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Could it be??

January 26th 2006 2:31 pm
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Hello My Friends,
Guess what? I have a real boyfurfriend!! His name is George and he is WONDERFUL!! He lives on Earth but this does not present a problem
for us!! I have been working SO hard in Kitty Heaven helping all the new
little furfaces who are scared and lonely that I was called into the "Office
of the Big Boss"...oh, I thought I was in BIG trouble....but, guess what?? "Big
Boss" said he had been keeping his eye on me and all my hard work. He
had a surprise for me that not many kitties know about that live up here!
I can save up " Human Points'' and, with special help from "Big Boss'",
I can become HUMAN now and then!! So, for two glorious days, I can
visit my LOVE, the Handsome George, on EARTH!! I picked VALENTINE'S
DAY!!!!!!!!!!! My brother, Buddie, and
his wife, The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame, will join us for two
fun filled days doing HUMAN things!! We are all so excited and they are
busy planning all of our activities while I do my work up here in Kitty
Heaven! George and I will be paw and paw having a romantic Valentines
Day TOGETHER!!! Oh my!!! I was not lucky in love when I lived on earth
but I am a lucky tiny little fur girl now!!!!!
Well, must get back to work!
Until later,
I remain,
Your happy Angel



February 15th 2006 6:54 pm
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Hello Friends,
Oh, what a wonderful Valentine's I had! I met my Prince Charming--George-- whisker to whisker for the first time!!!!! I was flown in the private jet
of my brother, Buddie, and The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame,
to visit my earthbound love, George. Oh my...just saying the name makes
me weak in the paws.
The four of us spent three fantastic days together kicking up our collective
heels and having a ball. I will share a secret with you...The Beautiful Miss
Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame can ski rings around brother Buddie....poor
Buddie ate more snow than he glided over. hehe
George and I and the newlyweds took George's human mommie and daddy on
the private jet (loaned to them by an anonymous beneficiary for their year long Honeymoon) to the OLYMPIC exciting it was!! There were so many humans and they were all screaming "USA, USA"....I felt such pride. Our beneficiary had front row tickets to
everything we wanted to watch and we stayed up ALL night because it was so
exhilarating....I was screaming "USA USA" to the top of my tiny lungs too even
though I knew the outcome already. (Well, you know I live in Kitty Heaven!!).
My George was everything I thought he would be...soft fur, strong feline paws,
very sleek and muscular with the most kind eyes a furgirl could ever imagine!
He was THE 'purfect' gentlefurman too...oh, I am so lucky!
When I returned to Kitty Heaven, "Big Boss" called me into his office again. He wanted to know everything about my trip and could see how my eyes would light up at the mere mention of the name "GEORGE"...."Big Boss" told me that he knew on Earth that I did not have anyone to love JUST me as a sweetheart and he wanted me to know true fur, he said that I could work extra hard and have earthly visits with MY George when I build up my "Human Points" again. Oh, I jumped up and down and told him "Thank you" a million times..."Big Boss" gave me such a good human mommie and daddy my last
years on earth to show me that not all humans were mean and now he is going to give me a real FURBOYFRIEND....oh, how lucky could one little girl be????
Well, let me get to work now....thank you for reading about my great adventure.
A happy Meow,



March 21st 2006 10:20 am
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Hi Friends,
George was spirited away this morning at SEVEN AM for the first
full day of SPRING FUN with ME....his Angel from Heaven. I have the
next two days planned as we visit our secret is warm
there with rolling green hills, fresh sweet smelling grass and a babbling
brook to dip our paws in...we have a fully leafed tree to climb up in and
watch the fluffy white clouds roll by....we will dine on freshly caught
fish and 'Big Boss' will have anything else our heart may desire delivered...oh,
how wonderful! This is my reward for helping all the new little fur faces that
have come to live in Kitty Heaven this past month...humans, don't worry about
your furbabies who are now here...I am ALWAYS with them...they are safe
till you come and collect them! Life is good in Kitty Heaven! Well, let me get
back to my handsome earthbound HUNK also known as GEORGE!! hehe
Your happy fur friend,


My Earthbound Hunk named GEORGE...

March 23rd 2006 6:41 pm
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Hi Friends,
Well my love, George, and I spent two wonderful days together in
"The Land of Warmth' this week to celebrate the return of Spring!
We danced, we ate, we swam, we sang and we did something very
special...we carved our names into the "Leafy Tree of Love" for ALL
to see!! This is a very secret thing that only a few know about and
it brings luck and love to all who's names are eternalized in its bark.
Oh Joy!! Angel and George forever!!
Right now my paws miss his whiskers long to caress
his once fluffy fur is flat from shedding tears of our parting..
BUT, friends, "Big Boss" told me that we can be together again VERY soon!
Oh Joy! My fur is fluffing back up already!! I am overcome with happiness!!
Well, friends...I will close for now and start on my 'to do' list up here in
Kitty Heaven...."Big Boss" has been more than kind and I must live
up to "Big Boss' and the high expectations entrusted to me.
Until later,
Your Angel in Heaven


Human George and Heaven Angel...Easter Time

April 14th 2006 5:46 pm
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Hello Friends,
My angel sister, Mookie, and I picked my human furhunk up at
2:00KST (Kitty Standard Time) this afternoon to whisk him off to a fun filled four days
with ME--his Angel. Oh my, he had his little bag all packed and
was standing there looking up waiting for me!! He took my breath
away in his tiny red jogging suit!!! We swooped down, collected him and off we went to our secret place of fun and food and play. "Big Boss" made all this
possible for us....he gave me his blessing and off I flew without a care
in the world!! What a feeling!!
Well, I must get back to the most wonderful furman on Earth--the
handsome George!!
Will write later, my friends,
Until then,
I remain,
Your Happy Angel


Easter Fur Love

April 19th 2006 5:47 am
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Hello Friends,
George and I had a romantic getaway this Easter Holiday and it was full
of paw holding and whisker licking fun!! Furgirls, George is the most
wonderful furman in the whole wide world!! We swam, we danced, we
cuddled, we enjoyed delicious food stuff, we sang and we played!! It
was the MOST wonderful four days this little Angel has ever spent!
I thank MY GEORGE for being the furman of my did
I get so lucky??
I must get back to work now so I can accumulate enough points
for another getaway VERY SOON...won't George be surprise?? He
is too wonderful for human words! oh my.........
Until later, my friends,
Your happy Angel


My Fun GetAWay....

May 22nd 2006 9:32 am
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Hi FurFriends!
I had a fun filled weekend with my hunk of Earthlove--GEORGE!!
I picked him up and swept him away with me for several days of
sun, fun and pure enjoyment this weekend. His mommie Renee was
so kind to let him go without much notice....he has a good
human mommie!
She packed him a small bag and we were off on our trip....George is
so exciting and kind and sweet and has such soft fur and is a wonderful
KISSER...but don't tell my daddy I let him kiss me...he has enough to
deal with about my sister McKenna getting married in a few weeks! hehe
Earthgirls, I must tell you that George is one furpacked PURR-FECT
feline!! Oh my, I love him with all of my little tiny heart!!!!
Well, I must get back to work now so I can save up points for Sister
McKenna's June 10th. wedding.....everyone is invited, by the way.
Until later,
I remain,
Your Friend,


Hello to Brother Ricki

May 27th 2006 3:37 pm
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Hi Friends,
Oh, I know you are sad because Ricki left this world this week but he is
with ME once again...I have missed him so...we use to romp and play
until I had to go to Kitty Heaven....but we are together again catching
up on old times....Friends, don't be sad..Kitty Heaven is just like Earth
only a million zillion times better....just wait till you get here--humans
and furfaces--you will understand then!!!
Well, I am going to snuggle beside MY Ricki now and tell him how much
I have missed him and how happy I am he is beside me right the way...
he sure is fluffy again!!
Bye for now,


George and Me.....Me and George...

June 14th 2006 8:04 pm
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Hi There!
I was at sister Mckenna's wedding June 10th. and my hot date, George,
was my hunky escort!! WOW....what a guy!!! Can he dance or what??
We had the best time ever and not one minute was wasted....we were
paw and paw, whisker and whisker and cheek to cheek the whole night.
My George is the dream furman every furgirl dreams about...he is purr-fect..he
is the light of my life!! Oh my!! Sorry for going on and on about him but
you have no idea how long it took to find him....since I can gather points
from Big Boss and visit him, we get together often....well, not as often as I
would like, but this summer will be different!!! I am working extra hard and
Big Boss said June, July and August will be DOUBLE POINTS MONTH!! YEAH!!
I can really rack up then!! George, LOOK OUT! hehehe
Well, let me get back to work now.
Your happy friend,



July 8th 2006 10:47 am
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Hello Friends,
Last night I got word that my sweet George got outside and is now MISSING!
I can't believe it!! I will search for him up here in Kitty Heaven...although I would
love to have him with me 24/7, I sure don't want him to leave his Earth and humans
before his time. Oh my, I am so upset....I ran to Big Boss and he told me not worry.
That no matter if George has come up here or if he is still on Earth being taken care of by another human family, that I will find out very soon....George and I are Kittysoul mates....but, I can't help but be upset...I am sure you understand.
George, if you are reading this: ''I love you with my whole Kitty heart and want you to be found. I will check our list up here and see if your name appears...I will hold my
breath until I read each and every name....oh, George, PLEASE COME BACK HOME!!! ''
I love you now and always,
Your Angel

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