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Time With Tony

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Let's Play Spring Tag!

April 3rd 2013 7:57 am
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My lovely furiend Samhain tagged me for Spring! I name five things i like about Spring and then I Tag some furfuriends.

1) All the Spring smells, new and fresh
2) Watching the bunnies coming to eat our birdseed
3) Mom taking me for walks outside
4) Watching the birdies splashing around in the birdbath
5) Napping in the window with the sun warming my tummy

I am tagging:
1) Zach ~ 1169986
2) Penelope ~ 930939
3) Precious ~ 1157407
4) Annie ~ 1002413
5) Sylvester ~ 875977

Spring Fun with my Catster Pals


Pawmail notifications

October 30th 2012 8:23 am
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Well furiends, it looks like we have again lost our pawmail notifications. if we don't answer a pmail right away please don't think we are ignoring you. we sure will be glad when Catster gets its flea bath! purrs Tony


Adobe Flash Player Virus

October 13th 2012 7:11 am
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A very good furiend of ours sent us an email about a virus that messed up her computer. we have seen the same message pop up on our computer lately but we didn't click on it. it is very official looking ~ this is what she said:

it was an Adobe Flash player download notification.
I do remember getting a notice that it was out of date. It seems hackers have breached Adobe’s code-signing system allowing them to spread their malware under the guise of official Adobe software.

so if a notification pops up DON'T click on it. you can go to the official Adobe site and update there. i hope this saves a lot of furiends from getting the virus. purrs


Lovely Morning Surprise

August 23rd 2012 2:57 am
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One of the very first things mom does in the morning is check Catster to see who is DDP, COTD and Birthdays ~ guess whose picture she saw this morning ~ yep, it was Me!! Thanks Diary Gal, Gotta run, mom is off to work. Have a furbulous day my furiends. purrs Tony

Wishing You a Beautifur Day


Time for Tag!

August 21st 2012 6:55 pm
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"Who are you really?"
I'm the Big Daddy of our house, i love all the kitties and they love me right back, even Anna and Stormy.

1) Tell me your funny Christmas story.
Dad and Mom used to have a real Christmas Tree every year, a big one too. That is until one year when my sisfur Cleo decided she wanted some of the ornaments on the tree. Well,it sort of got Tilted!! i'll let you guess what happened next~~~~

2) Where's your favorite hiding place when playing hide and go seek?
I hide behind the bathroom door so Dad can't find me.

3) What did you dream of being as a young kit?
I dreamed of being a Daddy to lots of kitties, i got my wish ~ i have four younger furblings to take care of.

4) What's your favorite hobby? Anything goes.
I love playing hide and seek with Dad, He never finds me but i find him every time.

5) Whats your one "bad habit" that you love and your Mom hates?
Biting mom's head when she sits on the sofa.

6) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
Right here, i love being home!

7) What is your guilty pleasure? Food, food and more food.

8) What is your favorite make believe monster? The Cookie Monster of course MOL.

Cookie Monster

9) What is the one dreaded thing you have to do at home? Babysitting, taking baths, entertaining guests....what is your dread?
Dad and Mom going to work. They really should never leave.

10) I’m not so sure if Zach and Zoe are going to have coed ships this year or not, but in any case, which ship would you want to be on: Zach’s, or Zoe’s?
I want to be on 'The Flying Cloud Ship

Now i'm off to tag some furiends!


Doing the Happy Dance

August 17th 2012 3:38 pm
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We are all doing the Happy Dance at our house tonight. Mom talked to Dr Snow my vet and she said the biopsy came back as an inflammation. We are so thankful for all the prayer and support from our wonderful Catster Friends ~ big hugs to evfurry one (and whisker kisses too) We know lots of prayers went up for me and to each of you i send you tons of love. I thank you with all our heart!!

We have some more good news too ~ our furiend Tessa #369923 has a new brofur Named Mr. Boots. Will you go welcome him to Catster?

lots of happy and very grateful purrs Tony (and mom)


Home from the Vet

August 13th 2012 1:03 pm
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Well i am home with some pearly white toofies my furiends. it was a pretty bad morning for me as i am not happy away from home.the drive to the vets is about 40 mins and i was totally stressed out. but i came thru the anesthesia with no problem and that was what mom was concerned about.

there is a little concern with something else though. the vet found a very small growth on my lip (which she removed) and she said there is a slight change in the bone beneath it. they sent it off for a biopsy so we will just wait and see what it says.

for now i am so happy to be home ~ i knew when mom came to get me we were going home. i didn't have any of the problems i had on the drive going to the vets. mom says kitties are so smart about things like that, they know more than we do sometimes.

i got my special salmon Fancy Feast all to myself and now i am happily laying in the sun. from mom and me thank you for all the love and support you gave us, it meant more than you can imagine. life is sweet ~~


Thank you for my Power of the Purr!

August 11th 2012 6:48 am
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I got a Beautifur 'Power of the Paw' from some wonderfur anonymous kitties who sent me love and purrs for my toofer cleaning on Monday.They promised to surround me with healing and love! 'Tony hands his mom a tissue' It means the world to us to know you are purring and praying for me.

I got wonderfur encouraging messages from the WeBees, they are such dear,special furiends.

Thank you Sonny, Presley and Paris for the Wonderfur Power of the Paw you sent me ~ i'll be watching for your special Angel Dust too Sonny! i love you guys.

Soc and furmily, you know much how we love Butterflies, you are precious sweet furiends, thank you.

Buddie and Furmily, i love the Beautiful Blue Ribbon, mom says it matches my blue eyes MOL. Thank you so much!

Thanks to my new handsome furiend Tristen ~ more Power of the Paw! You give me courage.

From the Gorgeous Twins Presley and Paris and from my best pal Sir Sonny i got lots of love ~ beautifur red Hearts.

grateful purrs


Fighting the Uglies

June 12th 2012 6:16 am
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Hey the girls may do 'Beautifur' but we guys are going to do the 'fun stuff' ~

Just for Fun


We Had a Scary Visitor

September 20th 2011 6:52 am
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A couple of days ago our trash can and our bird seed can were carried off down the hill in the middle of the night. Dad thought it was a bear but mom wasn't sure about that because we haven't ever seen a bear here.

Well Dad was right (as usual) Mom was sitting here on Catster last night giving out a few final Pirate Flags and right outside the window where she was sitting she heard some noises. It was dark but when she looked out there was this BIG Bear dragging our bird seed can off again! now when i say big i mean about 3 feet tall at the shoulder with a huge head (full of sharp teeth i'm sure). The window mom was looking out was about 4 ft off the ground so that ole' bear was a little below her but it scared her let me tell you.

She had all the windows and the glass doors open because it has been so wonderfully cool here at night. She ran and slammed all the windows down and shut the glass doors. We had all been snoozing so none of us were out on the screened porch and mom was soooo glad about that. Dad said he is going to call the forestry people and they will come get that bear and take him way out in the woods. Shoot, we all thought we were way out in the woods LOL. Until they catch him everything will be closed up before dark. Now we'll be on the lookout ~ just to be sure he doesn't decide to come in the house and get our cat food. ON Guard ~ Tony the Sentry

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