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Mercy Me!

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March 31st 2010 8:17 pm
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The nebulizer came today and Mom went to get some saline solution from the vet to put in it! The vet had no idea until today that Mom was planning to do this but thought it was a good idea. They only had a small bag of it so the solution has to be drawn with a syringe and needle then put in the nebulizer, which is right up Mom's alley! We can't use the solution for more than a week and we have extra needles. The saline solution you buy over-the-counter isn't as safe because of preservatives or other chemicals added.

I was busy napping upstairs in the green hammock when Mom used it on me. I was curious about this steam coming towards me but I guess it's okay since it was very quiet. The unit is only about 5 inches high, simple to use and runs on batteries, but we got the AC adapter also. I am eating but since I seem a bit congested Mom wants to see if this will help so it doesn't get worse.

I am just glad they didn't buy the optional mask because no way would I wear it!



Saturday Morning Ritual

March 27th 2010 8:40 pm
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I wasn't planning to talk about my fluid sessions every week, but a couple of my friends wanted to hear how they were going in case they could learn from them, so if this might make you weak in the knees, you won't want to read any further!

My fluid session went better today than last week because I only hissed a little bit and didn't growl at all. The bag was warmed this time to 95 degrees, much closer to my body temperature, and Mom was careful this time to not just lift my skin up like a tent and then insert the needle, but to bring my skin towards the needle so there's less of a poke. We are amateurs but we think these two things made a big difference.

I didn't have to listen to classical music this time. Dad thought it would be good for me but Mom said she didn't think I cared and that it actually breaks her concentration, so no music! I had to listen to my parents' sweet-talking instead, which was much better.

As I've said before, I am a forgiving kitty, so after I got my special treat I went bouncing off to drink some water and then sat on the window sill to soak up the sun. That's when Mom took some pictures of me and added one to my page today. I am doing a really good job of eating my special food, so that's not a problem. I am fussy about the pills but somehow they end up down my throat.

Mom did decide on getting an Omron NE-U22 MICROAIR NEBULIZER, which is small and portable, to see if it helps me with the occasional sniffles. She's seen her niece use it on one of her kids and after talking to her and getting some input from Rufus' Mom, she thinks this is what she's looking for, and will just put water in it. I'll have to let you know how it works.

Thanks for your continued purrs. I'm doing a good job right now of keeping a Marvelous Mercy cattitude!


P.S. Mom says to tell you thank you for you-know-what!


Pouch Kitty

March 20th 2010 11:17 am
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My parents turned into Pokemom and Bag Man this morning for my first fluid session at home.

The reason the office was chosen for my filling station is because I nap in the cat condo in there just about every morning. That's what I was doing when every other cat was scooted out the room during preparations and then I sat up knowing something was going on. Next thing you know, I heard classical music and I saw the cat interns sitting outside the doors watching through the glass!

My bag of fluids was warmed in a plastic bag in the bathroom sink just outside the office. This infrared thermometer comes in handy to check the temperature of the fluids. It was decided to try it at about 85-90 degrees for this first time but we can go a little warmer.

Infrared Thermometer

Since the Bag Man installed a hook above the window where my filling station is, we have a good vertical line going on. When it was time Pokemom took a deep breath and did what she had to do. I hissed and growled and didn't want a special Liv-a-littles chicken treat but I was good about staying put. When it was over I was released and then I jumped up in a bed in the room and ate my treat.

Then the doors were opened and I took off, but I didn't go hiding. I climbed in the tall cat tree and the normal Mom gave me some dry food and I ate it all and was purring while she petted me. I'm back in the condo in the office now as if nothing happened except now I have to carry this extra pouch with me. And I have to do this every week?

My all-time favorite with the kidney food is the dry Hills K/D. I get it for regular meals and as treats throughtout the day and night. I change my mind with the canned food daily. Sometimes I like it with some fish oil. Sometimes I like it mixed with a little sauce from the regular canned food the others eat. Sometimes I like a little Vita Gravy in it. Sometimes I like it plain. Sometimes I like it a little warmed when it comes out of the refrigerator. But, I always like it when it's fresh out of a can. The problem is they only make it in the larger cans and I don't like the Royal Canin one that comes in small cans. Well, maybe I'll try it again and decide I like it! I do the same thing with taking my pills.

Angel Rocky Ann's mommy sent me some Hi-Tor Neo to try that she really liked. I'm looking forward to getting it next week so I can add it to my menu selection!

I have the sniffles sometimes due to my compromised immune system, so I still get L-Lysine and Mom is looking for something handheld or portable to give me something like steam saunas, not really a room humidifier which we already have. She was even looking at those facial saunas for humans and nebulizers, but hasn't found what she's looking for yet. She wants something portable that will blow warm steam in my direction if I'm napping somewhere, even if for short periods.

I still have alot of energy, walk briskly, run, and climb. We are trying to keep me feeling this way and the plus will be to improve any of my abnormal numbers.

After this diary entry, I won't be talking about my weekly fluid sessions and eating habits regularly unless there's something new to share. It is all part of my life but I hope to have other things to meow about too!

Thanks for your continued purrs, gifts and comments!



Go with the flow!

March 18th 2010 8:09 pm
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If you haven't already read Samoa McBoa's diary entry today about the upcoming Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes to the site, stop by and read her nice summary!

When we first heard about the changes we decided we weren't going to worry about it and just go with the flow, even if we have alot of pages that will be affected.

Now I have to tell you that a human relative of ours took a trip to the Orient and guess what she brought back? A bag of clothes and party collars for us! I'll be adding a picture of me wearing one of the outfits. There's an outfit for the boys too but we're not sure which one of them will get to try it on first.

You didn't think I was going to give up modeling yet, did you?



Room Service!

March 13th 2010 4:50 pm
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I'm doing a good job of eating my special food. I even get food delivered to me wherever I am, even though I'm perfectly able, but it's to keep my belly full so I don't want to eat what the others are eating, even though they sure like eating my special food! At night when Mom says it's time to go to bed, I sit up wherever I am and she carries me over her shoulder and I sleep in the big bed next to her all night long.

My parents and I went to the see the vet today so that I could get some fluids and they could learn how to give them to me at home every Saturday. Me and my raccoon tail checked out every inch of the exam room while waiting for the vet to come in, but when the technician rolled that rack in the room that they use to hang the bag of fluids I hissed at it, so then Dad went and stroked the rack and told me it was okay. *rolls eyes*

Everything went well. Mom and Dad wanted to do everything hands-on today so they did. Dad is going to be the bag man and Mom will be the needle lady. Mom was ready to learn how to poke me and she did. She also knew that it was unlikely that I would lay down and she was right. I stood on all fours and Dad wrapped his arms around me. I hissed a couple of times but I also ate treats.

To change the subject just for a minute, for some reason this reminded Mom of when she was a kid. She and a neighbor used to find ant trails outside on the sidewalk so they'd get some sugar, pour some on the ants, and then they would lay down on the sidewalk on their stomachs and poke them with pins. I don't think this is the same as poking me with a needle but I had to tell you this dumb story anyway.

My filling station at home will be in the office under one of the windows. Mom went out today and actually bought a carpeted cat tree to put there, after seeing me sliding around on the towel in the exam room while I was trying to dance. She cleared a spot in a cabinet for my supplies in the office too. Dad is going to install a hook above the window for the bag, even though we've heard of other suggestions like using a coat hanger, etc.

I'm doing good right now, really. I may have some bad numbers but I have some good numbers too, and I'll be going for a recheck in about a month. Even my vet said she didn't think I was feeling sick at all.

Oh, I'm still taking a 1/4 tablet of Pepcid AC twice a day and now 1/4 tablet of Benazepril daily. If Mom cuts them up in tiny pieces and then sticks them in a Pill Pocket or hides them in my food, I eat them better that way. I also told her I didn't appreciate her putting that chicken flavored Pill Pocket in my mouth and now I have a phobia about that flavor, so when she switched to the salmon flavored ones, I ate those on my own. I'm no dummy, and this is subject to change whenever I feel like it!

Thanks for your love and purrs. Hope all my friends are well!



Food and Filling Station!

March 7th 2010 8:56 am
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Computer time is being replaced with more time with Mom, but I wanted to write this diary entry:

I've been testing varieties of Hills Prescription Diet and Royal Canin dry food these past few days. For the dry, I like both the Hills K/D and Royal Canin Renal LP. I also like their varieties of canned food that I've tried so far, but Mom likes the Hills with chicken the best because of it's more watery texture and thinks I eat more that way. This morning when it was time for us to get our treats, I hopped into my special spot in the cat tree waiting. I actually turned my nose up at Temptations treats and when Mom gave me some dry Hills I ate that instead. I'm also getting my special food as snacks throughout the day and eat some every time, plus I don't forget to drink water, especially out of the Fountain of Youth!

We know there are other foods we can try if I ever get bored of these, but the important thing is that I'm eating and drinking. And don't forget I am still jumping on furniture and climbing cat trees.

Mom remembered that some years ago, she had purchased these Classy Cat bowls for an elderly cat named Bibi who was still around when I first came to live here, and brought it out for me to try. We actually have one for food and water, but we're just using the one for food right now. We're already using raised feeders but the ones for food here are not as deep and the sides are curved which makes eating easier. I will add a picture in a few minutes but here's the website in case you're ever looking for something like this:


The fluids I got this week seem to have been good for me, so next Saturday my parents and I will be going to get more and we'll get trained on how to administer them weekly at home. I'm going to practice being a good patient. My parents have seen it done before for previous pets but have never done it themselves. As a matter of fact, Mom has been scoping the house to figure out where my Filling Station is going to be and she thinks she's decided and is working on making it comfortable with a place for supplies and special treats. If she makes this spot presentable I might even show you a picture of it.

Maintaining Mercy


Highs and Lows

March 4th 2010 9:25 am
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From Janet, Mercy's Mom:

Mercy and I thank you all for celebrating her 9th birthday with us!

I've decided to take over her diary for today. I picked up a copy of Mercy's lab results on Tuesday even though her vet wasn't going to be in until Wednesday. There were several areas next to her numbers marked HIGH and LOW that I highlighted so I could compare them with her last lab results, and then semi-patiently waited for the vet's phone call yesterday while at work. She did call in the middle of the afternoon.

After looking at Mercy's results, I was not surprised to hear her vet say that she had kidney issues, or you can call it CRF. While I'm not happy about this, I am somewhat relieved she has some sort of diagnosis so we can move forward. Her last lab results didn't indicate such, or enough to warrant this diagnosis. The vet wanted to take her blood pressure, do a urine culture, and we agreed to let them give her sub-Q fluids. Since my husband was off yesterday he brought Mercy in and picked up renal food for her to try. They tried to take her blood pressure (9 readings) and wanted her left there for a couple of hours as they thought she was stressed but at this time they are not confident they have an accurate reading, so we're holding off on prescribing high blood pressure medicine for her for now.

Right now, Mercy is as plucky as ever, and the vet says that since we've been watching her eat and everything, which she always does, that we have that in her favor. She likes the kidney food, both the dry and canned. The cats have always had both dry and canned food. She likes fish oil also, and on occasion I've given her that which she licks it from a plate.

I decided yesterday afternoon that I just had to take a "mental" day off today and made arrangements to do so. I wanted to see how we were going to handle the feedings and I think it will be okay. Mercy is always there waiting for meals, so whichever bowls she is sitting in front of will be the ones her food will go in, and that's what I tried today. The others were busy eating food from other bowls and if they finish her leftovers it won't be an issue.

We're planning to give Mercy sub-Q fluids at home once a week which she can really benefit from. I've decided that I'm going to learn to do it so it's less stressful for her. I feel I can and I want to.

I wanted to give everyone this update and to let you know that I will be spending even less time on Catster and Dogster. I work on a computer all day and just can no longer come home in the evenings to try to catch up on everything. Sometimes I would squeeze in a little playtime while at work, but I can't do that as much anymore because due to changes I've just been given some additional responsibilities. If I were a shoe you could call me Ugg. But, I am so glad I don't work far and will contiinue my routine of coming home at lunchtime. People at work are so understanding and helpful also.

My husband has a different work schedule now so on days he works he gets home later, and those evenings are spent taking care of the cats and dog, including taking Quincy out for his walk which I truly enjoy because he is such a love, and taking care of house chores. When my husband is home he is a big help.

I will update diaries occasionally, especially Quincy's, while he continues his chemotherapy, but even if you see me adding a picture or two, it won't necessarily mean I'll be spending alot of time on the site, so I will not be joining any CRF groups unless I feel the need to, nor will I be answering alot of pawmails, etc. I'll try to read as I can, otherwise I'm going to be back in the same boat I've been in.

There are no tears being shed here nor am I whining. Of course there is stress and worry, but I have to prioritize my responsibilities, and I would not trade the life I have with my kids for anything. As a matter of fact, I finally got a picture of ALL of them together in the family room relaxing (including Quincy) which I'll be adding shortly.

Mercy wants you all to know she is a spoiled but-not-rotten kitty, adored by her parents, and appreciates her Catster friends. She and I are very close and she stays close to me or my husband when I'm not home, which I'm glad so we can watch her. As we've been saying in her diaries, she has shown no signs of loss of appetite, lethargy, or vomiting. My biggest issue is figuring out better ways to give her pills, and today I tried cutting them up in even smaller pieces and that worked okay...this time.

Thanks so much for your understanding! Wish us luck!

Love to you and your babies,


Peanut Mother and Jelly

February 28th 2010 9:44 pm
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Today the sun came out and it was nice and warm, so Mom let us all out in the backyard. That included Quincy. Us cats haven't been out there in months so it was great, even if it needs tidying up from recent rain and wind!

Mom tried giving me some peanut butter on her finger and I licked it and thought it was yummy. Then she tried to stick a little Pepcid AC pill in with it. Now, did she really think I couldn't tell the difference? I ended up with a finger in my mouth and a hand to keep it closed while getting kisses. Not the preferred way to eat peanut butter and a pill, but it was followed by some jelly (Lysine) which I like to lick from Mom's finger. Luckily for the Peanut Mother I am a forgiving kitty. We'll probably alternate between peanut butter, cheese and pill pockets for variety.

The Peanut Mother will be going to work on my birthday, but I want to thank my friends who have been stopping by to send me good wishes! The years have sure gone by fast but have definitely been more fun when you have Catster friends!



Road Trip!

February 27th 2010 10:25 am
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I'm back from my vet appointment this morning. I dispensed a little liquid gold on the way there but I managed to save some for my Hokey Blood and Urine Pokey!

I added a picture of me next to the Welcome Board. I had an appointment today along with Meshach, who I saw in the waiting room, and Ashley, Jenna, Guthrie, Nikki, Squirrel, Jimmy, Bonnie, Mellow, and Cleo!

I got the Senior Wellness treatment again, even though I act like a Junior. I also told the vet I've started drinking water from the fountain of youth. During my exam, I did the occasional Hokey Pokey dance and started with my right paw. Well, what did she expect when it felt like she was trying to peel my skin off? She did say say I felt good and was cute, but I could have told her that! My temperature is normal.

I've lost a little weight even though I eat, so after my report card comes back we'll work on turning my body into a sponge and see what else it says. I want to make it clear I do eat and play and don't act sick at all, no matter what might be going on inside my body.

I'm going to continue taking Pepcid AC and Metronidazole for my stomach. Sometimes I get bored with the Pill Pockets so now I get the pills wrapped in a little bit of cheese and I like that! The vet said I could have peanut butter too, so we'll try that later.

I was actually a cheap date today, considering what we've already spent on tests, but I'm hungry as I haven't eaten since last night, so I have to go and feed my face now.

Have a great weekend!



Ceramic Fountain of Youth!

February 24th 2010 10:53 pm
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Being that Mom and I are both March birthday girls, we received a package from Homegirls Angel Rocky Ann and her Mommy that contained a ceramic fountain of youth! It looks so nice that Mom set it up on the kitchen counter and we are enjoying it. Our Drinkwell 360 is upstairs and when we're downstairs we sometimes drink out of Quincy's water bowls or try to lick water off of the spout for the filtered water. When the 360 goes kaput, Mom wants to replace it with another one of these.

I told Mom not to get kitten fever after seeing Zack and Zoey. I can tell how tiny they are, especially in those pictures of Zack next to the Mondo since we also have one. It won't be long before the house is filled with more of their stuff than their parents' stuff. Cute overload!

I'll be going to see the vet this Saturday so I can do the Hokey Blood & Urine Pokey before my birthday. I'll probably do the Salsa while I'm there too!


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