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Mercy Me!

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Mental Day!

February 17th 2010 2:10 pm
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Mom has been so very busy at work and at home that she decided to take a "Mental Day" off today to break the week up. We've gotten so far behind in all the different aspects of Catster/Dogster, she thought she'd help us do some catching up today, maybe even change our Valentine's Day pages.

Well, it started to go well until Pixie had to go the vet unexpectedly today, which she wrote about in her diary! She is fine, but unfortunately, now I don't think we'll be doing any catching up after I finish writing in my diary, so we will be stuck in the Month of Love for a little while longer!

All of us do want to thank our friends for all the recent comments and gifts that you've left for us and we apologize for not being as attentive as you've been to us.

Gotta go watch Mental Mom for the rest of the day now, so meow at you later!



For Less!

February 13th 2010 9:51 pm
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Sometimes you can find some really cool cat and dog stuff at Ross Dress for Less. Seriously! That's where Mom found some of the stuff she got us last Christmas. You never know what you might find there but it's worth checking out from time to time.

Seems a few of us cats have been in and out of the vet's office lately for one thing or another, and I'll be going in for another check of my blood and urine very soon to get another trending report to see if anything has changed. I had a bit of an issue the other week in the potty box and had to take some Metronidazole that took care of it quickly. Quincy has his own bottle of that too! I think we have a mini-pharmacy started here. Our vet has been very patient with Mom's phone calls to her, and one night stayed on the phone with her for almost 45 minutes to talk about a bunch of us. For Less!

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine's Day and Gung Hay Fat Choy!



Angel Rocky Ann

February 7th 2010 8:20 am
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I became friends with ROCKY ANN in 2006.

The evening before April 1st of 2007, somecat thought it would be funny to click that link on the bottom of our pages and report us for being inappropriate which put us in Catster jail together. All of my family pages were inaccessible, with the exception of Milo's, maybe because the meanie saw he was going to celebrate a birthday on April 1st, but RA was getting ready to celebrate her first Catster anniversary. Fortunately, HQ released us from jail the next day, even though it was the weekend.

Who would've thought that serving jail time together would seal our friendship forever.

I have so many fond memories of RA, but here are some of them, in no particular order:

Her boyfriend Ripley. Violet's best friend. Doing detective work with her in Samoa's Detective Agency. Lady RaRa. Lady GaGa. Clarice. Her love for pink. Pink wig. Hello Kitty. Her rides in her decked-out stroller and all the people and creatures she'd meet along the way. Obama Cat. Love. Peace. Pink muzzle. Perhaps being the best internet shopper in the world and reviewing products for us. Massages in her vibrating bed. Her pink slipper bed. Cheesehead. Being wrapped in blankets. Hanging out on her deck with her mommy. Her spoon fed meals every two hours in specific locations in her house carefully chosen by her. Her poop and pee scheduled duly noted by her mommy. Her cheerleading spirit. How good she was about thanking friends in her diary. How she would cry when her mommy would leave the house. Her treasured naps with her mommy and daddy. My cell mate. My homegirl, as we both live in California. xoRAxo.

And so much more.

I just realized that the double M on her forehead stood for Mommy and Me. Forever. She is a part of Catster history and a piece of our hearts went with her when she made her journey.

I can't believe you're gone, Rocky Ann, but I am positive that you're napping on a pink cloud with pink wings. I hope you will come back and visit us from time to time.

Rocky Ann Forever.



Heaven Can Wait!

January 28th 2010 8:11 pm
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Like many of you, I've spent the week thinking alot about ROCKY ANN and ARNOLD P, plus other sick friends.

I've collected alot of thoughts and memories about RA and AP, but I've decided to share them another day because today they're still with us, fighting for their lives, and that's what I want to support and think about now.

Put up your dukes!



Beary Cute!

January 24th 2010 10:55 am
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Mom went to the shopping mall Friday night and wandered into the Hallmark store and saw the cutest little Valentine's Day stuffed bear! While paying for it, the clerk remarked how cute the bear was and Mom totally agreed!

When Mom got home, we couldn't wait to see what was in the bag. After we were done sniffing the bear and bag, Mom grabbed a pair of scissors and started to strip the bear naked! You see, the bear was dressed as a Love Bug! But then, while she was removing the hat, she discovered the heart boppers were attached to the bear's head, so you know know what happened next. Yep, she decapitated it's head! Dad thought she was mean.

Sorry, bear, but thank you for my Valentine's Day outfit! MOL



A Star from Star!

January 15th 2010 8:14 pm
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Each year on January 15th, members of the Pure White Kitty Club choose some non-white kitties they feel have added something special to the Catster Community. Milo received this award a few years ago and I'm honored to receive one this year from my friend Star! I added the cool badge I received on my page.

You can read more about this award in the forums at the link below and see all of the other recipients. Thank you, Star, and the PWKC!

White Star Whitestar Day 2010



Toilet Talk!

January 14th 2010 8:18 pm
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I thought I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz again when I saw my parents' new toilet. There it was in black and all caps, the name TOTO! Yep, they have a new toilet named TOTO, but it's white. They like it so much they think they're going to get a couple more of its siblings!

Over the years, Mom has tried different cat litters. With so many of us, what's right for you may not be right for "all" of us because some of us are picky, excluding me. Mom was not too happy with the litter we'd been using lately, so she decided to try the Litter-Robot brand since we have their robots, but you don't have to have the robots to use it. Anyway, so far, she is really happy with it! As a matter of fact, she believes that is one of the reasons why my fur was looking yucky because litter was getting in it and since we've been using this litter the past week my fur is noticeably better! We just stocked up, since we can only order it online.

We prefer clumping litters, and this one is:

All natural sun-dried clay, naturally occurring, hard clumping, naturally locks in odors, non-tracking, 99% dust free, chemical free, scent free, and soft textured.

Hopefully, now, we won't be complaining and meowing things like:

Pearls are for girls!
I'm not attracted to that!
Yum, I smell corn, let's eat!
I thought cedar was used for landscaping!
Why do I have to pee on outdated news?
I don't want to smell like perfume!

Even Reebok, the King of Inappropriate Peeing, likes the litter. But he also likes the occasional towel on the floor, or that particular cat bed on the table. What a weird dude.



I've Been Swabbed!

January 5th 2010 9:00 pm
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Mom tried to brush my teeth with CET poultry flavored toothpaste a couple of months ago and I threw up right on the carpet. Just a short while ago, she decided to try these liquid filled Dental Fresh Swabs made by Veterinarian's Best and that actually worked out much better. I didn't even beat her up!

I think my breath smells fresher but Mom can't tell because she has a cold and her nose is stuffed up. I licked my paw and washed my face afterwards, too.

We'll see how this goes. It doesn't replace a dental cleaning which my vet says I should have done in the future, but she agrees that it's risky for me right now so this is better than nothing.

Riley got swabbed right after me just because he was in the same room, so that's two down and eight to go. They can be used daily but at our house it'll be more like drive-by swabbing!



Happy New Year!

December 31st 2009 7:33 pm
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My parents just got home from feeding their faces at a local restaurant before it got crowded. They stopped at Starbucks afterwards and then headed home. Well, as soon as Mom got ready to get out of the car she realized her purse was missing!

Fortunately, this Starbucks is only a few minutes away, and as soon as Mom walked in the door she felt like a celebrity because people were waving at her and smiling, and these were people who weren't even there when they were! The cashier came right over with her purse, and the couple that found it said they were happy she came back. The lady said she had done that herself many times before and that Mom had a nice purse (MOL) and the man wished her a very Happy New Year! Mom usually wears the purse as a backpack which is why she didn't miss holding it in her hands.

You can imagine how relieved and grateful Mom was so she bought the couple another round of coffee. Dad was waiting in the car outside and was relieved too. It's nice there are good people in this world!

Well, it was very confusing for us to hear the garage door open and close the first time with no one walking into the house. We're usually on the other side of the door waiting, but this time the wait was longer, so when they got home the second time, guess who dashed out the door and then out to the backyard? I had to do it one last time in 2009!

Yes, the side door to the backyard is often open when they're home because it gets stuffy in our garage. My parents just chuckled like they always do and Mom went back into the house to open the patio door and I came right back in.

I don't have a New Year's resolution, at least not yet, but Mom made one for all of us, and that is to have our pictures taken with her and Dad more often. Not so much for our pages, but to have them as keepsakes.

I'm still trying to figure out some of my "inner" health issues but I'm as chipper as ever and Mom has been keeping in touch with my vet. I'll be seeing her again sometime in the near future so I can remind her how saucy I can be!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and one that is as healthy as possible! I already know you're all well loved. We've shared some ups and downs together in 2009 but we can be grateful for each day we're here.




December 29th 2009 12:21 pm
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My two collars arrived yesterday from the The Cat in the Clover!

It didn't take me long to decide that the Circus Circus collar in the line of fashionable Calvin Collars was the one for me. Afterall, I do live in a circus, and I love the colors and the little kitty button!

I also picked the Flirty Collar to go with my wardrobe. I also love the colors and flower with a "Put on a Happy Face" button!

The package came with a Ring a Ding toy and catnip pillow. There was even a little sticker on the bag with a picture of Calvin which must be saved!

I gotta run now because Quincy is going on a field trip!

Thank you to Calvin and his mommy!


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