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The Life of a Princess Pork Chop

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March 19th 2010 5:32 pm
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My Mom thinks absolutely everything that I do it so stankin' cute....(except for when I peep on the rug this morning) She is always oohing and aahing over my actions. "Look! Chloe ate a treat!" "Look, Chloe is drinking water!" No wonder my ego is soooo big that I am full of myself. I have no issues in the self esteem department.

One of her most favorite things I do is when I use my paw as a pillow. I turn my paw pad side up and lay my pretty head daintly on it (check out my picture of that on my page). And I snooze, and I snooze.....look at what the beauty sleep has done for me! I am BEAUTIFUL...on the outside and on the inside.

Happy Spring! Mom opened the window and slider in the gathering room. Mom picked me up (squeek squeek) and put me in the window. I sniffed and I sniffed and then I laid down to enjoy the weather.

Love you all Catster Crowd!


I'm Smoking!

March 18th 2010 6:01 pm
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(Just for the record, Mom HATES smoking. HATES HATES HATES! See, her beloved Daddy left for Heaven about 9 1/2 months ago and she misses him every second of every day. He grew up on a farm where everyone smoked, so of course, he did. He tried to quit over the years but just couldn't quite do it. He had COPD and lung cancer due to smoking *sadness*)

Mom went to my favorite store, PetSmart, today. She visited with the kitties looking for their forever home and bought me and Tubby a lot of goodies. She also purchased a kick butt catnip soon as I took my heart pill this evening and lapped up some moist food, I was given this treasure. OH CATS! As Mom types this for me, I am rolling around with it, licking it and of course, pork chopping it!



Got to Keep the Momma on her Toes!

March 13th 2010 11:23 am
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Last night I decided to cause some drama. Just cuz I could..... *evil grin and wink*

It was (and continues to be) a damp, rainy day and Mom just settled in for an evening of reading and TV watching after changing from her work clothes into her "mushies" AKA sweats. She had given me nummy treats and my kidney food and had laviously adorned me with love and silly crazy talk. There was really no need to provide a little drama, but what the paw...

I started making funny noises..ones Mom has never heard. It was a cross between a sniffle/sneeze/cough/choke. THAT made Mommy spring from the couch and land right next to me, all up in my grill. It lasted for a few minutes but it felt like hours to the Momma! She ran to get my carrier and was prepared to take me to the emergency vet. Yes, she is that neurotic. She counted my breathing and evaluated my respiration. She peered into my eyes, felt my paws, counted my heart the words of my dear galpal Lucy, she was a hovering Mommy!

Just like that, it stopped. For crying out loud, Mother Dearest, I just had a little something that got up my nose and tickled! But, I secretly love that Mommy makes such a fuss about me. After all, I am her girl.

PS. When Mom got home from work last night, she caught us. Harley and I were snuggled...yes, you read right, snuggled together on our purrants bed. After almost 5 years, I am starting to like the big lug.

***Your Faithful Friend, Chloe the Cake****



March 9th 2010 4:14 pm
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I know, I know....strange, right?

That is Patio Patty's new name. Hey, we are just happy that she has a new Mommy who cared enough to give her a forever home. By all accounts, she has made herself at home and even slept sprawled out on the bed with her Mommy.

We are still smiling! But, it's funny with Harley. Ya all know he was in the food line when the brains were being doled out. So, he just sits and stares at the patio and then looks at Mom quizzingly. He didn't get the memo that, I mean Sahsheeh has a real home now and not just a patio.

Oh, by the paw....the weather here was delicious. When Mom got home from work, she opened the slider for just a tad. Both Harley and I had our sniffers working overtime. The fresh air smelled SO good.

Power to the Paw! XXOO


Patio Patty Is Safe and Warm in her New Forever Home!

March 7th 2010 4:03 pm
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This morning, Mom got up early to "take care of business." I watched with wide eyes as she brought out the grooming gear. I had my paw all poised to provide pork chops....but then she took the stuff outside. Yippers!

Today was the day that Patty would be delivered to her new home. Mom wanted to make sure she was all gussied up so she gave her mousse bath and combed her pretty fur. She also made sure to feed her extra early just in case she had travel issues. Her new home was about 45 minutes away.

Last night, Harley and I decided to head up to bed before Mom. Guess what Mom did....she let the little girl cat in. She wanted to see her reaction to being inside. After all, she was responsible for giving Patty to a new Mom and wanted to make sure she didn't freak out. Patty meandered in, sniffed around a tad, jumped on the couch and made mad biscuits on the blanket. Then, once again, she started to suck and nuzzle.

Well, Mom got Patty a cozy blanket and put her in the carrier. Off they went in the Explorer. Mom was waiting for the moaning/groaning/yelling/fussing that I do when in the car. Nope, nothing. Patty actually fell asleep. The only issue that Patty had was a bunch of smelly flatulence. PHEW!

Mom brought Patty in and introduced her to her new Mom, Audrey. Mom didn't know Audrey but she was a friend of a friend and is a fellow cat crazed woman. Patty walked out like she owned the place! There were stratching posts and cat toys! Mom also gave her the bed that she had been sleeping on. Patty's tail was up and swaying back and forth, sniffer going. Guess what.....Mom cried. Big sissy la la!

Mom couldn't help but call a couple of hours later to check in. By that time, Patty had eaten, played, pooped in litter box (big relief) and was busy snuggling on the couch with her new Mommy.

Ain't life grand??!!

love to my peeps, Chloe



March 6th 2010 4:30 pm
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Is that the best news you have heard all day??!!??!!??!!

My Mom worked real hard to get Patty this home. She sent out emails, posted on Facebook and made a lot of phone calls. Turns out that a friend of a friend suddenly lost her cat to the Bridge and was looking for a new baby. Mom sent out pictures to her and she called not to long ago. They made arrangement for Mom to deliver her to her new house about 40 minutes from here. She also promised Mom to keep her posted on Patty and to send pictures. *REVERSE PORK CHOPS*

Mom spent this afternoon at La Mancha Animal Rescue, a 44 acre safe haven for all types of animals....dogs, cats, pigs, emu, goats, name it! Her job was to walk the dogs around the property...or rather, she was walked by the dogs! It was such a nice day and those pooches were frisky. She also played with the cats that happily roam the premises. It was just a wonderful day and then to get the news that Patio Patty will get to be an indoor cat.....PRICELESS!

PS. Me....right now, I have my face pressed near the Vermont Stove and I am basking in its warmth.


Stray Cat Inn!

February 28th 2010 3:52 pm
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This is getting frickin' ridiculous! Remember how I told you about the feral gray cat that Mom has been feeding?? Well, the word is out and I don't like it one cat bit. NOT ONE!

ANOTHER gray cat and ANOTHER black cat have gone through what we refer to as the "drive thru!" They are so very frightened that they gobble to goodies and scatter fast.


There has appeared a calico girl. A very very friendly calico girl. What the paw?? It is reminiscent to Patio Pete...remember him? This is someone's cat who either is lost or got dumped at one of the nearby horse farms. She is just a little thing and she keeps trying to time it right to get in MY house. PORK CHOPS!!!

Mom picked her up and she purred and purred and head butted! She was really laying it on thick. Mom put out one of the many beds that I have ignored and this little calico started making biscuits galore. She started nuzzling the bed looking for a nipple, I think. And then she started sucking on the bed! Mom has fed her and gave her loving. Then she had a long talk with me....would I be OK with letting her in??


To prove that, I had a hissing tantrum accompanied by rapid breathing and heart beat. Nope, not with this kitty cardiac condition. Harley just sits by the slider and stares at her.

So, the plan is to keep her warm and dry until Wednesday when the no kill cat shelter is opened. You know, the one that Mom donates to all the time? She also is going to call my vet, Dr. Joyce, to see if she has any ideas of who may want her. Mom has tears in her eyes when she thinks about this sweet little girl all alone. She really is a love bug.....

Paws crossed for Patio Patty. Yep, she was named. Please God, help us!



February 26th 2010 4:47 pm
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Yep, you read it right.....another snow day for Mommy=a Chloe Cake day for me! She has been off for 5 days in the last 2 weeks due to Mother Nature and the white stuff. I love it....a lot! We got our call at 5:30AM, crawled back into our comfy bed (I have my own pillow.....NICE!) and snoozed until almost 10:00AM! It was heavenly!

The only down side to Chloe Cake days is that Mom is always up in my grill. Sometimes a girlcat just wants to sleep, ya know? And Mom talks and sings to me. UGH. She is off key.....but I secretly love it. I just stare and stare at her with heart eyes. All of us furbabies on Catster really are lucky to have loving, warm and FOREVER homes....

Today, my nickname was Little Liddy. What the paw is that, my friends? The things that come out of her mouth.... :)

peace out, Chloe Cake XXOOXXOO (((PORK CHOPS)))



February 25th 2010 3:57 pm
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Can you guess why, fur friends???!!!!

Why.....another SNOW day for Mommy today! Yep, you heard right. All school closed=happy Chloe Cake. Oh, I hear Mom grumbling something about having to teach until July but no worries for me. Nope, just treats and lavish attention galore!

Here is the funny thing....Mom got the call at 5:30 AM. She looked out of the window and only saw a few measely flakes. Back to sleep for us! When she awoke a few hours later and peered out of the snow. MMMhhhmmm, she thought. But, the forecasters must know that a big storm is brewing so she went about making the best of an unexpected day off. She relaxed a long time with coffee, cleaned the house A LOT, played on the computer, read her book....what a day! But most importantly, she was with me ALL DAY! PPPPppppUUUUUuuuuRRRRrrrrrS!

Still no snow.

It appears as if the bulk of this 4th nor'easter will hit us after midnight. They are calling it a snowicane, of all things! So, will that mean another Chloe Cake Day tomorrow??!! *paws crossed*

PS. I got weighed today. 8.8 lbs of pork choppin' love. Oh, and my nick name today was Snoopy. What-ev..... :)


Snortin' !!

February 23rd 2010 5:50 pm
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I had a case of the snorts today! Maybe because Mom and I fought this evening. All over a 1/2 a lasix pill! I was winning 3-0. Mom would try to pill me....I would walk away and out! SNORT!

I guess the fourth time was a charm because I finally felt sorry for her and swallowed the yucky white pill. I know, I is to help my arrhythmic heart but I gotta be a fiesty little girl cat every now and again (or like everyday!!)

your gal pal Chloe

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