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Ponderings of a Biscuit

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Thank You!

January 2nd 2009 9:43 pm
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You guys are our family.
Family is very important in hard times.

What would we do without you?

We certainly can't leave our family and friends here on Catster!
We are staying put =)

Mom's taking a deep breath.
She's come down with a fever and sore throat but instead of getting more depressed, she decided it's nature's way of telling her to stop acting like a nut and relax. She's putting some job applications in by email, having some hot tea, and the kitties are purrring.

She just called the hospice and grandma's quietly asleep.

The kitties are doing good.

Thank you for your purrrrs and purrrrayers.
Gonna chill out over the weekend but we're right here.



Trying to Think Straight =(

January 2nd 2009 12:35 pm
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Thank you for your nice pmails and emails and for your support.

Mom is thinking maybe we'll just take some brief time off and not leave Catster altogether. Not delete the accounts.

To be honest, this is like the only family we really have left now...
and family is very important in difficult times.

We don't want to lose you.
We don't want to go =)

Please forgive mommy, she's just been very upset and not thinking straight.

Purrrrs and thank you for bearing with us.



We're Leaving Catster for a While

January 2nd 2009 9:37 am
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I just wanted to let everycat know.
IWe didn't want to just disappear and make everycat wonder what happened or that we were upset over something.

Everycat has been so kind to me and my family. I cannot put it into meows how grateful we all are.

Human grandma is very sick and mom lost her job yesterday. The job market is bleak and we have no safety net.
Lots of people and kitties are in the same boat these days, losing it all.
We're just one of many families.

It's too difficult to put our minds on anything, right now.

I just don't know what else to say.
Maybe some other day and time, we'd like to come back and have fun again.

My family and I love you from the bottoms of our hearts and Black Jack and I promise to still watch over all of the kitties.
We will always love our girlfriends and boyfriends and crushes (you know who you are).
We love our friends forever.


PS, Christopher's blog Christopher's Groove is being closed. I don't think anycat reads it anyway mol.



November 27th 2008 3:35 pm
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I hope efurrryone is having a good Thanksgiving whether it be small or huge. Earthly or at The Bridge.

Thanksgiving is a little bittersweet as it's the 2 year anniversary of my friend Toot Suite's passing. Little did my mom know but the very next day, on the 28th, both Black Jack and I would also leave for The Bridge. Together.

Toot was there with our angelfriends to welcome us.

On the eve of our first Bridge Anniversary, last year on this date, my dear friend McKenna started on her journey. She was there to help us ring in the year...just as Toot had greeted Black Jack and I, we greeted McKenna.

We have quite a crew up here now.

Thank you so much for the holiday rosettes and gifts. From our old friends and our new =)

Purrrs to those under the weather.
Purrrrs of healing and comfort and warmth. Get well soon and have some turkey (or ham, or fish, or a bite of babyfood).
And gentle open paws to those on their Bridge journey.

Thank you kitties for letting me and Black Jack be your watchful Guardians.
Thank you for watching over us as well (you know who you are mol).
And Thank you for help in watching over my Earthy family

Biscuit (and Black Jack)



October 31st 2008 8:53 pm
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I was going to undertake the task of sending every friend and corralled kitty on my lists a Halloween greeting with an animated scene. Because I have well over 2,000 on my lists, I was going to use the free Febreeze rosette to send my holiday wishes.
About 25 minutes into clicking my thumbnails (I was only halfway thru) the giftpage disappeared and when I went back to begin again, the Febreeze rosette was gone =(

I guess no more freebies...

I am so very sad because I thought it would be super fun to send out so many greetings. I was going to use the "Anonymous" so allll those icons wouldn't be on my page or history (not that I mind but over 2k of them would be HUGE) but I was going to sign it and link my page.

Well, I guess I'll have to say it here and hope everycat reads it:


*is disappointed about his spoiled grand idea*

Meowies and Heavenly Headbonks,


Thank you for voting for Christopher!

October 12th 2008 6:51 pm
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Our blind kitty Christopher has an entry in The Worlds Best Dog & Cat Show.
He's kinda the rep from our catfamily so he's the only one of us and only has one entry.

So stop by if you haven't already and drop him some generous paws.
(Also, if YOU are in the contest please drop me (or Christoper) a pmail and send us your link and let us know so we can vote for you if we haven't already.

Also, our pal Guido is in a contest offsite and he's up against a lot of non Catsters and...dogs. So drop by and show him some love. The deadline is Mon 13 nite and he needs 75 more votes. SO VOTE OK!

VOTE FOR GUIDO * don't let the dogs win!

Big Meows for the good news for our friend Althea. She's feeling much better and her anemia is saying bye bye! She's having a vacation in her woodland cabin and I'm hoping for some pretty pics =)
Our Patrick is feeling good, too. He has a little tear in his eye and a sneeze now and then today but we're purrring it's nothing.

I think he'll be just fine! Thank you to all his pals for helping him with his medical supplies and helping him to live and thrive. We owe it all to YOU who provided so generously! We've been sending out cards I hope you're receiving them =) We have another food shipment on the way (auto-ship ROCKS)!

Bless you all and Sweet Dreams,



October 11th 2008 9:54 pm
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Ok, I know every cat/dog and their brother/sister is in the Worlds Coolest Dog & Cat Show...but we have one of our catfamily entered as well. Christopher is our only entry (cause he's cool like that).

So if you have time please drop by and give him as many paws as you feel he deserves (FIVE would be nice mol) in the Costume and Shades catagory.

Please vote for Christopher in the World's Coolest!

C'mon, he may be blind but he knows he's looking good!!



Emma's Surgery ~ Helpful Links

October 9th 2008 12:23 am
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We only have ten days left till the end of my doggie pal Emma's fundraiser raffle. for her surgery. She's about 1/4 way there. Little Emma was born with birth defects/cleft palate. (She would so very much like to eat real food instead of mushy stuff thru a tube.)

This is a HQ approved fundraiser and has some really great gifties up for raffle (I mean some COOL pet stuff and a COACH PURSE for the mommy)!
Please take a look at the page Emma's Raffle

Also, Forever Franklin is holding a raffle for her on his Forever Franklin Fund page. It's called "Emma's Smile" and again, really cool prizes for just $5 a ticket. (Heck, even my mommy could afford that mol!)

*Franklin helped Dogster Casper raise funds for his heart surgery~Casperis home now and recovering. Drop him and Franklin some treats ok!*

I know times are tough. The economy stinks. Trust me, we know.
But we are giving back to those in need the way others helped us in need.

If you can't help Emma with $$ (and Emma certainly understands) please take a moment to stop by EMMA'S PAGE, read her story, and leave her lots of rosettes and treats and gifts and join her group Friends of Emma.

Woohoo I hope all my links work mol!
Bless you all and Sweet Dreams,


Our Furry Little Doug has passed =(

October 6th 2008 11:10 pm
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Mommy came home tonite to find our little family member Doug passed away. Doug was a Degu and was about 4.5 years old.
He seemed fine and this was quite unexpected.
They often live in pairs (even same-sex pairs) but if given a lot of human interaction they can be happy as an only. Doug's brother passed away about 2 years ago and he didn't really bond with any other Degu. He liked mommy.

Doug seemed to recognize and like Little Bee, too. He pretty much ignored the other kitties (and they him) but he'd call out to Bee just like he used to "talk" to his brother.

He's up here with me now at The Bridge.
RIP, little buddy.



Mean Ol Stinging Bugs!

September 26th 2008 7:45 pm
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Mommy came home tonite, kicked off her shoes on the porch and came inside. It's dark in the living room and she feels the kitties greeting her and a leaf in the front of her hair.
Or so she thinks it's a fall leaf.
Mommy brushes it away and gets a painful sting!

She gets the light on and there's a yellowjacket fluttering on the floor.
The kitties are trying to play with it.
Mysty gets stung before mommy pulls her away. Mom can't exactly step on it cause she's in her socks so she picks up the StarChaser toy and uses the edge to kill the bad bug. (mol)
Mommy takes Mysty in the bathroom to check her paw and sees another wasp fly to the hall ceiling. Then feels something in the back of her hair. She pulls off her shirt and another bad bug flies into the bathroom light fixture and another is under her shirt on her side.

The bad bugs must've attacked mommy on the way up the walkway.
It's dark, which is wierd because don't waspies sleep?
Mommy went and got the broom and started killing the bugs so the kitties wouldn't get hurt. She killed half a dozen.

Mysty's ok, her foot isn't swollen bad. Mommy's hand hurts because those bugs are just plain mean.

Mommy got online and did some research and found this:

"Minimize use of perfumes and other strong scents, wasps are attracted to sweet smells."

Mommy was wearing a sugar apple body spray.

I'd like to tell my kittyfriends to warn their mommies about this especially if you live in warm areas. Wearing sweet/fruity colognes and body sprays can make you get swarmed by bad waspies.

Purrrs and Have a Great Weekend ( w/out bad bugs)

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