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Second Chances

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December 27th 2008 4:04 pm
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I sure hope all of you kitties are enjoying the holidays! I just helped mama finish building the pirate ship that Santy Claws brought me. Can you imagine? My very own piratey ship!! I can't wait to pick up Oly-Pie and go sailing around. We'll find our own little island and look for buried treasures.

As soon as mama takes 15 minutes to learn how to use her new picture clicky, we'll get some pictures loaded onto my page!!


Meowlarious Holidays!!

December 5th 2008 5:43 am
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So, I've been helping mama get the house ready for Santy Claws. We've been putting up lots of decorations, including the little tree she has for us kids. I like to help with the decorating, because I find all kinds of new things to use as toys. But if you want to see some kitties who really know how to decorate for Christmas, CHECK THIS OUT!!! MOL It's meowlarious!!


More Thank You's!!

November 20th 2008 6:27 pm
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OMC!!! I have so many thank you's to send out to all my friends who have concatulated me for beig a DDP:

Samoa and family for the great hat!!
Mercy and family forthe pawsome turkey!
Lucy for the fun little acorn!
Odie for the bright blue ribbon!
Picasso and family for the cool hat!
Hondo and family for the yummy turkey leg!
Phoebe and family for the shiny trophy!
Rocky Ann for the tasty Boogurkey leg! MOL
My sweetest ever Oly-Pie for the very cool shades!

Thanks also to Buddie and family, Sully and Pansy, Sir Sonny Bono, and Lucky for the very thoughtful pmails!!

Catster friends are the bestest!!

Mama and I were just talking last night about how this is going to be my third Santy Claws time with her and the family. I did good, friends. I'm so happy with my happy!!!




November 20th 2008 4:24 am
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I just woke up to find out that I'm a DDP today!!!!!!! Mama is so proud of me. She gave a hyooooooge hug this morning and kissies all over the top of my head. MOL I'm also getting to share this honor with one of my besties, Hondo!!!!!!

Thank you Catster Diary Gal for this honor!!

Thank you Miss Hazel Lucy for the nice pmail!!
Thank you to Arnold P. for the blue ribbon rosie!



The REAL Birthday!!!!!

November 13th 2008 10:32 am
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Thanks to mama, I made a little goof yesterday. mama kept telling me that Oly's birthday was on the 12th. I kept telling her, "No mama, I'm SURE it's on the 13th!!". Well, after posting an early happy birthday to Oly everywhere, turns out that I was right. Oly's birthday is TODAY!!!!!

So Happy birthday to my sweetheart OLY-PIE!!!!!!

And there is an all day PAWTY for her in the forums. Sure hope you will stop by for food, drinks, and fun!!



Happy Happy Birthday!!

November 11th 2008 7:13 pm
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Tomorrow (Wednesday, November 12th) is the birthday of Catster's most beautiful girl, OLY!!! Since Oly-Pie is the greatest girl in the world, I thought I'd throw her a little pawty in the forums.

Stop by HERE to join in the cellybration!!! Hope to see you!

Love you, my Oly-Pie!!


Today's the Day!

October 15th 2008 6:58 am
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Today is my Gotcha Day!!! Two years ago, mama saved me within minutes of getting "the needle"...all thanks to a post in the Catster forums. Someone was kind enough to post about my pending fate, and mama just happened to see it. Mama just couldn't stand it, so she drove the hour to the shelter, walked in with the carrier and announced that she was there for the "torti-boy". She says they looked at her like she had three heads, and she explained again that she was there to adopt the male torti. After she assured them that she didn't "need" to see me (but she did anyway), they started the paperwork. Just as mama was picking up my carrier to head out with me, the one lady said quietly to mama that she got there just in time; that I was "scheduled" in just a few minutes. So anyway, now mama calls me her torti-boy, and I'm just fine with that. Imagine where I would be without Catster!!!

So today I send out lovies to my mama, my doggie, my cool sibs - Gimme and Ele' - to my beloved and oh-so-beautiful Oly-Pie, and to all my other wonderful Catster friends!!!!

Thanks to Samoa and family for the pawsome sunglasses, and thanks to Freddie Mac and family for the nutty little acorn!!!!! And thank you to the wonderful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame for the heart rosie! Thanks to Amelia and family for the heart rosie, to Mercy and fam for the shrimpie, to Leo and fam for the cuppycake, to Miles and family for the big cake, to Sully and Pansy for the pawty hat, and to Diego and family for the neato shades!!!!And thank you oh-so-much to my Oly-Pie and her family for the balloons and the yummy turkey drumstick. She sure knows the way to my heart!! MOL

At the risk of sounding like a certain politician-wannabe: Life is good, my friends, life is good!


Gotcha Day!!

October 9th 2008 6:13 am
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OMC My Two Year Gotcha Day is coming up on the 15th!!!!! I can't believe I've been with my family for two years, can you? I love them so much! I love my doggie, and I love my mama more and more all the time. Lately I've taken to really wanting to cuddlebug with her, much to the dismay of Gimme. Now we both try to sleep on her head at night. I, of course, can recognize when mama needs a little space though, and I'll move down to her side if Gimme doesn't budge...which he rarely does.

Mama says she'll be home for my Gotcha Day!! I know fur certain I'm going to have a special Tiki dinner, and I think she might bake me a cake, and I bet mama will get me some pressies, too!!!! Oh boy, oh boy!! Furever families ROCK!!!


3 Days

October 2nd 2008 8:03 pm
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Well, mama is Washington DC tonight. She's bunking down with her teammates, and they will be up early in the morning to begin their 60 mile Walk for Breast Cancer.

We'll be completely offline until Sunday evening.

Wish our mama's feet good luck!!!



August 17th 2008 7:44 pm
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Oh gosh, mama is out of town and now that nasty Tropical Storm Fay is headed to Florida. We've been watching the updates, and thankfully today it turned a little further westward. Mama can't get home, but I meowed to her today and she told me she has plans all made for us. Our Mark already has my doggie while mama is away, and he stops by to check on us and take care of us. Tomorrow evening Our Mark is going to come get us and take us to his house (where my doggie is staying...yay!) so that mama can know we are safe from the storm and that someone is with us.

Hopefully the storm will die down so that it doesn't hurt anyone or anyfur. But we'll be safe if it heads our way!!

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