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The Life of a Princess Pork Chop

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My 4th (or is it 10th??) Birthday!

July 7th 2009 8:54 am
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Who is keeping track? Every girl knows that it is not the number of candles on the cake....but the CATTITUDE! And I have the attitude of a young hot chick. PURRS....Still got junk in the trunk....

I started my birthday off in usual style...purring, head bonking, wet nose kisses for my Momma until she begrudgingly rolled out of bed to treat me. She stayed up purry late waiting for Daddy so she was a little bleary eyed. Not to worry, we went back to sleep for a few hours and then the fun began....

Extra treats, Maine Attraction wet food, lots of pets and lovies....Yeah, I love my forever home! My birthday is especially poignant given my feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy diagnosis (that is a hairball full to say....) on August 27, 2007. The doc said it didn't look good for me...but here I am, taking my daily heart meds and looking better than ever. We don't take for granted my time here, though. We've known several special kitties who were taken much to soon to this disease (my special fiance Picasso and my gal pal Sally.) So to that end, we share a special passage with all of you. As a law enforcement family and with the death of our beloved Grandpaw a few weeks ago, this especially rings true:

I'm going to live my live
Like every day is my last
Without a simple goodbye
It all goes by so fast.

Taa-Taa....Until we purr again....


Celebrate Good Times....COME ON!

July 6th 2009 5:17 pm
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This is the eve of our 4th year as purrfectly spoiled little furbabies! Four years ago tonight, I was shamefully stuck in a metal cage. Didn't they see my Diva Divinity???? Well, my purrants rescued us on July 7, 2005 and since then, well.....the rest is history!

We don't really know how old I am. They estimated that I was 6 years old at adoption so that would place me.....IN DOUBLE DIGITS??!!??!! Hrumpptpptffhthffff.......I don't look a day over 2!!!!

I continue to be the apple of my Mom's eye. What more could a girly girl cat want???




July 3rd 2009 11:19 am
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I'm Back.

I missed meowing with all my fur friends these last few months.

I appreciate everyone understanding as my Mommy and Daddy were overwhelmed with Grandpaw's passing. Big E (his nickname) was a true county gentleman who loved his family, loved the outdoors, loved talking to people (he never met a stranger) and loved Cats! He also honorably served his country in the US Army as a medic from 1958-1964. Heaven has an angel, but he is still so very missed here on Earth.

So....a quick update, I've been a good Pumpski! Yep, did you know that I share that nickname with President Obama??? That is what his wife, Michelle, calls him, too! My Mom comes up with just about one new nickname a day for me. Ssheesh! Today she is calling me Pumpkin Swirly, Little Girly! Do all of you have goofy Moms, too?? Oh, but I love her so much now that it is summer as she is off until September. We snuggle and cuddle and....I get treats ON DEMAND! Yep, you heard it....Girl Cat gets what girl cat wants.

My pesky "little" brother, 28 lbs of burning love, Harley has been treating me like the princess that I am. He gives me kitty kisses, which I tolerate,but when he goes to sniff "my area", the pork chops reign down! I don't care if that is what cats do....I ain't lettin' no one sniff know!

How is everycat doing??? I hope that you are basking in the love and the beauty of life.


In loving memory of the BEST grandpaw, Ellis S. Steele 4/29/1935-6/09/2009.


My Grandpaw

June 11th 2009 9:10 pm
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He is an angel now. He died in my Mommy's arms at 8:50 PM on June 9, 2009. Someone told us that he went from the arms of an angel he created into the arms of his creator. How beautiful. Please pray for my family.

your loving friend,


Sadness for our family

June 6th 2009 9:12 pm
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Grandpaw (Mom's Daddy) is now under hospice care at home. He will be leaving us physically very soon. My Mommy is so tough but falls apart when she gets home. Both my Mom and Dad spend all day by his side. My job is to snuggle with Mom when she comes to bed at night. I have become such an incredible snuggle bunny.

Please understand our absence from Catster and please pray for my Grandpaw Ellis S. Steele.

Thank you fur friends!
Therapist Chloe


She just knows

May 26th 2009 7:38 pm
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From Chloe's Mommy:

My Dad has a very large tumor in his upper left lung. We are waiting for a PET scan to confirm a lung cancer diagnosis but really.....we all know the truth.

I am devastated.

And Chloe seems to know something is wrong. She has been my shadow whenever I am home and at night, in bed, she literally lays above my head and kneads my scalp, purring her sweet tune. I am amazed how a little scared and snippy girl cat has transformed into a gentle and loving therapist. There are times when I want to scream in the hospital and then I remember my little Chloe Cake and I know that I will be alright. ( My hubby has been with me throughout all of this...but sometimes it is those with fur that we love that gets us through!) Please understand our absence from Catster. We all lose our loved one at some point but the thought of my Daddy not being here every day in uncomprehensable.

Thanks for your concern!
love, Brenda


I am Mom's therapist!

May 20th 2009 5:39 pm
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We just wanted to quickly update my diary to let everyone know that I am fine. We have had little time to play on Catster in the last few weeks as my Mom's Daddy (my grandpaw) is in declining health. Mom and Dad have been over with him almost every night and have had several trips to the ER and stays in the hospital. When Mom falls into bed each night, physically and emotionally exhausted, I am right by her side (well...make that her head!) with a long massage and purr therapy.

So, please forgive me Cassi for being MIA. Your package is still in our extra room waiting to be mailed. And for Bonnie (Harley's squeeze) please forgive him as well. Meow and love to all our good friends in CatsterLand!!

XXOO Tink (another new nickname for me....)


Seriously, Mom....this is how you are going to spend your- Friday night??!?!?

May 1st 2009 7:17 pm
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In case you haven't noticed.....I've been MIA! PORK CHOPS!!!!! Mom has been very busy with work and with her sick Daddy that we haven't been good with keeping in touch with our Catster furiends. Please forgive us.

And...the last two weekends, Mom has been away with girlfriends for various events. It was much needed as she is very stressed with dealing with older parents and teenagers at work. Dad took care of us....but he doesn't have the Mommy touch!

So...tonight, Mom started doing some of the chores reserved for the weekend. Fatty and me looked at the like she was nuts! The mean machine!!! The hard wood floors being cleaned!!! What is this world coming to????

Loving Meows! (oh, and I am still waking Mom up at 4 Am and chewing on her and meowing until 6 AM when she has to get up for work.....*evil meow*)


Pressies from Picasso!

April 11th 2009 4:12 pm
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See what a great fiancee I have...even from the Bridge, he is sending me goodies. Mom was remiss in this journal entry cuz she has been with her sick daddy and then....ended up in the ER when she slammed her hand in the car door. OH cats, was that painful for her and her pinkie nail came completely off. At least she didn't break it, just a bad sprain....but typing ain't so easy for her!!!

Anywho, I got a plush Easter bunny and a bag full of goodies including those wonderfully addicting cat nip bags that Miss Barbi makes! I got a real big pink mousie and a little blue one (maybe I'll be nice and give it to Fatty!) Mom even got some jelly beans and a sweet little ceramic bunny. Awwhh, that was soo nice. Thanks Miss Barbi and Cassi (and family). SMOOCH!!!

Happy Easter one and all!!!!!


How I Started Mom's Day

April 7th 2009 4:12 pm
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First, it is our anniversary! We've been in our forever home for 45 months! Yipee!

So, I decided to start this day off in a very memorable fashion for my Mommy. At 4 AM, I grabbed a chunk of her hair, right near the scalp, and I pulled with all my lil girl cat strength. Usually, I only grab a hair or 2 but this time, I went for the whole kit and kaboodle! Needless to say, Mom was not happy and nearly yelled at me.......

Your loving and faithful Chloe

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