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Mercy Me!

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It's a sign!

October 31st 2010 5:18 pm
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Well, almost.

Mom found a mosaic garden sign kit on eBay that she liked. It was being sold along with some other kit she didn't really want, but the seller was nice enough to relist it for her so she could buy the sign kit alone.

All went well during the project today, except for the part when it was time for the letters to be stamped. Sounds easy if you have the cement at the right consistency when you go and do the stamping! It has to sit for a couple of days and unless it falls apart, Mom will add a picture of it.

Elise sent some King of the Striped Crocus bulbs for my garden so those were planted and should bloom in the Spring!

My cat tree with the triangle on top is staying for now. A few of the cats are still having too much fun in it even though it's shedding.

When Mom was looking at pictures to enter in the contest, she saw so many pictures of happy me in that tree. That's also when she came across the picture of me and my Dad being nosey neighbors and recently put it back on my page. I think we were just looking for something to look at!




October 10th 2010 10:55 am
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Oh my tree, my beloved cat tree, the one with the triangle shaped house on the top, is being disposed of to make room for the Cat's Trapeze for my earthly siblings.

The tree was purchased especially for me before Milo was adopted. The triangle part was originally made to hang off the top platform on a hook and chain, but I never wanted to use it that way, so Mom started setting it on the top platform. It wasn't long before I'd climb up into it and knock it down with me in it, so Dad finally bolted it down! It's worn down after nine years, with the carpet falling apart and separating from the wood, but it was put to good use and we have many photos to prove it!

This and that:

ZEEKE's mommy grows daylilies as a side hobby/business. They sent Mom a daylily plant for my memorial garden a few weeks ago and it was planted almost immediately. It is all that exists of the plant and doesn't have a registered name yet, but they had been calling it "Mercy's Flower" and I think that's a pefect name for it. They also said there are registered varieties called "Mercedes" and "Mercy Me!" It should bloom next Spring!

Part of a card from DAISY's mom that had wildflower seeds embedded in it were also planted in my memorial garden. Mom has never done that before so we'll see what happens!

Mom still wants to add a garden sign that says "Mercy was here" on it but hasn't seen anything she likes so if she doesn't find anything soon she's going to have to make it herself.

Buttermilk wrote and told me that they made a page for his new sister Mercy, who was named after me. She is a cutie!

After I made my journey to the Bridge, Mom stated several times to people that she would not be taking Halloween photos nor would she be entering our family in the World's Coolest Contest this year, but she managed to change her mind and now has done both! I won't be entering the contest though.

My brother Quincy continues his battle with lymphoma, though he's been in and out of remission, but he's hanging in there.




August 29th 2010 10:16 am
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Meow-outs to:

ALFIE ~ THE LOVEBUG ANGEL and his mom for the purrfect garden-themed memento which I now have on my page. The photo they used is of me climbing a small tree in the garden--that was a fun day. Love it! Thank you.

SKY for the heart towel you sent over a month ago. Mom finally took a picture of it. The colors are sooooo me! Thank you again.

If you haven't already seen him, ORVIS has been modeling his new Lourdes collar and tag set that he won from my contest. I must admit, I keep watching for that diary entry about him ditching it somewhere in the house!

Sending purrs of comfort to the family of QUEEN TALLULAH, especially her mom, as QT made her journey to the Bridge earlier this week.



Fosters and Flowers!

August 22nd 2010 4:21 pm
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DAISY's family fosters kitties and named a little girl after me. I'll be adding a picture of her to my page. I didn't want to add it before I wrote in my diary in case any of my friends saw it and thought she was a new kitty in our house!

My new friend BUTTERSCOTCH also wrote to tell me that one of their foster kitties was named after me and he'll let me know when he adds her picture to his page.

I haven't seen anything new added to my memorial garden. I think it's going to be a work in progress. But, the family of KIBBLES and ZEEKE is getting ready to dig up and divide the daylilies in their garden and will be sending me a bare root plant in my honor.

Daisy's Mom also sent my Mom some wildflower seeds that are embedded in a card so we should see my garden grow over time.

Here's an update on my brother Quincy. He very recently had his second lymphoma relapse since he began treatment in September of last year. Each remission time is generally shorter than the last so now he's trying a different treatment. So far he's doing well and acting normal, but no given day is taken for granted.

We certainly teach our parents alot about life and love.

Mercy, missed by Mom



August 9th 2010 11:19 pm
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A couple of favorite videos are back on my main page with the link to my video book.

Some of my friends have seen them before but they sure do bring back some fun memories. I hope you enjoy seeing them again or for the first time!



Six on the Sixth!

August 7th 2010 12:57 pm
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Milo and I received our sixth candles on our Catster cakes yesterday! The two of us became members at the same time but we blame all of you cute cats for the reason our family grew.

Please save your zealies but if you'd like, I'd rather you post a comment. Go ahead, make me laugh!

My family has no plans to leave this place and will remain Plus members. Our friends here have been a "gift" to our lives and I even added a song to my page called Gift of a Friend.

We may seem less active, but I'll be looking over your shoulder more than you think!

My memorial garden has only started. I wasn't kidding when I said that there will be something out there that says Mercy Was Here. And things will be colorful, not sad.



This Week

July 29th 2010 7:34 pm
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This week....

I was a DDP yesterday! Thank you for leaving me comments, pawmails and sweet stuff on my page!

A couple more pictures will be added to my slideshow soon, specifically one of me in a Burberry outfit which I wore for Father's Day, and one of me in the blue collar I wore for Hazel Lucy's and Buddie's wedding. Mom has to get them from the old hard drive because they weren't transferred to the newer one. Who knows what else she might find.

Mom went back to work this week after being off last week. While Dad has to bring home the bacon she has to bring home the eggs, but don't expect any of those eggs to hatch any new "Little Mercys!"

There were a few things Mom thought about this week, which I may have written about in my diary. One was how I fell out of the downstairs window a few years ago because the screen had become faulty. I actually thought it was pretty cool to be out front with shrubs! Mom quickly opened the front door, called my name and I sashayed my way back into the house. I was good like that.

The other thing she thought about was how I fell in the water-filled tub a few times because I liked to walk around the edge of the tub. That wasn't as cool as falling out the window but it didn't seem to scare me away from the tub.

Oh, and let's not forget when I was the only cat in the house how Mom used to let me go out in the yard because she trusted me. That was before we had the Cat Fence-in. She trusted me the three times when she had her back turned just to find that I had climbed the tree to go visit the neighbors' yards.

Mom would run back in the house crying to Dad, who would grumble at her while he got the ladder so he could look over the fence, but he never got me to show my face that way. The way he found me each time was by walking down the street to the corner house three doors down and standing by their fence. He'd call my name and I'd magically appear on top of the fence and would then sashay my way towards him. I guess I liked to sashay! The Cat Fence-In got put up before I could go outside again.

I think Mom let that stuff happen just so she could make Dad feel like some sort of hero. But, he was my hero!

Most important for this week is that I returned home today. I have two shelves that were set aside just for me and I'll have a memorial garden as well because I don't want the garden to forget that Mercy was here!

Time flies.......

Love to all my pals,


Photo Slideshow

July 23rd 2010 9:35 pm
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Mom added a photo slideshow on my page that highlights my sense of fashion over the years! She has to find a few more photos and add them later on. I know you "Dorothy" fans will be pleased.

Thank you for remembering me and being such a comfort to my family.



Winners of my WHAT'S MY DESIGN contest!

July 21st 2010 8:10 am
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Thank you all for the outpouring of love to me and my family since I made my journey to the Bridge. I took alot of love with me that day, and I still feel it all around me.

As promised, I am back to announce the winners of my What's my Design contest from my June 23rd diary entry:


Before I do that, I wanted to tell you that my collar and tag were sent on July 2nd via First Class mail but it never arrived. We waited patiently since it was just before a holiday. By the time Mom got around to sending them an email, it had become less important because I wasn't feeling so hot, but OneEcoTree felt so bad they made a new set and sent it via Priority mail. Mom told them it would probably be too late and it was, as it arrived the day I went to the Bridge.

So, I never got to wear it, but Mom is going to put the tag on her keychain. However, because of everything that happened, they wanted to do something special for the contestants on my behalf.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive a free collar and tag, with shipping included! All contestants will also get 15% off with an order on their website. They wanted to send us the proceeds from that, but Mom told them she didn't need it. I will be sending personal pawmails to each contestant with instructions, and if you're going to place an order, be sure to read the fashion tips I will be including in this diary entry.

Okay.....**drum rolls**....the set I picked was:


That means the Grand Prize Winner of my contest is:

ORVIS of Michigan

The runner-up is:

ANGEL SASSY of Alabama

What is funny about Orvis being the big winner is that he is notorious for losing his collar because he believes in nudity. He may decide to pass his winnings over to one of his siblings instead.

When I asked Orvis why he chose SALLY he said:

I thought the Sally set was so "you" with the bright colored polka dots and pretty flower. My dear friend, you always looked your best in cheery colors!

This is what Angel Sassy said:

I looked through all the sets several times, but I always kept coming back to this one. The reason I chose this one is because it looked like Mercy to me. It looked like the fun things she always wore and it had a lot of personality, just like Mercy

Many of you were so sure of your guesses, which were all very good, but I chose Sally because I thought it was fun and I liked the flower-shaped tag.

Here are my two fashion tips. Pebbles is modeling my collar on my page as she loved me the most, and coincidentally, she's Orvis' special friend:

1) Because of the design I chose, the "dots" on the collar were not obvious probably because of the default 3/8" cat-sized collar and the one shown on the website was probably a wider collar that showed the design differently. You can request a wider collar if you want to, but you may not need to. We did add the flannel-backed satin to mine. This just depends on your preferences.

2) For the tag, we ordered the 1" (Small) and only wanted my name on it with no address (I'm microchipped). They centered my name and it's adorable, but if we were to order again, we'd choose the 1.5" (Medium), just to show the name larger, and especially if you have a longer name you might want to do that, but again, that's just a preference. So, if you add address information the text will be smaller than what you see in the photos.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for playing!

With lots of Angel kisses,


Life without Mercy and thanks

July 19th 2010 5:19 pm
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We knew the decision to let Mercy go was the right thing to do for her. We're just sorry we couldn't keep her with us for much longer. She brought us so much joy from the first day we found her and then brought her home, and she quickly became our favorite, even though we love those that joined the family after her.

Mercy was the nicest sister to her siblings, and I thank them for keeping her company and washing her face with love even when she wasn't feeling so well, especially Pebbles and Riley.

If I could have taken her to work with me every day I would have done it. She was friendly, confident, and few things ruffled her fur. Many times while sitting in my window office up on the 4th floor I would think about how cool it would be to have her there, seriously. I believed she would have enjoyed it.

Although you share our sorrow with us, remember Mercy for her happy-go-lucky attitude, silliness, how she loved to stretch out in the sun, contort her body in the oddest positions, liked to talk to us, and how she loved to sneak past us when we came in from the garage so she could run out to the backyard through the side door just to go around to the patio door to be let back in again.

Mercy was always the first to try on any new outfit and it's sad to think she won't be around for me take new pictures of, but I'm glad I already have thousands of them. I also made some personal videos of her in the last couple of weeks.

Thank you friends, old and new, for your love and comforting words, endearing comments, gifts, pawmails, poems, and posts in groups.

Thank you Angel Cole for creating her candle page.

Thank you Daisy's mom for spreading the news on FB and for the beautiful flowers.

Thank you moms of Angels Sassy & Pepper, Hooch, and Sushi for telling friends who don't spend much time on Catster anymore.

Thank you Angel Ava Corrine for mentioning her on the Get Well Soon Purr List.

Thank you Angel Wally for the gift of zealies and for adding Mercy's Catster badge to your page.

Thank you Honey P. Sunshine for honoring her on your blog.

Thank you Skeezix for honoring her in the Cat's Meow and to each of you who added the badge he made to your pages.

Thank you Hazel Lucy's mom for the blanket you made for her which we wrapped her in just before and during her journey. Her vet asked about the blanket and paid it a big compliment. We brought it back home with us.

Thank you angels for welcoming Mercy to the bridge...Angels Calvin, Homegirl Rocky Ann, Wally, Sammie, Wriggley, Princess Queen of Kitties, Buddie and countless other sweet angels, as well as new angels Blade and Emily Felicity. I told Mercy you would be there waiting for her.

Thank you Angel Buddie's parents for the lovely plant arrangement.

Thank you Klemy Q-tip for the memorial picture.

Thank you Sky for making a heart towel for Mercy. It will be included on her memorial shelf.

Thank you Angel Rocky Ann's parents for the beautiful card:
"the very last gift your pet had to give was perhaps the best of all...a rainbow of happy memories for all the days ahead"

Thank you Catster HQ for bringing us all together in the first place, enabling us to share her life with each of you.

Please don't be offended if you aren't mentioned personally here. I've so far read and printed all the diary entries I've seen in regards to Mercy, and read all of the your comments everywhere I could find them.

I had planned to take this week off months ago and looked forward to spending it with my kids but I think Mercy planned it this way so that I would have this time to get used to being without her, except for in my heart. I still see her sweet face everywhere in this house.

We have 9 other cats and 1 dog begging for attention, keeping me company, and they all seem to be fine. Sometimes when I'm feeling the grief I get a big dog who steps on my feet or wants to go for a walk, or a cat who rubs their body across my face, and another one who tries to pull my hair out. And because I am home they think they should get fed 20 times a day.

We were blessed to have had Mercy in our family and will always be so proud of her. She was always told how special she was to us and treated as such. In time, we'll find comfort in the wonderful memories she left behind.

Mercy will be coming back to tell you about her contest winners and promised to visit us all from time to time when Angel Calvin isn't trying to keep her so busy at the Bridge. Besides, Elise said Mercy has enough extra wings so there's no excuse.

Thank you all again from the bottom of our hearts.

Janet and Harvey (and Mercy too)

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