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Anna's Garden of Grace

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Tundra Made Me a Furbulous Birthday Picture

June 4th 2016 5:51 am
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Thank you Tundra for this Furbulous Picture!


My Happy Birthday Pictures

June 3rd 2016 4:01 pm
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Beautiful Birthday Pictures from my BFF's Sonny, Presley and Paris. thank you so much ~ they are awesome!

15th Birthday from Sonny Presley and Paris

Birthday Love from Sonny Presley and Paris

Beautiful Birthday picture from Sonny Presley and Paris


I thought we were forever gone

March 26th 2016 7:50 pm
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We couldn't get on Catster for almost two weeks ~ finally today we got in again. we really thought that was the end! scary. just wanted to say hello to our furiends and to say if we missed your special day we are sorry. lots of love and headbonks Anna


Taking Some Time Off

August 27th 2015 12:42 pm
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Hello my Dear Furiends ~ we just wanted you to know since mom started to work again she is going to take some time off catster. we are all adjusting to her new schedule. so we are all wishing you wonderful birthdays and sending lots of love.

see you later, lots of purrs Anna, Tony, Sammy, Stormy, Grey, Cleo, Ashe and Bagherra


is Catster really getting fixed?

June 30th 2015 6:17 am
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Now we can't change our backgrounds. i have last years birthday pic and this years birthday background. i can't change or add pics, comment on diaries or other kitties pics, add pics to a forum, pawmail doesn't work, i just wanted to see if i can still write a diary ~

wonder what will get 'fixed' next 'sigh'.


My Delicious Beautiful Birthday Cake Made by the WeBees!

June 4th 2015 10:19 am
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My Beautiful Birthday Cake From the WeBees


Awesome Birthday Flowers from my Sweetheart Riley

June 3rd 2015 5:51 am
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Riley sent me beautiful birthday flowers! what a wonderful day this is. 'Anna rubs her face on the velvety petals' hmmm would it hurt just to nibble a little? 'giggles'

Awesome Birthday Flowers from my Sweetheart Riley


Pawsome Birthday Picture from Tundra

June 3rd 2015 5:17 am
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Oh my look at this cake too! and all the little pink Mousies. i love my Birthday picture Tundra ~ thank you soooo much! purrs Anna

Beautiful Birthday Picture From Tundra


Happy Birthday Prezzies from my BfF Sonny

June 2nd 2015 2:04 pm
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Sonny is my BFF ~ he is an Angel now but he comes to visit me on special days. Today he came and brought me some Furtastic Birthday Prezzies. Beautiful Pink Roses, a Sparkly Diamond Ring, a purse made of Diamonds too (Wow) but oh my cats the most amazing one of all was a totally awesome car. Well i'm off now to take a spin in my new car, come by and we'll go for a drive. happy purrs Anna

Wowzers! Look at this Fantastic Car Sonny gave me for my birthday

Beautiful Pink Roses

Gorgeous Diamond Decorated Purse

Sparkly Diamond Ring


For All My Furiends Who I Have Made Pages For

May 15th 2015 3:43 pm
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Well here we are at last. Dogster/Catster has taken away the last ray of hope for the rebirth of the Magical Old Dogster/Catster. I have a dread deep in my heart. It will never be the same. Below is a notice about what is going to happen to our pages. They will disappear!!!! they say there will be a new style.

(For those of you who use CSS, HTML, or JavaScript to customize the appearance of your Pet Pages and Group homepages, please be aware that the code you currently have in your Fun Stuff Bio Fields will not be valid on the new platform. When the site moves to the new platform, your Pet Pages and Groups will no longer feature decorations.)

So my friends if i have made a page for you next week they will be gone.
The Group pages are going to be gone too. 'Anna wipes away a tear.'

there is more information on the All Paws Bulletin. it sounds as if the new Dogster/Catster is going to be hard to navigate. they say Pawsome Pages will help but from my experience Pawsome Pages only made me feel stupid and kept saying "Go to the tutorial' so i had a dear friend to teach me.

i had high hopes but now i have none. we will wait and see but we may not stay on Catster. sad purrs Anna

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