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OMC There is a Santa

November 12th 2008 8:13 pm
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yeah! today i got a pair of cool glasses! then it says from anymonous, no anonomous , oops one more time, anonymous. there i finally got it right.i am not sure what anonymous means but it did say that it is from the Secret Santa! umm does it count against me if i got in trouble again today? i went under the fence into the neighbors yard:) it was fun until dad said "Dusty Miller, get over here." dad never means what he says so i kept going. did i tell you they have a big dog? that's okay Brandy , that is her name, was inside. then i heard a really loud voice and the hair on my head went straight up! oh no, it's the warden, mom! all she had to say was " DUSTY MILLER!!!!!! GET OVER HERE!" and guess what? i got over here real fast! i don't see why mom gets mad, dad lets me do whatever i want! but sometimes it gets me in trouble. have i already told you? well this is for all of those kitties that have not heard. one day i went outside and the next day i went to the vet:( the vet had to sew my third eyelid back to the way it was before. i am fine now but mom said "huh remember what happened that other time? after that one, yeah you had to stay in the kitty hospital for 3 days. mom was really upset because dad had let me out............anyways there were these three raccoons on the porch. they come and eat. feeds the kitties outside, so these raccoons sometimes don't let the kitties eat. mom had to go and chase the raccoons away from the food. guess what? they came back,again and again and again! mom could not get them to leave. mom gave up and let them eat. they ate a bunch of food! do you know after all of that food they went after moms Plumerias. oh this is a no no. now mom is mad at the raccoons for digging in the big pots. looks like they are looking for grubs, yuck, or the nuts the squirrel put in the planters. mom thinks they are awfully cute but the grouchy neighbor hates all of the animals. he said quit feeding the cats and the others won't come around. he also said that he is going to get a trap and get rid of them all! he is not a nice man:( hehe he hates the raccoons cause they get his Koi. but mom says no one says anything about the mosquitos his fish pond brings. umm but the mosquitoes are free, mom. oh well i can not wait until Christmas:)


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