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Mercy Me!

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Where's Mercy?

May 15th 2010 4:45 pm
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What do you mean? Here I am, outside in the backyard struttin' my stuff! What? You didn't see me run past you when you came in through the garage? Since the door to the backyard was open and the sun was out, I thought it'd be a purrfect day to soak up some sun! Oh alright, follow me around for awhile and I'll head back in so those jealous cats looking at me through the windows will stop looking so upset.

I'm wrapped up in food for all ages these days. Meat and gravy baby food brings me back to the days when I was a kitten. It tastes pretty good straight or mixed in with my kidney food. Some days when I want to feel like a sexy senior citizen, I eat mature food! As I've said before, I like the dry kidney food, but I don't like it moistened in any way, but I eat it. I'm offered alot of extras around the house too, like pumpkin, boiled chicken breast, etc. Don't worry, Mom will never let me starve. She'll just open up ten cans of food to see what I feel like eating...out of the bowl, the can, her fingers, the palm of her hand, a spoon...whatever. Every little bit adds up and I think she's counting!

The reason Mom knows I''m eating well, though she would like to see me eat even more, is because I make good masterpoopies, and you can't make good masterpoopies if you're not eating! Of course, we don't put our names on our masterpoopies when we drop them in the litter boxes but when Mom sees me make them it makes her happy. She always knows when I'm in the litter box because I am the loudest scratcher on the insides of the box!

I also started a new habit after breakfast on weekdays. I jump up on the big bed and wait to get wrapped up in Mom's fleece pajamas and then fall asleep before she leaves for work. Maybe this is why I like baby food!

I play, I jump, I climb, I drink, I eat.......check. I'm doing my best.



Dusty White!

May 8th 2010 2:00 pm
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I just got dusted and massaged with cornstarch as an alternative to a bath. I've got these little clumps of fur on my body here and there which I don't like having brushed, and it's not because I stopped grooming myself. Well, I think they put something in cornstarch to get you excited because I ran down the hall and started scratching the cat tree. We'll see if it helps loosen things up so Mom can brush or comb me better. Just don't get any water on me or I'll be gravy!

Last night Mom decided to try and give me one of my pills in a Pill Pocket. It's been over a month since I had one so she thought that maybe since I'm such a food critic I might want to try it again. Well, she put it in front of me with the pill in it and I stared at her with big open eyes. I was thinking to myself, "I know you want me to eat it, but just because you want me to eat it I'm not going to!"

So, here comes Dad. He tells Mom he wants to try and he said, while snickering, "Maybe she likes me better". He talks to me, shows me the Pill Pocket and guess what, I ate it! Somebody was laughing really hard in the background while I was doing it too!

Hey, I have an appetite, because I want to eat the regular food, so just keep trying! My vet agrees it is more important I eat than spend time refusing kidney food, so we appreciate the food advice from my friends and we've already started looking into alternatives when I get bored with the kidney food. We're not giving it up completely though, at least not yet.

By the way, I had another good fluid session this morning and then ate some kidney food. MOL

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all your moms!



Food Critic!

May 6th 2010 5:56 pm
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I'm learning that when you have kidney issues you can become a food critic, especially with the canned food in my case. I like the dry food consistently, but the canned food gets boring, so they must alternate the brand to keep me interested! Our cupboards are well stocked with a variety of foods for me to eat, dry and canned, depending on what my pleasure is for the day. We have all these "extras" around to flavor the food which I don't care for. Several containers of leftovers are taking up space in the fridge. Warm it up? Forget it....I try to bury that stuff quick!

Sometimes the sweet words of encouragement don't phase me, so that's when I hear a different set of words like, "You'd better eat, girl, so you can stay strong!" Funny thing is, sometimes that works!

I got my second B12 injection today, and the first one at home. Dad did it, and it was so easy and quick I didn't even feel it, and now that I've had my second one my parents think they are making a difference. Overall, we think I am doing well.

Mom took the afternoon off from work because my brother Riley went in for a dental cleaning. This is Dad's day off so he went with him to see the vet very early. He's awake and Mom is impatiently waiting to pick him up in about a half hour, and then he will write in his diary.

~Senorita Mercedes


The Egg and I

May 1st 2010 6:56 pm
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I got the okay from my vet to add some hard-boiled eggs to my diet, so Dad went and bought me a carton of Eggland's Best eggs. I can have some of the whites, in moderation, as a good source of quality protein. And, I get to eat some egg yolk to see if it will help me put on some weight. Well, I had to smell that stuff real good before I would eat it but I ate some mixed in with my food.

I only took the Mirtazapine appetite stimulant twice before Mom told the vet that it didn't do anything for me except make me feel weird, so we put an end to that. But, we've also added weekly B12 injections to my schedule at home and will see if those do anything for me.

My fluid session went so well today that Mom started questioning whether she did it right. MOL! My reward, other than a Chicken Liv-a-Little, was a shoulder ride with Mom to the backyard--just the two of us. It was a beautiful sunny day today and I made sure I got my stretches in. Then two of our tall cat trees got dragged into the middle of the room which always gets us excited so that was fun, but going outside was definitely the best treat of the day.

We did another project from the Fun With Your Cat Kit last night. There were some supplies to make a catnip filled ball out of a piece of fabric, string, bell, and feathers! Of course I got to test the toy first and made sure it was good for batting around before any of the other cats got to play with it.

Those of us who are dressed for Cinco de Mayo get to go to a party at work with Mom next week. Well, sort of. She was asked to bring our pictures as part of the decorations, so I wonder what people are gonna say!



Somebody's Watching Me!

April 26th 2010 8:24 pm
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I always feel like, somebody's watching me.....a verse from a song by Rockwell that I keep hearing in my mind.

The outfit Mom ordered for the girls for Cinco de Mayo arrived today. Mom usually doesn't take holiday pictures of us on weeknights, but since I had a good dinner and jumped up on the table to see what she was looking at, she decided to see if I felt like I wanted to have my picture taken, and it seemed like I was up for it. It didn't quite turn out the way Mom imagined but that's because it's a doll outfit, and even though I know I'm a doll I am not that kind of doll! But, we managed to get a picture, and I was purring, so I'll be changing my page tonight. The rest of the girls may get their turn later in the week, or not. After this, I'll probably be retiring from wearing new fashions or it'll be very low key.

Mom likes singing happy dance songs to me and I meow right along sometimes if I like the song. One of the songs she keeps singing is Turn the Tub Around, the song in the commercial for I Can't Believe it's Not Butter! Dad is watching me more too and likes to make an announcement every time I eat food he puts in front of me. The other cats are also watching me but I know it's my food they want!

Don't they know it's not nice to stare?



Super Saturday!

April 24th 2010 1:10 pm
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I'm having a super Saturday, climbing cat trees and stuff!

My lab results came back on Wednesday and not much has changed, but we're going to try a little more fluids weekly and now I'm taking an appetite stimulant to help me eat more. I am eating but everyone would like to see me eat a little more so I don't lose any more weight.

Mom gave me my fluids all by herself today because Quincy was limping and Dad got him a last minute vet appointment. He is expected to be okay. We could have waited for Dad to come back home first but Mom thought she'd give it a try. I'm thick skinned, and even the vet technician who has given me fluids before said so, so on the first attempt this morning Mom administered fluids to my fur and the window shutters but she was determined to try again and was successful, so I'm carrying a stylish purse again! I think Mom's skin is not as thick as mine because she did something lame after I got my fluids when she was trying to remove the needle and poked herself because she didn't put the cap back on the needle first. Duh. Well, I ate several meals after all that so I'm nice and full now.

Have you seen my brothers? They're ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The girls in the family are also going to celebrate but our pictures will be delayed until next week because Mom just found us an outfit and it should arrive in a few days, so we'll be extending the celebration.

Hope you're all having a super Saturday too!



What a hoot!

April 18th 2010 1:36 pm
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My vet appointment went well yesterday. I saw my name on the Welcome board along with Dobby, Dixie, Niki, Ricky, Tigger, Jasmine, Sylvie, Gremlin, Molly, Scooter, Zach, Sally, Pepper, and Big Kitty! The vet said that Mom has a calming effect on me. I got a new bag of fluids to keep things fresh, more food, some refills on meds, and now we have to wait on the results of my blood and urine tests. Mom is still sending smoke signals with the nebulizer whenever she can, too!

A box arrived at the house yesterday. I was confused at first because the outside of the box had the words Large Talking Babble Ball printed on it! Then when the box was opened, there was a big label on the plastic bag that said Help, I need air! Please remove me from the bag before displaying. I thought for sure I was going to have to rescue some babbling ball!

Fortunately, the bag contained our new bed, which is a watermelon! The words on this bed say, ROCK-A-BYE BABY, IN YOUR BED SO SWEET, DREAMIN' AS YOU SLUMBER, WHAT A SOFT AND LUSCIOUS TREAT! I think we have all the beds made by Fat Cat Inc. now, you know, the people who make the Kitty Hoots toys and the square cat beds. Of course, they designed these for Wee Doggies! Anyhoot, we ordered this one from and think they are pawsome! They have a website for cats too ( I wonder if dogs buy our stuff!

What a hoot!



The Tiger of Bengal

April 16th 2010 2:59 pm
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My parents are home today because Quincy had his last chemo treatment. He's been treated for lymphoma, which is expected to come back, but we hope it's not for a very, very long time.

The Mad Scientist thought she'd try another experiment from the Fun With Your Cat kit. This one is called The Tiger of Bengal. The challenge is to leap through a hoop--from one chair to aother---and I did it! It wasn't much of a leap but I did it! I think the kit has more ideas than it does supplies, but there was a hoop included. Picture will be on my page.

Tomorrow I'm going for a blood and urine recheck but we won't know the results until next week. In the meantime, I remain my plucky self.



Mad Scientist!

April 11th 2010 8:01 pm
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Mom has become a mad scientist because she ordered a Fun With Your Cat Kit! It's an educational make-it-yourself kit made by some company called Scientific Explorer. Adult supervision is required and it's for ages 6+ so I guess that means I qualify!

It's going to take us awhile to try all the experiments the kit suggests, but the first one we tried today was See the World Through Cat's Eyes. The Mad Scientist put on the glasses so she could see what we see, then she was supposed to get down on all fours and stalk us. She said that everything just looked tinted blue but she has yet to stalk us while wearing them. Then she had me try them on for a picture.

I wonder what the next activity will be? There's not that much stuff in it but there is an instruction booklet full of crazy ideas. I think I'm gonna learn how to jump through a hoop!



Happy Easter!

April 3rd 2010 4:38 pm
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It sprinkled over here this morning--not rain, but sub-q fluids! Both Mom and Dad unsuccessfully tried to give me the fluids this morning, so it was decided that I had been through enough and we would skip them this week. None of this was my fault, as for some reason they couldn't poke me right. It happens. My vet said that was okay. I'm not dehydrated but I can benefit from it.

Mom wiped me off and put some freshening spray on me and then brushed me. Now I smell like baby powder! After that I got some treats and stayed near Mom, so I'm cool.

We talked ourselves into trying to play the Easter Egg Hunt game a few days ago and as of yesterday are very close to finding all of them. Mom woke up this morning, turned on the computer and got a surprise when a page popped up and it said "Surprise, you have found the final three eggs!" Of course, she was disappointed to learn it was just a dream. We have little hope of finding the rest of them. Kudos to anycat who does!

Have a great Easter!


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