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Can Cats Eat Cool Whip? Nutritional Facts & FAQ

Can Cats Eat Cool Whip
Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by Kristin Hitchcock

If your cat accidentally snacks on some cool whip, then they will likely be fine. Cool whip is not toxic for cats and will not cause problems in small amounts. Therefore, if your cat breaks into your pie, there is no need to rush them to the vet.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should regularly feed your cat cool whip. Cool whip mostly contains hydrogenated oils and plenty of sugar—none of which are good for your felines. Therefore, it isn’t something that you should give your cat on a daily basis. It isn’t exactly healthy, but it is not going to make them sick, either.

It does contain dairy, which can upset your cat’s stomach as most cats are intolerant to dairy. Therefore, while dairy won’t cause serious problems, it may upset your cat’s stomach. Cats can digest dairy as a kitten, but they usually grow out of this by the time they reach adulthood.

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Can I Give My Cat Whipped Cream?

Whipped cream is basically the same as cool whip. Therefore, most of the same statements apply.

Whipped cream is not toxic for cats. It is mostly made up of dairy and sugar—both of which your cat can have without serious consequences. However, you should not feed your cat these things regularly.

Sugar is not necessary for your cat’s diet and can lead to obesity and similar problems. Just like people, there is no nutritional value to sugar for cats. It is a filler food that doesn’t provide any vitamins and nutrients. However, it does provide plenty of calories, which is why it can lead to obesity.

Dairy is well-loved by many cats. However, it is not necessarily good for them. Plus, many cats cannot digest dairy properly once they reach adulthood and it can often upset their stomach. Most cats aren’t blatantly allergic to dairy, but it will cause stomach upset and diarrhea in many cases.

Based on all this information, we do not recommend rushing your cat to the vet if they accidentally consume some whipped cream. However, we do not recommend feeding it to your cat, either.

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Is a Puppuccino OK for Cats?

A Puppuccino or Pup Cup is a small cup of whipped cream that you can get from Starbucks. It is commonly marketed towards dogs as a treat for them when you go through the drive-through. However, many people may also want to give them to their cats.

A pup cup is basically just whipped cream—it’s just specifically Starbucks-brand whipped cream. Therefore, it actually has a bit more sugar than your average whipped cream. Obviously, this can be a problem for just about anyone who eats it, including your cat.

As we stated above, many cats cannot digest dairy appropriately, so they may have a negative reaction to whipped cream. Furthermore, they do not need all of the sugar. Sugar only provides empty calories, which can lead to obesity and all the health problems that come with that.

Plus, you also have to consider the size of your cat in comparison to a Puppuccino. While a Pup Cup may not be terribly bad for a large dog (because it is so tiny compared to the dog), that is a different story for your small domestic cat. A pup cup is quite large compared to your feline, so they are getting a larger percentage of their calories from this sugary dairy treat.

Of course, cats may have a stronger reaction against the dairy in a pup cup since they are so small. Larger dogs may eat one without a problem because they are so much larger than your cat.

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Can Cats Eat Sugar-Free Cool Whip?

One of the main problems of feeding cool whip to your cat is the sugar. However, sugar-free cool whip doesn’t have any sugar at all. Therefore, many people may consider it a better option for your feline.

However, this type of cool whip usually includes corn syrup, which does include a small amount of sugar. While this sugar is not as high as in normal cool whip, it is still there. As very large creatures, the amount of sugar is hardly anything to bat an eye at.

With that said, our cats are much smaller. Therefore, even the small amount of sugar inside the corn syrup can have a negative effect on their diet. In fact, corn syrup is commonly used in diabetes emergencies in cats, as it helps raise their blood sugar quickly.

That also doesn’t take into account that cool whip still includes dairy, which can upset your cat’s stomach. It may not include high amounts of sugar like other types of cool whip. However, it does include high amounts of dairy.

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What Human Foods Can You Give Your Cat?

While cool whip may be off the table, that doesn’t mean that all human foods are not okay for cats to eat. In fact, there are some foods that are perfectly fine for cats to eat in small amounts, such as:

  • Bananas
  • Berries
  • Carrots
  • Cheese
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Melon
  • Rice

However, you don’t want human foods to make up more than 5% of your cat’s diet. Too many human foods may cause your cat to eat less cat food, which can lead to nutritional problems. Cat food was made with everything your feline needs. If your cat starts eating more human foods, then they may not consume enough cat food to meet their dietary needs.

The only exception to this is carefully formulated home-cooked meals, which may be helpful for some felines. However, you should make these diets by talking to your vet and using a vitamin supplement to ensure your cat’s diet is complete. Your feline cannot just live off of fish and rice.

For the average cat, a bite or two of fish or other meat is not anything to worry about, though.

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You should not feed your cat high amounts of whipped cream or cool whip, as it can cause stomach upset and similar problems. Your feline may be sensitive to the dairy, for instance, which can cause vomiting and stomach upset. Most cats stop digesting dairy in adulthood—even if they are perfectly fine with it in kittenhood.

Cool whip is also sugar, which is not healthy for cats. It is only empty calories, which is not healthy in the least. We do not recommend feeding cats any amount of cool whip for this reason. However, if your cat sneaks some or licks some of the floors, there is no reason to call your vet.

Cool whip is not toxic to cats, but it is not healthy, either.

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