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Max's Musings

May 26th 2007 4:23 pm
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His death was completely unexpected, with no warnings or signs that it was coming. Wednesday morning started as usual, they were let out of the cage to play and were given their breakfast. Max didn’t eat a whole lot, but they have access to food at all times, figured it was no big deal and that he’d come back and eat later. He started getting very clingy, was real purry and snuggly, every time I would leave the room he would cry and cry until I came back. This got me a little worried, but at that point it wasn’t anything to warrant a vet trip. He started having seizures and foaming at the mouth a bit, the seizures only lasted a couple seconds, 10 seconds at most. At that point we didn’t realize that they were seizures, it was like someone had just given him a fowl tasting liquid and he was moving his tongue to try to get it off the back of his throat. He started to foam at the mouth a bit; at this point we made the call to the animal shelter to get authorization to take him to the vet’s office. Unfortunately, the vets had just left for lunch… he was only going to have to wait an hour, we figured he’d be fine until then. When we were getting ready to leave to take him to the vets he had a full blown Grand Mal seizure. He soon after had another, larger seizure that lasted over a minute. The cluster seizures got closer and closer together, and while waiting in the lobby at the vet’s office, he had his third and largest seizure. The vet gave him Valium, and after that he was pretty much unconscious. The vet ran some blood work and said that all of his readings were normal except that his white blood cell count was more than twice the amount that it was supposed to be. The vet said that there was nothing that could be done and that he would continue to have seizures until one eventually killed him… The only option was to have him euthanized. The vet thinks the cause of the seizures was either a congenital deformity (meaning that he’s been a ticking time bomb since day one) or that he had Dry Effusive FIP.

It absolutely breaks my heart to have something like this take him away after all that he’s been through in his short little life. I don’t think that I will ever understand why these kittens’ lives are taken at such a young age. Max was very, very loved and will never be forgotten…

-Max’s Mom

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