of luv that she is. I am the Q-Tip Queen! Dad.... get your children straight, good grief.

What would I do without my wonderfur Catster friends! Thank you for making my day! It was 8 years ago today that mom spied the sign at the neighbors house that said 'free kittens'. I was a free kitten! She was riding her bike with her furless family, and they all stopped by to see cute me and my cute siblings. Well, all I did was bat my big baby blues at them and they fell in love. How could they not?! I was only 7 weeks old and mom scooped me up, held me in the palm of her hand and rode me to my new furever home on her bicycle! MeoWOW what a ride that was! Even though she furgot my gotcha day, I love her very, very much. And I love all of you very very much! Thank you for making my day so happy!

Hugs and kissies,
Lily, the Q-Tip Queen


My litter box habits in public *blush*

March 19th 2011 4:47 pm
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My silly sisfur Oreo just received an anonymouse POTP charm to help keep her stones away, and now I DID TOO!

Sweet anonymous gift giver, who are you???!! We want to thank you in purrson!

I have had litter box issues, yes, BUT! Mom has been giving me cranberry supplements every evening, along with a little glucosamine for pain management. Dear anonymous friend, I am feeling GOOD! (but... naughty always... *muffled giggles*)

Here is my secret message. If anyone can decode it, please paw mail me right away!

"A certain sister of yours was asking for some purrs for you.
She told some rather personal details about your litter box habits. We're hoping that was just a mild infection and not those icky stones. Power of the Paw and our Purrs too !"

SQUEEEE! I love love LOVE you, whoever you are!

*sits and waits with a huge oversized bouquet of electric blue sparkly Q-Tips for her good anonymous friend, anxiously awaiting him or her to reveal his or her identity, and to PLAY!*

Love love, LOVES!


We are moving across the country!

October 17th 2010 5:41 am
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Please furgive the redundancy of all of our diary entries; the big day has finally arrived, the day my family has been preparing for over the last 9 months. We are going to start our drive across the country very early tomorrow morning, Monday 10/18!

Things have been slowly disappearing from our house, and now the house is completely empty except for our kitty things and a few mundane human things. Well, kitty things take priority, right?? At first we were confused, a little scared and hesitant to venture about, now we’re having a ball, racing about the house and playing.

We will be driving 2000 miles from Minneapolis to San Francisco and it will take 3 full days of driving. Mom and dad will be driving all 7 of us kitties and our doggie sisfur Berkeley in the huge “van conversion” MOL MOL MOL which we’ve dubbed “The Ark”. We have faith in the Ark bringing us safely home, and we have a crew of Angel Kitties flying high above us, guiding us safely home. To all of our angel friends, thank you for guiding us and surrounding us with the safety and peace of mind that we need. Dad spent lots of money on the van to be sure it is in tip top shape for our trip, and mom got each of us our own carrier so that there is no possibility of any of us escaping. The house is full of Feliway, and catnip and we’ve had Rescue Remedy put in our water as calming agents.

Mom even had a Reiki session done for us last night, to bathe us in healing energy and calmness. During the session, we were all very relaxed, purring and snoozing. We will do what we can to make this as easy as possible.

We will be camping out in the van, all of us together for 2 nights. *giggles* we thought it would be a challenge to sneak 7 cats and a dog into a motel… MOL! The idea of camping at KOA campgrounds offers some excitement and fun to the trip. We should be arriving on 10/20.

I’m afurraid my family and I will be going silent for a bit. To those that have our email and cell, we sure would love to hear from you, and mom will do her best to update you.

To all who have offered your purrs and prayers, we are sincerely grateful. My family and I love you all! We will see you on the other side, ready to celebrate and have fun again!

oh..... I have Q-Tips already stashed EVERYWHERE in the van, mom doesn't know it yet. Mahahahaha!

Love, Lily & the Kalifurnia Krew


I am a Godmommy!

October 10th 2010 12:11 pm
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I am thrilled to announce that I am a Godmommy for the first time, to little EVE! Her pawrents drove a long, long way to rescue her from a shelter and bring her to her forever home yesterday! Welcome home, little one. You are beautiful, a miracle of life. Gma will love you more and more every day!

I am proud and honored to be your Godmommy and and wish you all of the love and happiness you deserve!

I am especially touched that you're named after my little sister Eve, whose legacy and love will never be furgotten. I love you, little Eve, and.....

....... I BELIEVE!


Lots and lots of thank you's to get out!

September 23rd 2010 6:03 am
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I have many many thank you notes to write for the overflowing of love, gifts, messages and happiness shared with me for my Cat of the Day honor on Tuesday!

I am writing briefly in my diary in the hope that you'll read that I'll be in touch with each and every one of you very soon; mom has this "visitruder" issue at work where she's training a new person in and has no space. So she can't play on Catster like normal. *giggles*

I love all of you so much; you are as special to me as you've made me feel.

Love and Q-Tips,


I am Cat of the Day!!???!! Cutest me?!!! THANK YOU HQ!

September 21st 2010 5:18 am
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*zzzzoooooooooommmmsss over in the Souped Up Pumpkin Mobile* What a furtastic surprise to wake up to find this purrfectly wonderful honor! Thank you HQ for honoring me (cutest me!) as today's COTD! This is my family's very first COTD honor and we are THRILLED!

Although my page says I'm from the Bay Area, CA, we aren't quite there yet. We are moving across the country in less than a month from Minnesota to California, and mom is just so excited that she couldn't wait to put that on our pages! *giggles* Humans! They are so strange... Anyhoo, we have a big adventure coming up, for we'll be driving almost 2000 miles. Mom had better pack up ALL of my Q-Tips.

*gives mom a "look"*

I made mom get to work extra early today so that I could write my thank you's and appreciation in my diary. She is stuck with a "visitruder" at work for the next three weeks and has no space or time to herself, being that she is presently training her replacement there. Like I said before... "HUMANS"! Don't they understand that Catster is far more important??

So because her space is so painfully invaded, I'm jumping onto Catster really quickly to express my gratitude for all of the kind notes and gifts that my friends have been sending. I promise that I'll respond to all of you when I can!

My goodest friend SMOKEY had a great suggestion the other day, and that was to have mom fill her pockets with stinky blue cheese and sardines in order to drive the visitruder out. MOL MOL MOL!

On an very happy note regarding my little sisfur Oreo, she is continuing to recover VERY nicely following her surgery for removing those bad stones from her bladder. She is blowing kisses to all of her friends and waving like mad, still showing off her pink shaved tummy (slathered with SPF 30 of course)

We love you all, thank you all, and thank you HQ for bringing a bright spot to our very stressed lives right now!

Gotta run for now before the visitruder gets here... *hits the gas on the Pumpkin Mobile and zzzooooooooooms off, flinging glitter encrusted celebratory Q-Tips everywhere*

Love and Q-Tips!

Lily (& the Kalifornia Krew & our frazzled typist too)


MeWOW!!! I am a DDP today!

August 2nd 2010 4:39 am
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MeeeeWOW!!! Thank you for the DDP honor today, HQ!! This has truly made my day, especially in light of the bad news we received over the weekend of our fried A/C unit! MOL!

And, what makes this even more special is that I share this honor with my GREAT friends! Concats to Francis, Morgan the Pirate Gato, Lucy and special concats to Lucie Kitten! All of you lucky kitties share the spotlight with CUTEST me! MOL MOL MOL!!! kidding of course...

*hands each winner a special sparkly Q-Tip bouquet and flings celebratory glow-in-the-dark Q-Tips to HQ*

YIIPPIEEEEESSS!!! Have a great day everykitty!


5 very important facts about me!

July 24th 2010 10:34 am
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I was tagged by my goodest friend REX!! Come play the tag game with me; it is fun to learn about my friends!

1. Did you ever wake up your parents in the middle of the night?

Never. I am a princess.

2. Do you ever tear things up?

Ssshhhh…. Yes. I help Poo shred and destroy toilet paper and paper towels. I also LOVE to destroy paper bags.

3. What is my favorite treat?

Romaine lettuce. It keeps my svelte figure lean and healthy. (ohhhhh Curly…. *wink wink*)

4. Can you fetch something when asked to?

Well, yes actually! I LOVE to fetch! Especially Q-Tips and pom pom’s. Mom and I play Q-Tip and pom pom fetch for hours on end! It is especially fun to do the “Kramer” and skid across the linoleum in pursuit of my favorite toys!

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?

Yes, I was born in the house down the street, and mom carried me in her palm home while riding a bicycle! I’ve lived in my furever home for 5 years now, and I’ll be moving soon again, across the country to California! YIPPIEEESSSS!!

I'm going to make this an open tag and tag ALL of my friends who read my diary! LOVES!


Does anybody else do this?

July 14th 2010 4:56 am
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I deliberately wait for mom to start cleaning my kitty box before I decide it's time to do my business in there. As soon as she starts to scoop, I jump in, give her my "look" and insinuate that she must stop what she's doing immediately. She must realize who the boss is around here. (whispers... and it is not her)


It is much fun, you should try it. It totally throws the human's schedule off kilter... and I take my sweet time doing my business. Mom just stops what she's doing... looks away to be polite and just waits for me to finish. I do this every single morning, and none of my other siblings do it.

Well, she does call me a little t.u.r.d., so I'm just living up to my namesake.


*flings a pawful of Q-Tips at mom, inviting her to play*

*sigh* Humans just don't get life and how to really live, do they?

purrs and Q-Tips to my kitty and doggy friends!

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