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Jellicle Musings


August 4th 2008 6:48 am
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My little brother Macavity went to the Heavyside layer a few days ago. Mummy and Daddy have been very sad for the last few days since he went, and I've been doing my best to look after them.

Mummy said he went very quickly, and probably didn't notice anything at all.

I'm sad too. I miss him trying to pounce me and play with me, even if it was annoying when he was still here.


My First Entry

April 4th 2007 10:03 am
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Well, Mummy let Mac make a diary, so now I need to as well to catch up...

I'm Jelli, which is short for Jellicle. Mummy and Daddy call me that because they say I'm a proper Jellicle Cat - small, white with some black and with a lot of personality.

Before I met my Mummy and Daddy and moved in with them I lived on the streets, which wasn't fun at all. I never had much food and people used to be mean to me all the time. But Mummy and Daddy aren't like that at all - they spent a long time getting to know me and putting food out for me till I thought they were okay people and decided to investigate their house.

I don't go out any more because I can't see very well. When I was on the streets I got an eye infection which made my eyes really itchy, and then one day I accidentally cut part of my right eye open trying to scratch it. When Mummy and Daddy found me they spent a while trying to clean it and gave me lots of fresh water to clean it with myself and it healed up better than they expected, but I still can't see very well out of it. I also have to go to the vet's sometimes because I get infections there sometimes. Yuk! So now I just stay indoors all the time, curled up on my nest or on my Daddy when he's working on the computer. I also spend a lot of time avoiding being pounced by my stinky little brother, because he's not very bright and can't remember that I like to just lie and be quiet now. Mummy says he'll learn eventually, but I'm not too sure...

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