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Let's Play Spring Tag!

April 4th 2013 4:09 pm
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Let's Play Spring Tag!
April 4rd 2013

My Friend Minuette tagged me: ~ I must name five things I like about Spring and then I will tag some other furfriends.

Here are some of the things I like about Spring:

1) Outdoor Enclosure. Mommy lets Marina and I go outside. We have a very large enclosure. I can lay on the patio or hide under the bridge.

2) Free Food. I love to watch all the pretty birdies, but I also love to EAT the pretty birdies. Please don't judge me. It's my feline instincts and I'm a hopeless slave to my instincs.

3) Fresh Air. I love the fresh air when mommy opens the windows. I can hiss at the cats walking by and watch the children play.

4) Warm weather. It feels good enough that I can spend hours outside.

5) Bugs and Frogs. I love to chase flies, moths, frogs, grasshoppers, and anything else that moves.

I am tagging:
1) Ben -- 200703
2) Gimli -- 100277
3) Shade -- 1197041
4) Mazie -- 976729
5) Mojo -- 1247595

If you're one of my friends, and don't see your name, feel free to join in: it was a tough decision to pick the five, so I leaned towards those with more current diaries--so they wouldn't resent the need to write again--plus angels have Spring year-round!
In addition, anyone who wants to play is welcome--I love finding out more about all of you!


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