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Taufu's lil Book

Fish !!!!!!!

July 5th 2007 3:13 pm
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Well hello there, guess what today for breakfast i had tuna and prawns, it was sooo yummy!!!!

But after that i got in trouble because i swipped at mummy because she moved her hand under the pillow and i also put my bum in her face so yeah!!!

Sand paper kisses,


The Book Case.......Case!!!

July 4th 2007 3:31 pm
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Hello today i was just being an idiaso!!!

i walked along the table then i jumped up onto the book case... my mummy didn't like it and neither did my sisters ( my owners ) so they tried to get me down. i mean why did they try and do that?

i think they think i have a case of the book case, case!!!! better take me to the vet, hahahaha the vet will prove them wrong.

its just i only like sleeping on it of taking napps on it in the morning and afternoon.

I must have the Book Case CASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sincerly book case freak,

Tabatha =^.^=


lazy dayz

July 3rd 2007 5:00 pm
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4 of July 2007

Dear diary,

today i was a lazy cat. all i did was go outside and lay in the sun and chase the birds that came and stood on my territory (the grass!) ^^.

i came inside and Georgia (My owner) petted my head. she always tickles my ears it is very comforting.

Tabatha xoxo ^^


#1 lil book

July 2nd 2007 6:55 pm
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2nd of july 2007,

Dear Diary,

This morning i slept on mummies tummy it was soooo cumfy it was like sleeping on a cloud although my mummy is skinny it was still sooo cumfy, then i went for a lil cat nap on top of my fav book case. after about an hour i went outside for a lil run around but instead of a runround i was a bit naughty and rolled around in the dirt then my Twin sis, izzy came out and got me and she said my fur was oily and dirty so she went and got my vrush ands she brushed me, although i dont like getting brushed i did today but then i climbed out of the window and ran free.

Luv from FUR

P.S Fur is short for Tabatha.

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