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Raza's Diary

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I have been tagged

February 2nd 2011 2:16 pm
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Yes I too have been tagged . Mines by Annie-The Junctions SpokesCat
Annie's page

List 5 of the most annoying things your humans can do

Number one on the list is ....brushing me. I love it outside and love getting wet, so my Persian coat tends to get knots in it. I hate it when the human tries to comb them out.
Two.... When she puts Balty’s food down first, He now lives in the garage where his peeing is easy to clean up. She sorts him down first before giving me mine. We are the only two that eat wet food.
Three.... Like everyone else MOL going to the vets I’m not as clued up as the rest and I don’t work it out till I have been put in the cage but I sure do stress about the trip.
Four... This is getting harder as there isn’t too many things I dislike about the human, I’m a free agent . I still have to think of number four.....I suppose when she calls us in at night I often want to stay outside, but I’m usually quick to go back out the cat door as soon as she is asleep.
Five well..... it has to be when she puts on the get rid of the flea stuff. She changes the products so the fleas don’t get used to the same ones, but she does me more than the others, she says I seem to attract them more hummmmm not fair I say.

Now I have to tag other cats


Well I haven't worked out what I have to do yet, can some- one tell me please.

January 11th 2011 3:00 pm
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I just got zapped by a a-non-a-mouse snow ball. It was fun so thanks to the cat or / dog that got me. But I wondered what I have to do now, Do I have to say something, before I throw it to someone else? Purrs Raza


We're baking here in NZ. And thank you for all the birthday- wishes

December 25th 2010 6:11 pm
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It is soooooooooo hot here, we are baked little kitties at the moment. Ok it's only 25 deg C but it sure feels hot.

Thank you every fur for your kind wishes for my birthday. The family gave me my own hammock. As soon as it was up, I was in it lying on my back paws in the air. Sam came over and wanted in.
The human laughed, but she was also kicking herself because she didn't have the camera, she said we sure looked cute. Me batting Sams face while upside down in my hammock.

O' well she's still getting used to it anyway.

The human was given a camera for Xmas, D took it for a spin and only came up with........ nothing. Mol He's blaming the humans for not setting it right. So I took it out, I did take some shots and my favourite scene is the garden fence. It must be something in the lines that takes my fancy, as there's shots from all angles. MOL.

I have a treat for you if you like. I don't know if you have been following the cartoons. We drew 3 just recently after a long long break leaving Wanda, Squirrel and Pooters to draw most of them.
I'll post the other two that have been posted on Catster in the last few weeks then the new one that may go out to some groups in a few weeks. So here's a sneak peek at the last one.

It's based on Christmas and that we had the nephew come to stay. Well in real life the nephew is now 12 and the niece is 8 but they still are as scary as ever. Sam is still hiding from them, but the rest of us are doing ok now

Cartoon No 1

Cartoon No 2

the one that hasn't gone out yet

And an old one Sam just can't help herself, she sure is a good hunter

Purrs all and I hope you are having a pawsome time. You should come over we are having a great summer here.

BTW I'm doing great I haven't had any more seizures. Paws crossed it stays that way. Thanks everyone that helped it sure taught my human a few things.

Also thank you Catster for the 5 paws and the treats. I do feel special today


You are all very helpful, thank you

November 24th 2010 2:36 pm
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The human has received lots and lots of information, Thank you.

It's really strange, as one minute they say it's not that common in cats then they go on to say the symptoms.

copied from a website...
------------------------------------------------ ---
Symptoms and Types of Epileptic Seizures in Cats
A seizure may have several symptoms or only a few, including:
• Loss of consciousness
• Muscle contraction
• Hallucinations
• Involuntarily urination, defecation, drooling (salivation)
• Loss of recognition of owner
• Vicious behavior
• Pacing
• Running in circles
--------------------------------------------------- -
Some say biting their owners or other cats all of a sudden, starring into space, running around like a mad thing, running in circles, vocal.
Many sound like typical cat behaviour?
Does that mean our cats are having seizures and we just don't realise it?

Here are a list of possible causes of it....
---------------------------------------------------- -

Factors That May Trigger a Seizure...

Below is a list of factors that most commonly trigger seizures. This does not mean your pet will have a seizure each time it comes in contact with one. EACH pet is different and sensitive to certain things. This list does not apply to every pet.
Some of these factors are impossible to avoid, but are listed for your knowledge.

Hair spray - Do not spray when pet is in the same room.

Wool - Wool blankets, wool sofas, etc.

Heartworm pills - A seizure may occur 1 to 1 ½ wks. after administering heartworm medication.

Cigarette smoke.

Environmental Pollution from chemical plants.

BHA - A preservative commonly used in dog foods, read - "Additives in Pet Foods,"

BHT - A preservative commonly used in dog foods.

Sodium nitrate - Proven in research studies to cause severe seizures. Sodium nitrate is found in many foods we eat. Read the ingredient labels carefully.

Carpet powders.

Air fresheners.

Fabric softeners - If exposed to clothes that have fabric softener on them.

Dryer sheets - If exposed to clothes that have been in the dryer with the dryer sheets.

Salt, Ferrous Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Calcium Iodate, Monosodium Glutamate - in excess.

Sugar - Sucrose, corn syrup, molasses, cane sugar.

Low quality commercial dog biscuits and treats.

Low quality dry food.

Low quality canned food.

Plastic bowls - All plastics release some undetectable fumes, especially when heated. This out-gassing means the fumes can pass into the foods that are served or stored in the bowl or container. Stainless steel or glass bowls are recommended.

Cheap ceramic bowls - Cause the same problem as described above.

Fumes from all bathroom cleaners.

Fumes from bleach.

Fumes from dusting products.

Household cleaners - Pine cleaners should be avoided.

All toxic flea products - If the product states "Hazardous To Humans And Domestic Animals", it is hazardous to your pet.

Toxic shampoos.

Toxic flea collars.

Dust - Change air filters in your home once a month, and wash curtains twice yearly.



Eating cat or dog feces.



Lyme vaccine.

Lyme encephalitis.

Rabies vaccine.

Head trauma.

Worm infestation.

Lead - Pets like to lick lead because it tastes sweet, and lead poisoning can result from licking or eating wood chips on which there is lead paint. This can be checked when doing regular blood work, but it must be specified that you would like a LEAD POISONING TEST which is not part of a normal blood work.

Paint fumes.

Paint chips from lead based paint.

Excessive exercise.


Abuse or neglect.

Rawhides - Many are dipped in a solution of salt and bleach
Cheap painted pet toys

Loud noises - Yelling, fighting, doorbell ringing
Scented candles.

Vitamins with high sodium level.

Inconsistent routine.

FALL - Research studies have shown that more seizures occur in the fall. This is due to mold and bacteria in the air.

Blinking lights - Christmas lights, bright lights, etc.

Pine cleaners.

Red food dye.


Fungi, Bacteria and Germs.

Foam mattresses - foam is made from petroleum-based chemicals. Some reseraches detected very high levels of toxins, like arsenic and phosphor compunds in the memory foam.

Mobile Phones - Research carried out on animals suggests that mobile phone emissions may trigger seizures. Check out this site - Epilepsy and Mobile Phones

Hereditary Factors.

------------------------------------------------ -
Wow!!! this list is huge.

This is from another site....
-------------------------------------------------- -------
Some people have suggested that a taurine deficiency may cause seizures. I have not yet seen any information based on scientific research that would support this belief. However, it is certainly true that a cat having seizures should be fed a balanced diet that supplies adequate taurine
--------------------------------------------------- -------

A few have mentioned give B12 additives

I have looked over what I may have done different that day.

Yes, there were a few things that could have triggered it. but who knows if they were a factor.

It's all interesting and confusing. I wish we had an answer so we know where we need to go or what we need to do.
So far Raza's test have come back neg for FIV and for toxoplasmosis which is great news, The bloods and urine tests also don't show anything too out of the ordinary.

She seems great and we haven't noticed any more problems. Unfortunately they can be quick and we may not notice them other than I'm checking her eyes often to see if there are any changes like before. (it took a little while for her eyes to go back to normal).

Maybe it is a one off. Also it seems to be a little more common in Persians (which she is) So who knows.........

We have to keep looking, and watching her.

Many thanks to everyone, thanks for the purrs and the advice, the treats, rosette and the Zealies so very kind. We don't think we are so deserving. You guys really are real treasures and it's this, that makes Catster such a great place to be.
Thank you purrs Raza


Well I'm back home now a little furless than before.

November 22nd 2010 12:30 pm
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I feel violated, they stole my blood, extracted urine. What next?
The tests came back ok, nothing out of the ordinary. Some levels were slightly lower than normal but still nothing to be alarmed about.
So they want to do more, Yikes!!!!!

They said it may be a one off and hopefully I'll never have another seizure again. Paws crossed on that one it was very scary.
The human asked for more tests. What was she thinking? They said I was fine.
But she said she wants to make sure I'm healthy before Feb (the middle of our summer). I love to run around outside and I seem to suffer from hay fever. It seems worse at that time of the year for some reason, so she wants to make sure I’m well enough for it.

Here in NZ it is safer outside than inside. I get up to so much mischief inside the house you wouldn't believe it.

Thank you everyfur for the good wishes and purrs.
Purrs Raza


Sunday morning

November 20th 2010 9:22 am
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Thanks everyfur it is now almost 6am Sunday morning here and I'm feeling fine, the human has prodded me and I feel a little violated. She checked my coat, my skin, the pads on my feet, even my gums. I hate my mouth being opened for inspection.

*human here - yes and she has this funny little mouth that's really hard to see in, I was just checking the colour of her mucus membranes. She doesn't make it easy, but she looks fine. I also think you are right. I also saw that humans can benefit from B12 or vitamin B in these cases and it may be helpful to cats but I'll check with the vet on that one.
It's a shame it's the weekend as the emergency vet is really a patch and dispatch.
We’ll watch her I wish I didn’t have to go to work today. I may have to have a short day.
Thanks so much for checking on her. I’ll have to look into her diet maybe the food I’m giving her is lacking in something. I wonder if she is sneaking Baltys food (which is KD). But that’s suppose to be ok.
It’s really helpful to talk to you all about this you never know what tips may pop up and I’m all ears.
I hope it never happens again. Thanks again for you help

And me Raza


20 November 2010 Note to diary

November 20th 2010 12:40 am
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Just recording what happened to Raza tonight.

There was a load bang as if a cat had thrown themselves against the glass doors I ran around to see what had happened as Raza was stumbling around the couch not really able to walk, just dragging herself.

I carefully looked her over and thought her paw might have been through her collar, it wasn't. She was having trouble breathing so I took it (the collar) off her.
She was not drooling or foaming at the mouth she also did not pass any thing

She was stiff and bent in an odd shape, so I carefully rolled her over to her side so she could breathe a little more easily. She was as stiff as a board with her back legs stretched out in different directions.

She wasn't moving other than the funny sound of her struggling to breath. After sitting with her trying to calm her down talking to her softly and a light pat she started to come around.

I did not time it, but it appeared to some time. When she was able to roll over back onto her feet she was very wobbly and her pupils were different sizes, the left one larger than the right.

When she started to walk one hind leg appeared to be angled out a bit.

She then went and hid in the corner of the lounge behind one of the seats. I watched her as she calmed down. It has now been 45 minutes since the bang and she seems to be back to normal. Jumping around on things as if nothing had happened

Also her breathing appears fine. You would never have known she had the problem. I have rung the emergency Vet but there is little they can do with no immediate symptoms. So I'll just have to watch her. I wonder if this has happened before to her and we have not seen it.

For the record...Raza in about month’s time will turn 6 on the 25th Dec. She has had no real health issues other than a UTI which she is now on prescription food for. Also when she was a kitten she was sick with diarrhoea and her breathing wasn't the best (because of her short nose). So we held off spaying her, lol now we have Sam and Mr D, I'm not complaining. She can also suffer bouts of heyfever in Spring/ Summer but other than that she seems ok, She gets regular check ups and is up to date with her vacc (we only get one here). Last trip to the vets was 2 months ago and she got given advantage for her last flea treatment.

She has a love of chewing cords in the house. This event happened near the cords, I first wondered if she had chewed one that was live. I checked and luckily the mains were all off, so she can't have had an electric shock. She is a terror for that, we have to make sure any cords for recharging phones or computers are never left plugged in.

All is well again it'll be interesting to see if this happens again. I'll ring our normal vet when they open. But I thought I'd put it here for reference.

If you read all this thanks, she appears fine and back to her old self as if nothing had happened. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.

If you have any advise what I should look out for or anything I should do, I'm all ears. Thanks


Well I started a new group today called " Stunning photos- made easy"

July 2nd 2009 4:12 pm
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Here's the address.... de_easy-16614

I know we have a lot of pawsome groups here on Catster like Pawsome pages and school of graphics, but I was thinking we may need a group to combine them all.
Here... will be a group that deals only on the photos. Hopefully we can give each other ideas on the best tricks to get a cats interest. Best lighting, Cameras we use, etc.
Also which programs we can use and the best tricks to get the most out of our photos. Like lightening / increasing the contrast of the eyes to make the cat look more alive.
There are lots of tricks the professionals use on their photos and we can too.

We can use the ideas here in the group to get the photo right then pop over to the School of graphics for animations and to Pawsome pages to get ideas on what we can do with our photos. Like back grounds etc.

What does every cat think do you think it'll fly?

The human was hoping to put a video together with some of the pawsome photos there are here on Catster. It may take some time as she needs to ask permission and get the photos e-mail to her.
But the end result should be a beautiful show of photos taken by those here on Catster.

Anyone is welcome to join the group, let us know what camera you use and what you think of it. It’ll be great to find the best one for us cats.

Purrs Raza
P.S. thanks for reading my diary


A CoC cartoon for Catmas- still picking on D hee hee

December 21st 2008 12:08 pm
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Here's the link if anyfur is interested...

New CoC cartoon for Catmas

Purring you all have a pawsome Catmas and a pawtastic New Year purrs Raza and the fur gang.


Cartoon Number 15

October 7th 2008 1:35 am
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Cartoon for week starting 6th Oct

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