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Catit Oasis Review (2024 Update): The Ultimate Kitty Playground

Written by: Ingrid King

Last Updated on February 4, 2024 by Nicole Cosgrove

Catit Oasis Review (2024 Update): The Ultimate Kitty Playground


I’ve always loved the Catit line of cat products. The folks at Catit really know what cats like, and how to keep them engaged and challenged. They’ve outdone themselves with the new Oasis Kit: this collection of products has something for every cat’s preference, ranging from products to enhance play, eating, drinking, and relaxing.


We got the entire kit to test – Allegra and Ruby’s eyes were huge when they saw the amazing number of boxes we received!


And speaking of the boxes all the components come in: they are designed to be turned into puzzle toys. Simply cut some of the marked circles, put some toys inside the empty box, and voila: hours of fun for your cats!

We only had about a week to test all of the components, so we didn’t get to use all of them in time for this review.

The Oasis Kit includes a Senses 2.0 Super Circuit track that can be configured in more than 100 different ways so your cats will never get bored.

The Wellness Center provides a cushion to relax on, purrfectly angled brushes to rub up against, and massage ridges on the side of the base. The green dome, which can be used as a feline neck massager, also features a gum stimulator. Cats who love to chew on plastic will love this, and while they’re chewing, they’ll actually get some beneficial stimulation of their gums, and possibly even some teeth cleaning action. Allegra, my little plastic chewer, enjoyed this particular feature the most.


The Flower Fountain offers a compact and simple drinking solution, featuring three different flow settings for picky drinkers. Unfortunately, neither Allegra nor Ruby have ever shown any interest in drinking from a fountain, and as much as I like the Flower Fountain, they wouldn’t cooperate even to just get a picture for this review.


The Grass Planter has a wide base that will prevent it from being knocked over. The clever design features a grid that goes over the vermiculite provided with the kit so there will be no mess once the grass seed is planted. We didn’t have enough time before writing this review for the grass seed to grow, so I can’t comment yet on whether the girls enjoyed it, but I love the design and ease of growing the grass.


The Scratcher is one of the most cleverly designed scratchers I’ve seen in a while, because it’s so versatile. It can be built into a lot of different shapes by simply flipping, rotating, and restacking the individual disks, and you can even order replacement disks as the scratcher wears out. I particularly like this aspect of the design. Ruby, who prefers vertical scratchers, likes this one a lot.


The Oasis Kit also features a well-designed Multi Feeder that can be used for wet and dry food. Since I don’t recommend dry food, I would fill the portion that is designed to allow your cat to fish out dry food with single-ingredient freeze-dried treats. The feeder is designed to avoid whisker stress – yet another testament to how well Catit knows cats.

The kit also includes a Magic Blue Cartridge, a non-toxic litter box filter that absorbs and retains up to 80 percent of ammonia, which is the most hazardous and pungent component of cat urine. The cartridge is designed to be used in covered boxes, something I don’t recommend.

The girls had the most fun with the Super Circuit. In addition to the ball it comes with, I filled it with other small toys and the occasional treat, and it kept them occupied for a good long time. They’re slowly starting to use the Wellness Center, but of course, every time they used it, I didn’t have my camera handy.


My verdict (and Allegra and Ruby’s): Senses 2.0 is simply awesome! Please take some time to look around the Catit website – if I covered every single feature of these products, this review would be several chapters long. The collection offers so many different ways to keep cats happy, it truly is the ultimate kitty playground.

For more information about Catit Oasis and their other products, please visit their fantastic new website at Individual components are available from Amazon.



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