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Mercy Me!

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Garden cat!

July 3rd 2011 9:31 pm
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Mom and Dad went out to dinner tonight at a restaurant next to Pier I Imports. Mom already had it in her mind that she wanted to see if Pier I had something special for my garden to honor my first anniversary at the Bridge which is coming up this month. Mom was thrilled as soon as she saw this garden cat that she felt was perfect, so there's a picture of it now on my page.

I know, a year has sure gone by fast, but I know I am thought about every day and night. I'm also glad to see that Mom decided to change my page decor too!



First Daylily Bloom!

May 15th 2011 3:31 pm
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Thank you to our friends who have been sending us the Share the Love gifts! I'm afraid Mom hasn't taken the time to help us send out many but we do appreciate them! We're also finding out that we're not getting all of our notifications when we receive comments, so we're a little slow at finding them.

Last year, the family of KIBBLES and ZEEKE sent Mom a bare root daylily plant from their garden that they called Mercy's flower, and today the first flower bloomed! Right now there are four flower stalks and each one has three or four buds on it! Mom and Dad were very excited to see the flower today and have been careful to make sure Huey doesn't go near it because he loves to chew. A picture of the flower is being added to my page.



In Mom's dream

March 27th 2011 12:27 pm
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I visited Mom in her dream last night. We were happily hanging out together, just like we used to. She'd love for me to visit her again in her dreams and wish she knew the magic trick to make that happen. I'll try, too!

Mom and Dad have a star mural - glow in the dark constellation that's painted on the ceiling and partially down the sides of the walls in their bedroom. There's a big bright star above Mom's head that she's named after me. Wow, I have my own star!

Dad is finally taking apart my all-time favorite cat tree with the triangle house on top. I had mentioned it was falling apart but they hung onto it for the other cats. Well, Huey decided it was fun to eat the loose pieces of carpeting so it's really got to go! There's another tall cat tree that will need to be replaced next so I think the cats will probably invite Huey to get that ready for the trash, too!



Heaven welcomes Hazel Lucy and Marrakech

March 16th 2011 10:31 pm
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Two of my friends arrived in heaven today, HAZEL LUCY and MARRAKECH, and even though I was happy to see them, I'm thinking about two mommies who share the same feelings of enormous grief, so I'm a little short on words tonight.

Hazel and Marrakech, you've left behind big holes in many hearts because of your special ways, but you are safe in the arms of the Angels now. Love surrounds you in heaven and earth.

Mercy and family


Birthday at the Bridge

March 1st 2011 9:37 pm
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Today I celebrated my first birthday at the Bridge with my angel pals and it was a wild party!

Thank you to both my angel and earth pals for remembering me today with the sweetest birthday wishes!

Mom and Dad talk about me often, how they miss me, and always will.

Love is not for the faint of heart, that's for sure, but it lives on.....

Love you!



The new Dood!

February 19th 2011 6:43 pm
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Quincy just wrote a diary entry telling his pals what kind of puppy will be joining the family and the name my parents chose for him, so I have to do that too!

He's a Goldendoodle. His father is an English Cream Golden Retriever whose "call" name is Ruben, but his fancy name is Very Fruity Soda of Glen Sheallag. His mother is a white Standard Poodle and her name is Stella. I think she has a fancy name too but Mom and Dad didn't ask for it though it'll probably be on the paperwork.

So you see, you would have had a hard time guessing what kind of puppy because he's a mixed breed, so he doesn't get to have a fancy schmancy name like his parents but it doesn't matter!

Mom and Dad have pictures of the litter at two weeks, four weeks, and six weeks. Cute, cute, cute! They're almost eight weeks old now since they were born on December 27, 2010.

My parents think the Doods look goofy, so goofy looking dogs need to have a goofy name, so the name they finally agreed on is....


Yeah, think Baby Huey or Huey Lewis and the News!

You know my Mom, she bought him a little hat, a fancy collar with bow tie, and aside from his puppy collar, she already got his collar for when he grows up to be a bigger Dood!

The Dood is going to have his own little playpen in the kitchen and the cats have been checking out all the stuff that's in it. Wait until they find out what's really going on tomorrow!

My parents are packed for the road trip tomorrow morning and they expect to be back home around 1:00pm or 2:00pm Pacific Time. After Huey gets settled, Mom will add his page tomorrow!

Wish the cats luck!



A flower grows in my garden!

February 6th 2011 1:40 pm
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The first flower from the King of the Striped Crocus bulbs that Elise and Genny (The Generator) sent for my garden bloomed today! We'll be adding a picture of it to my page.

It's 73 degrees today in my garden and we look forward to seeing more flowers bloom. I'm sorry some of you are in the cold!

In two weeks, the new puppy will be arriving....puppy breath!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday and Happy Rainbow Bridge Anniversary to Homegirl Rocky Ann!



Here, puppy, puppy!

January 24th 2011 8:52 pm
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Thank you to our friends for the support you gave to our family when Quincy made his journey to join me at the Bridge.

My memorial garden has a couple of new items to honor Cosmo and Quincy, so it looks like it'll end up being a shared space, which will be nice.

Mom posted pictures of the angels that Hazel Lucy had The Cat in the Clover make. Not only were Milo and I honored but so were Cosmo and Quincy! Too cute.

Now I'm announcing that my parents will be bringing home a puppy. It took some time for them to decide what kind of puppy they felt would suit their lifestyle and would be a good fit for the cats. Once they made that decision, they were lucky enough to find a litter (about a two-hour drive) that was born on December 27, 2010, and would be ready to go to their new homes on February 20, 2011. They filled out an application, made a deposit and are #3 on the list to pick a male puppy.

Quincy announced this in his diary today, but we're not telling anyone what kind of puppy they're getting. He's already got a name and Mom has his page ready for when he joins Dogster!

The puppy will start off in a pen in the kitchen and they bought some new stuff for him. When he sees the cats, he'll probably think they're puppies.

I bet the cats will have lots of stories to share!



Update on Quincy

November 18th 2010 1:12 pm
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Sweet Quincy's lymphoma has recently been progressing even with treatment and he's heading towards its advanced stage. They're trying another chemo protocol, maybe the last, because his body started building a resistance to the previous ones. It's not known yet how effective this protocol will be, as they have to go day by day to see. He could have some more time but things could also change quickly.

Our time on Catster has been very spotty for the past year and our cat friends may or may not remember that my parents have still been dealing with Quincy's terminal illness for a little over a year. Quincy is as loved as any of the cats in the family.

The other thing I never mentioned in my diary was that in early July, Mom was "told" by her manager that she was needed to help fill a void in a different location within the same company and that it would be effective in the August timeframe. Her biggest worry at the time was that she would be put in a position where she could not come home for lunch like she has for many years, and she mentioned that.

Fortunately, the location change was the same distance from home as the last, and she was able to come home for lunch while I was sick and still can. But, after being in the other location for about 18 years, she had to learn alot of new things but now she's all settled. So far, she only has pictures of me and Quincy on her bulletin board in the office.

Today both my parents are home, but they can hear Quincy breathing more heavily. He currently still has an appetite, though mainly for chicken, but he's eating and going for walks. However, they can clearly see his lymph nodes enlarging around his neck.

I'm sharing this information mainly because it affects the family and time spent on Catster/Dogster, and time is always so precious.



My Garden Sign

November 6th 2010 12:52 pm
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Mom finished my garden sign. She worked on trying to hide some of the imperfections but I think it's meant to have some imperfections! There's a picture of it on my page in it's temporary spot. It'll be moved to my garden after some more planting is done.


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