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Second Chances

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Catching Up, Part 2

December 20th 2007 7:04 am
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Next we need to thank all of our Catster friends who have been sending us Christmas cards!!!! Mama gets a kick out of it when her human friends ask her why there are so many cards with kitties pictured on them. MOL We love getting our cards, and they're all displayed on the bookcases in our living room, for everyone to see!

Special thanks and hugs to: Rocky Ann; Boogers, Fido, Hondo, Tiskers, and Mittens; Samoa, Calvin, Violet, Gleek, Sugar, and Spunky; Skeezix; Rizza and Puss-Puss; Cali and Leo; Diego and LuLu; Chloe, Charlie and Zeke.

Happy Holidays!!!


Catching Up

December 19th 2007 6:21 pm
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Hi everyone!!! Mama has been extremely busy with work the past few months, and we got horribly behind on thanking our friends for rosies, stars and special gifties. Mama is still pretty busy, and she says there's no way we'll be able to get caught up now if we thank everyone individually. So we're going to thank everyone here!!!

A big thank you goes out to: Eve, Boogers, Grover, Hondo, Fido, Miss Hazel Lucy, Violet, Merlin, Chrissy, Aja, Furman Dexter Baggins, Bellsnickles, Sydney Rose, Tigress, Orca the Killer Kitten, River, Maytag, Sabrina, Simba, Oly and family, Sullivan and Pansy, Rufus, Tiger and Sparkle, Murray and family, Phoebe, Smudge and Bob, Amelia, Ashley and family, Oreo, Ripley, Charlie, Toaster Strudel and family, Ally, Jubilee, Jazzi and family, Leida, Awnee and family, Wally, and Ducky and Gizzie.

Okay, this was the awfulest way to thank all of our friends, and we KNOW that we have missed some and feel just terrible about it. Hopefully our friends will forgive us for being so RUDE **gives mama the stink eye**!!!

Thanks fur being so wonderful!! Catsters are the best!!


Pawty Time!!!!

November 12th 2007 7:40 pm
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It's finally here!!! OLY-PIE'S 7th birthday is tomorrow!!!!! I'm the luckiest guy, to be able to cellybrate her birthday with her. She's so beautiful...**swoons a little** Ahem..Anyway...We've set up an all day pawty in her honor. Just head over to the PAWTY HALL in the main forums and you'll find us!!! It's going to be lots of fun, with plenty of food and dancing...Hope to see you there!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OLY-PIE!!!!!!!!!! Love you bunches!!!!



October 15th 2007 7:01 am
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I can't believe today is my furst Gotcha Day that I'm cellybrating with my family!!!! Mama made it home in time from her work trip and I'm going to get special treats today and some pressies!!!!

My beloved Oly-Pie is throwing a big pawty for me!! Please stop by HERE and have some cake and fun with us!!!!


Oly-Pie and Gotcha Days!!

October 9th 2007 6:05 am
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Am I the luckiest guy, or what?!?! I have a Gotcha Day coming up on the 15th. I can't believe it's been almost a year since mama came and got me from the shelter and brought me to my new home. Even though I've had some pee problems the last few weeks, I think this has been a great year! And my sweetheart OLY-PIE sent me the most wonderful gift!! Oly sent me a HAZEL LUCY original traquility blanket, with matching cap and neck warmer!!! And I can tell that Oly took great care in selecting just the purrfect colors, because it is in my favorite dark red with beige. Mama says they are excellent colors for me!! My blanket is so cozy...mama promises to get pictures up as soon as possible!!

A very belated thanks to all of you Catsters who have been checking in on me and sending your well wishes. While we still don't know exactly what's wrong, we do know that I don't have a blockage or crystals!! But the v-e-t says that I seem to have a very sensitive bladder; possibly I may be having an allergic reaction to something. So mama went through her brain files and tried to think of anything new that was introduced to my world around the time I started getting sick. She had just tried a new all natural litter, but got rid of that immediately just in case that was the culprit, but I was still sick. So litter wasn't the problem. There was only one other thing: a flea collar. When that lightbulb went off in mama's head, she immediately got the thing off of me. I didn't mind wearing it, but it would seem that I'm doing better since she removed it. So we're keeping our paws crossed that the collar was the culprit!! In the meantime, we're waiting for new meddysins that mama had to order from a special pharmacy for me. The v-e-t shaved a little spot on the inside of my ear, and mama will apply a gel there if it seems like I need it.

So mama has been really busy with work, and having to go out of town a lot. I miss her when she's gone. But she says she'll be home for my Gotcha Day on the 15th!!!!! I bet I get some pressies and a special dinner!! We were supposed to have a pawty, but since mama's been trying pack to move and the house is a WRECK, mama asked if we could have a big blowout for me next year. I'm good with that. I'm just glad that mama will be home to cellybrate with me this year!!

I've also been helping mama to train for her upcoming 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer!! When it's too hot or too dark for her to walk outside, she walks on her treadmill thingy, and I cheer her on and coach her!! Mama's pawsonal web page for the walk is HERE if you would like to check it out or support the cause.

Okay, well I'm off to nap for a bit and dream of my Oly-Pie!!!!! Kisses to you, sweetie!!


Mama is Home!!!!!!!

September 19th 2007 6:26 am
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Mama finally came home yesterday!!!! Im so happy, I missed her so much!!! She was gone for a long time and it was beginning to seem like she might never come home again.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good. But I've had to stay on the valium or I start having the spasms again that make me constantly think I need to be in the litterbox. So mama says I'm going to have to visit the v-e-t again because we need to find out what has caused this to happen so suddenly. I don't want to go to the v-e-t again. I mean, he's very nice and all, but I hate all the poking and prodding. But I also hate spending my day in the litterbox.

So please share some little purrs with me. Just little ones. I'll be okay, and I know there are some kitties who need really big purrs right now, like Simon and Ashley.


She's Gone Nuts!

September 6th 2007 6:46 am
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Mama heard me pee!!! Mama heard me pee!!!!!!! Maybe now she'll get off my case about all these meddysins and stuff that I don't like taking. All I've heard for two weeks is that she doesn't know if I'm peeing like I should since I furst got sick, and since I won't let her isolate me again, she just listens for it. Until this morning, she never heard anything.

I tell you, I never in my life would have thought someone would get so excited about peeing. I was accosted coming out of the litterbox, with hugs and kisses and "I love you so much". Sheesh!!!!


A Few Little Purrs, Please

August 21st 2007 11:13 am
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Well everyone, I could use just a few purrs. Mama had to take me to the v-e-t today. She noticed I seemed a little restless, and then she noticed that I went into the litterbox that is in her office at least 8 times this morning, over about an hour period. Finally, one of the last times I went in there, she had the nerve to removethe hood. Fortunately, I'm not a bashful kitty, but I didn't do anything. So she waited, and sure enough I was back there a few minutes later...and nothing.

So mama loaded me into the carrier and now I am at the v-e-t's, waiting to be looked over, and they are waiting for me to pee.

I've been eating, and basically acting okay although I've been hanging a little closer than usual to mama. She was kind of wondering the last day or two if something wasn't up with me because of that. I didn't want to worry her, though.

Anyway, I know there are kitties around who need the purrs more than I probably do, but maybe if you could just spare a few little ones...It might make me and mama both feel better.


Mama Better Have Zippy Feet!!!

August 8th 2007 9:19 am
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In October, mama is doing a 3 Day, which is a 3 day walk organized by the Susan G Komen Foundation for breast cancer. Having been a street kitty, I know how hard the road is on your paws. I checked out mama's feet, and they don't seem tough enough to me for her to survive this walk. I think I'm going to have to help her pick out some shoe accessories for this event. She has to raise a lot of money for this walk, too. I guess that means our allowances will be suspended for even longer! MOL If you want to help mama, GO HERE!!


Plesae Purr for My Girl

July 1st 2007 6:45 pm
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Today my beautiful girl, OLY sent me a pmail with some worrisome news. She lives in an area of Kansas that has been flooding, and last night her family had to evacuate. Her mommy took all of the furkids, and they are all safe. But one levee in their town has already broken, and as of this afternoon when her mommy went back to get some more things, water was close to cresting over the top of the other levee...which is very close to Oly's home. Please cross your paws and purr for Oly and her family, and all of the families that live in the floodzones.

Oly, my beautiful sweet girl, I'll be thinking of you non-stop, and purring for you all, and sending my love. You let me know if you need anything!!!! **blows kissies**

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