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The story from my side

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Hello furry friends I want to thank you all for the lovely- birthday gifts you gave me,

January 28th 2015 12:38 pm
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Thank you furry friends for the lovely birthday gifts purrs Sam. I would like to thank
For the yummy cakes
- The Family of Saphira, Nonsense (RIP), Viola (Madame Viola)
- The Family of Sonny Bono Angel Dreamboat-#34, Presley Dreamette #27a, ♥ Paris Dreamette #27b

For the ball of twine
- The Family of Mathis der Meowler (Angel), Belle (Angel), Antoine, Entrechat Cat (Angel), Figaro (Angel), Kragen, and more!~

For the Snowman
- The Family of Mugsy, Taffy (forever loved) ADB#30, Texas
For the pink rosette
- The Family of MILO BLUE EYES DB# 73, Smokey Joe Angel Dreamboat #9, SAM Dreamboat In Training #23, MALLEE DG# 22
For the heart
- The Family of Wanda 2000-2006, Norman DB#93 2001-2013, Tess 9-10-2005 to 9-15-2012, Rupert, Mitchell, Beckie, and more!
For the Roses
- The Family of Luigi, Smiley Cassanova
- The Family of Zack Beloved Angel (1995-2009), Harry (2002-2009) ✟, Riley♡ My Big Love, Jack (1994-2012 ) ✟, Enzo (2003-2013) ✟, Hannah♥, and more!~
- The Family of ♥Buddy♥ My Angel, ♥Friday DB #170♥, Bobbie - In Loving Memory, ♥Bijou♥ , ♥Bailey♥, ♥Neiko♥ , and more!~
- Beepers and family”
And all the hugs from
- The Family of Mac, Angel Ivy, Legolas (Legaly)-Forever Loved, Zander, Zoey, Jax, and more!
- The Family of Big Harry, My Orange Angel, Patches, Angel Abigail, Angel Zack, Angel Lumi, Silvio- Angel Dreamboat #11, and more!~

This is so kind of you all, and it’s really lovely to still see everyone still on Catster.
I'm sorry if I have missed any and I know I missed some from Christmas. Thank you Thank you Thank you.


Happy 4th of July to all those in the USA

July 3rd 2014 4:08 pm
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Hi just popping into say hello and wishing you all a great day especially those that are cellebrating the 4th of July. Purrs Sam.


Apparently we have a visitor coming?

March 14th 2014 12:57 pm
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The humans have moved furniture around outside and said someone's coming. Strange as I never seen them move the furniture for any one before.

She didn't say the name but it must been someone famouse because the TV is saying they is visiting the whole country starting at the north and moving down the country.

I did see the name on the TV and I think it is Cyclone Lusi .

I hope they are friendly and like cats.

Well I better run hope everyfur is well purrs Sam.


Free hot cocoa guys

January 10th 2014 9:27 pm
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Hummmmm cocoa purrs Sam. actually it's coffee I like MOL. The humans have to watch their cups or I'll get it MOL. But I'll take Cocoa thanks Catster


Hey furry friends feast your eyes on this.....

November 14th 2013 12:17 pm
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This guys is so cute and determined.

feast your eyes to this little guy

Purrs Sam


We missed it again, and thank you

July 7th 2013 4:00 pm
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Yes we missed the free gifts again Argh!!!!. We hope everyone had a pawsome time on the 4th of July.
Thank you furry friends for making our pages look so awesome.
Purrs and whiskerkisses from us in New Zealand.
Purrs Sam, Mr D, Raza and Balty.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the easter eggs.

March 31st 2013 1:06 pm
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We want to thank you all for the lovely easter eggs. You should have seen the humans face when she turned on the computer.

We wish we could join in the fun and send some ourselves but the human has to go to work in 10 minutes and by the time she gets home it'll be all over. : (
We hope you all are having a great time purrs and whisker kisses from us in New Zealand. Purrs Sam, Mr D and Raza.


Hi furry friends

October 26th 2012 12:55 pm
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I know we haven't been around much lately. Silly human brought a shop and that's taking all her time. Grrrrrrrr.

BUT ..... I have turned to you guys my furry friends for some advice please.

The humans tells us we will be moving in about 6 months. To us that's a long long time away but the human says it'll be almost like tomorrow the way time fly's.

Anyway the question we ask is.... How do you keep your home smelling fresh and clean when you have to have kitty's locked up in it 24/7.

I hate been locked up and the human is very very worried about the event. The last time I came back from the cattery I had a huge hole in my chest. Hummm... I didn't tell her how I got it... I really don't like been confined.

We own lots and lots of cat trees, cat beds, food out 24/7, a water fountain, a heap of toys and anything else the human can think of to keep us happy.

About the litter box, we are not really used to them at all. We have three, we did have more but the human threw them out. It was so we could rotate the boxes when Balty had to be confined in the garage. MOL even through he always missed the box, we used it for him, hee hee.

BUT at the new place we won't be allowed outside AT ALL : ( we will be locked up with the box, in the house. For at least 6 months if the human can handle it for that long.

How do you furs keep it all clean? how do you keep the house smelling fresh?

Thank you all that respond : )


Thank you for the balloons purrs Sam

October 3rd 2012 2:34 pm
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Thank you for the balloons. It looks like we missed the party, purrs Sam



September 17th 2012 2:16 pm
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Hummmmm...... I think the human should change my name to ... ARTEMIS

You ask why????? Well I am, and think I should be treated like a goddess. I'm a real lady MOL.

I am also an awesome hunter, So with that in mind I reckon I should be named after the Greek Goddess Artemis.
What do you think?
Purrs Sam (who thinks Sam sounds like a boys name)

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